5 Differences Between A Soulmate And A Life Partner

Life can be quite complicated when it comes to matters of the heart. Particularly in knowing whether your significant other is THE one. Some people are looking for a soulmate; someone who enriches their life and who makes them a better person. Others want a life partner; someone to rely on and trust throughout their life. Whatever you are looking for (or already have) here is our guide to five differences between a soulmate and a life partner.

1. Your soulmate will know you instinctively
The essence of a soulmate is someone who has a deep connection with you. Someone who knows what you are thinking without having to ask. Conversation is not always necessary as they will know how you are feeling. This might be because they have been where you are right now, or simply because they know you so well emotionally.
On the other hand life partners have a relationship based on intellect. Attraction is physical but is also driven by a desire to learn more about each other, as opposed to the emotional rollercoaster experienced by soulmates.
2. The connections are massively different
For soulmates the connection is all about their hearts. This makes their relationship deep, intense and full of highs and lows. While the experience is usually amazing, it often leads to at least one broken heart. Your soulmate will ultimately shake you up and open your emotions.
Life partners by contrast tend to find each other when both parties are more comfortable with themselves and are ready for something less tumultuous. Life partners no longer need simple emotional connections to fill a void. Instead they are in a position where they want something stronger, something that will last much longer.
3. A soul mate teaches you a lesson
You can meet a soulmate in any number of ways. They can be a friend or a lover. They meet a passion in your life that you have been searching for. Once this passion has been met though the soulmate often moves on. A lesson in love and in life has been learnt, and the result is often no small amount of heartbreak.
If you find a life partner though then you have the greatest source of support and strength imaginable. They are alongside you no matter what and the lessons you learn come from life itself as you tackle obstacles and difficulties together.
4. You meet them at different times
The difference between soulmates and life partners is also about the timing. When you meet a soul mate it is at a time when your heart needs to be shaken up or changed. You might be looking for closure or a lesson in love. These relationships bring out the good and bad in both sides which means the relationship can face difficult obstacles.
Things are much easier between life partners. For starters these relationships happen when neither side are particularly looking for a connection of any kind. The relationship grows and develops simply through everyday life. They live in the here and now and grow together whilst still maintaining their own individual character and personality.
5. The attraction operates on a different timescale
When you first meet your soulmate it is like you have known them all your lives. Because the emotional connection is so strong it feels like you share the same life; your background is similar and you think the same things. This can be both good and bad in equal measure.
Life partners do not have this “history” though. They have had different lives and think differently. These differences just enhance the loving connection further. Because they feel so comfortable with each other they grow together. Rather than having a history, they have a future instead.

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