An Introduction To Buddhism Part 2: The Teachings

The Central Tenants of Buddhism

Buddha’s message was simplistic and powerful: every conscious creature seeks to eliminate suffering. So why not actually do it?
Buddha created a system that anyone can follow for the purpose of establishing real advancement towards supreme inner happiness and fulfillment.
These basic teachings shaped the entire Eastern world for 2 millennium, and helped to define the purpose of living for billions.

This is a brief overview of the core beliefs in Buddhism.

4 Noble Truths

  1. Suffering is real, and is part of existence. It comes in the form of stress, anxiety, death, old age, illness, etc. and the endless cycle of births and deaths keep us from ending suffering.
  2. Suffering is closely related to desire; the desire to “be” which leads to birth and death, and the desires for all manner of things which may (frustratingly) be out of our control.
  3. Suffering can be dispelled by the cessation of desires, which is Nirvana.
  4. Abandonment of desires can be achieved via the Eightfold Path.

Eightfold Path

  1. Right belief
  2. Right intent
  3. Right speech
  4. Right behavior
  5. Right livelihood
  6. Right effort
  7. Right contemplation
  8. Right concentration or samadhi

5 Precepts

  1. Abstain from killing living beings
  2. Abstain from stealing
  3. Abstain from sexual misconduct
  4. Abstain from false speech
  5. Abstain from substances that confuse the mind. (Alcohol and Drugs)

5 Hindrances

  1. Sensual addiction
  2. Ill will
  3. Sloth
  4. Restlessness
  5. Uncertainty

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