Put a Clothespin on Your Ear and Something Amazing Happens!

It can be tough to come to grips with the fact that your body isn’t doing well and even tougher to figure out exactly what to do about it. And while many people turn to modern medicine and pharmaceuticals right off the bat, there are plenty of alternatives to consider.
Some of them are unconventional.
Did you know you can pinch a clothespin on various spots of your ears to unlock health benefits?

Reflexologist Helen Chin Lui writes:
“Each ear contains a complete reflex map of the body, rich with nerve endings and multiple connectors to the central nervous system.”
While this should never take the place of professional medical consultation, it’s certainly worth a try. Read on to find out what each of the six points on your ear can do for various parts of your body.
ear diagram

#1 The Upper Part of the Ear

The uppermost part of your ear has direct effects on your back and shoulders. Applying pressure to this spot for a minute each day will help reduce built-up tension in those areas.

#2 The Top of Your Ear’s Curve

This spot on your ear is connected to your organs. If you’re feeling internal tenderness or discomfort, place a clothespin on this spot for relief. (Make sure you see a doctor to figure out what the root cause of the discomfort is.)

#3 The Upper-Middle Part of the Ear

This part of your ear is linked to your joints. Applying pressure on this spot can offer relief if your joints are feeling stiff or painful as a result of a long day at the keyboard.

#4 The Lower-Middle Part of the Ear

Pinching the lower-middle part of your ear will provide you relief in your sinuses and throat. This can be a great help in getting a good night’s sleep if you’re feeling stuffy or congested.

#5 Just Above the Earlobe

The spot just above your earlobe is associated with digestion. Applying a clothespin here can help reduce digestive and stomach pain. You can use this as a means of preventing such discomfort.

#6 Your Earlobe

Finally, we arrive at the earlobe. This spot is connected with your head and heart. Applying pressure here can promote your heart’s health and also relieve migraines and pressure headaches.

Clothespin too strong? Give this massage a try!

Have you ever tried ear reflexology? Let us know if it worked for you!

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