Dear Husband, 12 Things I Want You To Know

What do women want? Well, this seems to be an enigmatic question haunting the men species for centuries now. There are certain expectations that most women have in general. Perhaps knowing them could make guys’lives easier? Well, you never know! So, listen up all you guys, here are a few things that girls want from their guys after marriage. These are simple expectations not hard for you to fulfill. Be assured your life will be so much at peace. Curious much? Read on to know 12 things that all women, including me, want their husbands to know. Shall we begin?

1. Be nice to my family

When I agree to give my kid your family name, the least expected of you is to actually behave like you belong to my family too. A little bit of involvement in my family events, festivals, a get-together with cousins and a good rapport with my siblings is all I expect from you. In return, you can expect some pampering from your in-laws and me of course (wink, wink).

2. Share household chores

You know how difficult it is juggling home and work. So, how about lending a helping hand in the household chores? We could probably divide the responsibilities, so neither of us is overworked. Whatsay? I understand you were a spoilt brat and were not of much help to your mommy. But your mom will be proud of me forteaching you all the survival skills for life.

3. Retail therapy

I know how boring it is for you to sit outside the trial room gaping at all the girls walking in and out of the room while I try on clothes and come out to seek your approval. Yeah, agreed. But wouldn’t you love to check out what looks best on me? And, where will you get another chance to have all the beautiful girls moving around you?

 4. Transparency

Got a boy’s night out? Fine. I know I want you around all the time and hate you leaving me alone. But, I understand you need your me time. So, instead of lying to me about a fake meeting with a non-existent client at a godforsaken place, please be truthful about your plans. I appreciate knowing it from you rather than later from someone else. Same holds true for saving your ex’s name in someone else’s name. Honesty always pays and earns appreciation.

 5. Special days

No, I don’t expect you to remember the day we met, the first time we kissed or the day my dog peed on you. But forgetting birthdays and anniversaries are inexcusable. To make it easier for you, I have added my birthdate (not the year and you know why!) and anniversary to my Facebook account so you should get a reminder. And if not all my cousins, remembering my parents’ anniversary and birthdays will do. If you are forgetful, please store them on a digi diary. And yeah, I, on my part too, will never forget special days of people who matter to you.

6. Cuddle

No, it doesn’t have to be a very intimate moment all the time. Even holding hands, a warm hug or putting your hand over my shoulder would comfort me to a great extent and make me feel nice and secure. No puppy love this, these are basic gestures to show that you care for me.

 7. Soulmate

Yes, I have a big list of friends who I can count on and turn to for any kind of advice and suggestions. But the first person I would like to confide in my apprehensions and thoughts would be you. Remember, we exchanged wedding vows to share everything in sickness and health. So, be it in practice too. I would very much like it if you took a proactive interest in my career, life, and struggles.

 8. Compliments

I may not be a beauty queen and may not look picture perfect all the time. But you should be the last person to take a jibe at my looks. Remember, you are married to me, so I expect you to stand by me even if I look terrible that day. Don’t forget that a mirror is a girl’s best friend and I have spent hours to get this look. Even a simple ‘This dress suits you’ would do.

 9. Love me for who I am

Yes, I take hours to get ready, own a room full of clothes and shoes, and can finish off a huge chunk of pizza all my myself. But that shouldn’t change your opinion of me. I know you sleep with your mouth open, can’t stop snoring all night, and gulp down noodles like there’s no tomorrow. Am I judging you?

 10. Be there by my side when needed

There are times you have to take sides, and I very much expect you to be on my side, backing me. I know your family is important to you, but so should I be.I won’t feel like an outsider.

 11. Emotional support

There are times I badly need you – that’s when you have to be there for me. Being emotionally available will only strengthen our relationship.

 12. Pamper me

I love surprises – a box of my favorite chocolates, a cuddly soft toy, a long drive to watch the sunset or even a candlelight dinner at home set up by you…anything would do. But don’t give me shocks, if you need help with the microwave or cooking, please ask your mom.
So, that was my wish list. Have anything more to add, ladies? Feel free to write back by commenting in the box below. Would love to hear your views.
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