Those who correctly practice Insight meditation ( Vipassana Bhavana ) will know all things as they really are through superior wisdom and will receive some or many of the following benefits:

1. One is able to rid the mind of the various kinds of mental defilements which are the root cause of suffering. At least, they will be reduced to a minimum.

2. With the reduction of suffering comes an increase of happiness.

3. One becomes detached from all matters to which one used to be attached and as a result, one is not disturbed by worldly currents.

4. One’s mind is firmly established and thus one sees things as they really are. One is unruffled, not swinging either way, by worldly condition, gain or loss, honor or dishonor, praise or blame, happiness or suffering.

5. One’s selfishness decreases and one increasingly sacrifices oneself for the benefit of others.

6. The mind becomes more refined and endowed with virtue in proportion to the level of practice reached.

A person who wishes to experience these points mentioned above must exercise and develop his mind according to the way of the Buddha’s Teachings, because as the Buddha has said:

“The well protected mind brings happiness.”

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