Life can take unexpected turns, learn how to be prepared for them.

Throughout the course of life, there will be several instances where you feel like your life has been shaken out of control. Although you can’t predict or have control over the circumstances of life, it is up to you how you will respond.

Even the most successful people face adversity and failure, but their difference lies in how they respond. Successful people are able to stay productive and in control, despite what has happened to them in life. They forgive themselves, and realize that feelings of self-hatred and disgust for what has happened will only make them fall deeper into a hole. And when you do develop this mindset, it actually allows you to become reckless with yourself, for you have no more belief. You can acknowledge that you have hit a failure, but don’t wallow in it. Shift your attention to your future and how you will make a difference so that the outcome is success.

Another thing that successful people do is that they don’t focus on the hypotheticals. They avoid thinking through every possible scenario that could potentially happen because they have no control over it. They never ask themselves “What if?” Recognize the key distinction between worry and strategic thinking. Focus on the solution, not the problem themselves.

Successful people also find that setting perfection as the target is fruitless. Perfection doesn’t exist and it will only set you up for failure. Because, when you don’t reach perfection, or what appears impossible, you leave yourself feeling like a failure that will reduce future efforts. You lament about what you failed to accomplish instead of moving forward with what you can and what you will do.

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