It is bliss to be able to attend to your own affairs without entertaining doubts about others. Here is the Buddha's advice:

"One should not accuse others for the mistakes and things done and left undone by them, but one's own deeds of commission and omission".

"He who is always observant of others' faults, and is irritable, his own defilements increase. He is far from the destruction of defilement".

"Easy to see the faults of others; but one's own if difficult to see. One winnows other's faults like chaff; but one's own one hides as acrafty fowler covers himself" .

No one is free from blame and criticism.

The Buddha says:
"People blame others for their silence. They blame those who talk much and those who talk in moderation. There is therefore no one in this world who is not blamed" . Further He says:

"There never was, nor will be, nor is there now, any one who is wholly blamed or wholly praised " .

Not all those who criticise you are your enemies. You can use the oppotunity of their remarks to find out the weaknesses in yourself which you cannot see.

You should not give up good work just because of criticism. If you can admit your own weakness, indeed you have the intellectual strength to succeed.

"The noble ones swerve not from the right path let happen what may and crave no longer after wordly joys. The wise remain calm and constant in mind, alike in joy and in sorrow " .


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