The Reason You Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night Is Not Insomnia! (And How To Fix It)

The mind and body are refreshed by sleeping. Many people wake up during the night wondering if they suffer from insomnia or some other health issue. But, there’s a possibility that sleep is not an all-night thing – maybe this kind of segmented sleep time is a natural process, one that we forgot. Roger Ekirch, an English scholar, says that our ancestors woke up during the night to pray or finish some duties, and he found references in some documents which described the “first” and “second” sleep. The period between them was a most relaxing one, because the brain produces prolactin in that moment, which supports relaxation.

The modern day sleeping issues are connected to the segmented sleep from our ancestors, Ekirch believes. The reason for waking up in the middle of the night is not insomnia, but rather a connection to the historical sleeping patterns. This appeared in the 19th century for the first time.

Greg Jacobs, a psychologist, says that the idea that we must sleep in one block may be making us anxious. Anxiety can prohibit sleep and causes many issues.
Russell Foster, a professor of circadian science at Oxford that many people panic when they wake up at night, which is a throwback to the bi-modal sleep pattern from before. Many doctors miss the fact that an 8-hour sleep is responsible for 30% of the medical issues they face, which stem from sleeping directly or indirectly.
Exposure to light and darkness rule our biorhythm, so before the invention of the light bulb, our lives were scheduled around the rise and setting of the sun.
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