10 Levels of Consciousness – Which ONE Are You At?

The 10 Levels of Consciousness
The levels of consciousness are a popular topic with spiritualists. Below is a list of 10 distinct levels, as coined by some esoteric traditions.
  1. The physical level of consciousness
On the first level, you identify with the  physical and material sphere completely. You internalize your surroundings with all their positive and negative aspects. You’ve accepted the widely accepted values of society, and you define yourself through material successes and status. If you aren’t successful and don’t have a lot of money, you’ll just accept things as they are and fail to make an effort.
  1. The rumblings from beneath
As you continue to the second stage of consciousness, you start to feel disillusioned by life in a material world. You identify less with external and material reality and start to look inwards. You get more alone time and are indifferent to the physical and material pleasures. You become more curious about yourself, and start to make a difference between sex and love, superficial and actual power.
  1. Emerging
At this point you become more sensitive, and feel more deeply. You allow yourself to cry and accept pain. You ask philosophical questions and develop artistic sensibilities. You start to grasp the relation to your life, your physical being, your sexual energy and creativity. You begin to feel for other people, feeling what they feel. You see what it means to be human and a loyal companion, so you start acting out on your own values.
  1. From passive to active
As you proceed to the fourth level, you are already an individual  and start taking an active role in life. You make your own decisions, control your own emotions and thoughts, and you choose your friends and situations in such a way , that it fits perfectly with all your values. You begin to train self-mastery,  as everything you do defines you.

  1. Inner balance
By the time you come to the 5th level, you’ve already changed your lifestyle to fit what’s best for you. You’ve given up on your bad habits. You start treating your body and mind with caution, and maintain a daily regimen. You’ve already stopped caring about other people’s opinions, and do things the way you want to. You reach out to others based on your desire to give. You spend time meditating, creating and celebrating existence. You compromise and disregard your ego, and finally manifest your spiritual being in the physical world and your relationships.
  1. Bridging the gap
At this stage, the split between the external and spiritual world is clear to you. You live a sort of double life, you’re  in this world but don’t really feel a part of it. You grow accustomed to passing between the spiritual and the physical realities and gather knowledge. You learn to adapt to various situations by adopting a persona to fit the circumstances, but remaining true to a higher self. You meditate often and become a intermediary and guide in other people’s conflicts.
  1. Manifesting spirit
Here you’ve already begun to live from spirit, and form a deep, emotional connection with all living creatures. You see the hearts of people, feel their pain and try to heal the. You express your spirituality physically, regardless of negativity from outside, and show emotions with great intensity.
  1. Beginnings of fusion
At the 8th level the barriers between your ego and the masses begins to crumble. You no longer just identify with the homogeneity of everyone around you, but feel the symbiotic connection that you share with all of life. You recognize energies, and realize feelings, thoughts and actions come from vibrations and frequencies of energy. You learn to control your energy and see the power it has.
  1. Presence
By this point, you have so much power over your thoughts and feelings, you begin to transform those around you. Your presence influences others. Your mind and body are one, you forget your ego and connect with the universe, giving you the ability to lead others.
  1. Dissolution of self and ascendance
Your sense of self is almost entirely gone. You have no ego boundaries, you live your spiritual reality, you connect and coordinate with the rest of creation. You become fused with the collective. You can communicate with all beings and absorb the universe. You are finally able to channel divine power.

source and courtesy: dailyoccupation.com

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