this article is for all that desire deep inner peace and balance in life. It is for all that are stressed or suffer in some way. It is for all that seek a grounded spiritual path.

The Dharma:

The Buddha's dharma or teaching is intended to free us in every way possible so as to live a better life.

It is intended for all. You don't need to be a monk, special initiate, or one of a select few.

The teaching to put into practice first are the Buddha's words:

"don't follow blindly, don't take anyone's word, nor believe anything you hear as truth, until you find out for yourself what is truth." ... Simple, but powerful!

The Human Condition

Why? Because this opens your door to discovery of all that exists in the way of the human condition.

Embodying this wisdom means your very nature becomes that of questioning all that arises in your world.

The Conditioned Response

This applies to every belief that has ever been instilled in you from the day you were born. Freeing yourself includes, but is not limited to the practice of questioning every authority, belief, and custom whether it is of familial, religious, societal, or cultural roots.

Mindless or Mindful

Further, you embody this wisdom in such a way that you carry it out in a peaceful manner, manifesting a calm and composed disposition wherever you are, wherever you go! The practice of this Buddha teaching or Buddhist belief allows for, within you, the arising of wisdom, understanding and knowledge with regard to truth, and the passing of ignorance. You then know why it is that people do what they do, at times, as mindless or senseless beings. This is why: Ignorance. The flip side is you know why people do that which is virtuous and ethical: Wisdom!

Deep Understanding

Now, you can understand those that invade, or try to invade, your space of mind and body. It is simply that they don't know what it is that they do. You cannot do anything to change them, or the world other than to understand with compassion their inability to comprehend truth.

Making Change

You continue to be active, generating peaceful energy of understanding and positive change. This is how you cut your path of change. This, in turn, changes the world. ... This is how you release your burden.

Power Of Your Mind

Now, in order to carry this out, the Buddha taught us to strengthen and take control of our mind. This is accomplished through daily meditation practice.

First, we develop keen concentrative powers. Second, we develop insight as to the nature of all that exists. All through quiet sitting!

This is the foundation behind that which stabilizes us, that which balances us, and allows for equanimity to enter the depths of our beings.

This is the path to follow that leads to inner peace and balance in life. This path leads to the disintegration of the wheel that churns out fear, anxiety, depression, hate, shame, greed, and all that which weighs us down.

Remember the Buddha's Words

"This dhamma is difficult to see, difficult to understand, yet profound, deep ..." Cultivate your path with patience and understanding. Not just understanding of others. This is important. But, understanding of your self. May your path be clear like the dharma lamp that lights your way!

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