10 Incredibly Interesting Maps That Prove Our Planet Still Has Plenty Of Uninhabited Places

The world’s population is distributed around the planet so unevenly that it’s hard to believe it’s actually true. The primary reason for this is the landscape that makes some areas unsuitable for habitation.
But just because our planet has enough space for billions of people, it doesn’t mean that it has enough resources to sustain all of them. These maps perfectly demonstrate that our ideas about reality can be completely different from the reality itself.
To tell the truth, some of these facts about the world’s population surprised us here at Bright Side a great deal.
Take a look at this map: there are just as many people living in the small yellow areas as there are living in all the black areas combined.
This map might be even more interesting. It shows how sparsely populated most of the land on Earth really is. It’s hard to believe but the blue regions hold only 5% of the world’s population. The same amount of people — 5% — live in the tiny red region.
This map shows that half of Italy’s population occupies only 8% of the country’s land. The main reason for this is that the central part of the peninsula is mainly made up of hills and mountains.
In Australia, the situation is even more curious: nearly 11 million people (half of Australia’s population) live in the tiny red regions.
About half of all Americans live in large cities distributed throughout the country. A big red spot is California, the most populous state.
Mountains in Spain cover around 90% of the country’s territory. That’s why people inhabit only 10% of the kingdom’s land.
Historically, the border between the United States and Canada lies along the 49th parallel. Oddly, 50% of Canadians live far below it, in this red area, which is at about the same latitude as Oregon.
Turkey is almost entirely mountainous with only a small percentage of the land area suitable for building cities. That’s why the map showing the population concentration of Turkey looks this way.
The Sahara desert is one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. It covers nearly the entire northern region of Africa. The two red spots on the map represent the largest cities of Morocco (Casablanca and Rabat) as well as the area along the River Nile in Egypt.
This animated image is assembled from several still maps. It demonstrates which territory is occupied by 10%, 20%, and higher of France’s population. France is one of the few countries where people inhabit almost the entire land area.
SOURCE AND COURTESY: brightside.me

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