The Little Monk Following in the Buddha’s Footsteps - MUST SEE THE PHOTOS, VERY TOUCHING

The Little monk Nongkorn spending his days in the temple. (Image:

People tend to relate Buddhist temples and monks with being serious and living in solemn silence, and childhood with being a fun and carefree time. But what would you think of a child spending his young years in a Buddhist temple? Perhaps many people would frown upon it; they think it would be a dull childhood. But a 2-year-old little monk in Thailand, Nongkorn, is enjoying his childhood in a Buddhist temple, living a monk’s life.
Little monk dozed off. (Image:
Little monk dozed off. (Image:
The little boy was still in dream. (Image:
Master held his head to protect him from falling back. (Image:

Master held his head to protect him from falling back. (Image:
The little boy was still dreaming. (Image:

Recently, these above GIF’s of a cute monk dozing off went viral on social media platforms. The little boy couldn’t help taking a nap with legs crossed when his Master was chanting scriptures. He tried very hard to sit up straight and not fall asleep, but he was too little.
Nongkorn in smile. (Image:
Nongkorn smiling. (Image:
Nongkorn sitting leg crossed. (Iamge:
Nongkorn sitting, leg’s crossed. (Iamge:
Nongkorn fell asleep when he was kowtowing to his master. (Image:
Nongkorn kowtowing to his Master. (Image:
Yawning on master's legs. (Image:
Yawning on Master’s legs. (Image:
Nongkorn gets up very early like the other monks, learning Dharma, doing meditation, begging for alms, and doing everything else the other monks do. But, as he is still young, the little boy falls asleep during the day quite a lot. Even his Master got use to Nongkorn’s little naps.
Sleeping soundly on master's knees. (Image:
Sleeping soundly on Master’s knees. (Image:
Listening to the scriptures. (Image:
Listening to the scriptures. (Image:
Wandering and begging alms. (Image:
Walking around begging for alms. (Image:
Little monk begged alms. (Image:
The little monk begging for alms. (Image:
Helping master clean the alms bowl. (Image:
Helping Master clean the alms bowl. (Image:
Master shaved Nongkorn's head. (Image:
Master shaving Nongkorn’s head. (Image:

Nongkorn is still a baby boy. (Image:
Nongkorn is still a baby boy. (Image:

Little Nongkorn had access to the Buddha Dharma when he was only 3 months old. His parents sent him to the temple Wat Pa Maneekan to learn Buddhism every day, dropping him off in the morning and picking him up at night.

Nongkorn was falling asleep when kowtowing. (Image:

Although Nongkorn is too young to fully cultivate like other monks, he does what he can to practice Buddhism in the temple. He is growing up happily in the temple, just like other little kids.

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