How To Deal With Painful Breakups, According To A Modern Indian Sage

Life is filled with continual relationships. Beginning at birth and to the moment we die we move from one relationship to the next. From our first contact with mother and perhaps father, to siblings and blood relatives, to friends and lovers and to co-workers and casual acquaintances. These relationships span from extremely intimate to very casual.
With so much experience in relationships you would think that we would be well equipped to create successful and meaningful relationships easily, but instead it seems the opposite. The truth is that most of us struggle within relationships but even more so when we try to end them, especially if it has been an intimate or a long-term relationship.

Divorce and Suffering

Divorce rates are at an all time peak. So, the social stigma of divorce carried even just 50 years ago has dramatically decreased, yet there is often so much pain and suffering for both parties involved. The typical support groups and family counselors are readily available for guidance and solace, but still, deep pain and loss seems the inevitable.

Can’t Let Go

Why is it that relationships are often so hard to get over? We continue to remember and relive certain moments long after they are past. Even when a break up is mutually agreed upon, there is pain, both psychological pain and also sometimes even physical pain that sticks like a piece of gum to your shoe. It’s ugly. It’s dirty. And it just won’t come off.
Why is it so hard to let a relationship go?
How often do we let our experience of a relationship become ugly, hanging on and on, treating each other poorly and causing misery for ourselves and those around us?
And yet we stay.
Building a case on blaming the “other” before we finally (if ever) make a change.

How to Move Forward

Within our lifetime we go through the ending of many relationships either by choice or because of death or just in the process of moving on in life. What is the best way to go through this for our greatest well-being?
Is there some other way to go through a divorce or a break up without all the suffering?
Modern day thought leader, Sadhguru offers insight on the nature of relationships and why dissolving or breaking them seems so hard to do. Here’s how we can handle this process gracefully and move forward more effortlessly with grace.

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