Buddhism Is the Space Between Laziness and Trying Too Hard

How to work through spiritual materialism: an exchange between Chogyam Trungpa and one of his students.

Q: If you are feeling very confused and trying to work your way out of that confusion, it would seem you are trying too hard. But if you do not try at all, then are we to understand that we are fooling ourselves?
A: Yes, but that does not mean that one has to live by the extremes of trying too hard or not trying at all. One has to work with a kind of “middle way,” a complete state of “being as you are.” We could describe this with a lot of words, but one really has to do it. If you really start living the middle way, then you will see it, you will find it.
You must allow yourself to trust yourself, to trust in your own intelligence.
We are tremendous people; we have tremendous things in us.
We simply have to let ourselves be.
External aid cannot help.
If you are not willing to let yourself grow, then you fall into the self-destructive process of confusion.”

Source and courtesy: elephantjournal.com

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