A grudge is a very dangerous and
harmful mental state. One should
never bear a grudge towards another
and should work to develop metta
(loving-friendliness) instead. When
we harbor a grudge, it can last a lifetime,
even recurring from birth-to birth.

Therefore, a grudge should be
cut off and removed as soon as possible.
Most Buddhists know well
how Devadatta kept a grudge towards
the Buddha and how K!li the
ogress had a grudge with a woman.
Sometimes, we see or hear modern
examples of Devadattas and K!lis. A
grudge is a poison, a fire, which destroys
families, generations, sometimes
even kingdoms and countries.
Peace is its opposite, which we all
must make an effort to generate, cultivate
and restore, whenever and
wherever possible. Grudges can be
removed. Just like all else, they are at
their heart impermanent.

The Buddha taught us Five Ways to Remove Grudges
 Let usapply them in our daily life:

1. Cultivate loving friendliness

2. Cultivate compassion

3. Cultivate equanimity

4. Pay no attention or give no
thought to him or her

5. Recognize the ownership of
one’s own kamma.

Loving friendliness, compassion,
and equanimity are three of the
four sublime abodes. If one can
learn to pay no attention to something,
this is in itself a way to solve
the problem. Recognize karma
means we see other’s actions result
from their own kamma. So let us
understand this great teaching and
apply it whenever we need to.

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