An aspirant who trains the mind in the proper way, even in Tranquillity meditation (Samatha Bhavana), can experience one or many of the following benefits:

1. If they are students they will be able to learn better and get highest marks because of their peaceful mind. Also they will make fewer mistakes as their memorizing capacity will be improved.

2. Other tasks will be performed more efficiently, with mistakes minimized due to developed mindfulness.

3. More volume of work can be expected, and with better results.

4. Some kinds of illness will disappear as a result of this practice.

5. Furthermore, the mind will be bathed with a refreshing warmth which results in health and longevity.

6. Usually one will get along well with other people. For example, while at school one will make their friends and teachers happy; while at work, unity and friendliness will accrue to all concerned, including one’s superiors, colleagues, and subordinates.

7. Crises or emergencies will be faced with composure and discernment. Difficulties and problems will be solved in the right way.
8. Mental hindrances will be considerably reduced, if not eliminated.

9. Developed to the higher stages, the practice will bring about the most blissful happiness with some psychic power such as telepathy and mind reading.

10. Foundation is laid for practicing Insight meditation, which is the direct way to Enlightenment.

These are all the advantages of practicing Tranquillity meditation.

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