Overcome Depression By Retraining Your Brain

Depression is one of the most frightening types of mental illness a person can suffer from. Unfortunately, it’s also the most common form of mental illness out there. Even for a loved one observing someone go through depression, the illness can be frightening, disheartening, and create turmoil in an otherwise healthy relationship. When a person is suffering from depression, they feel like they have no help in sight. Even when help becomes available, they are unwilling to accept it.

Although depression can be incredibly difficult to overcome or fight off, there are ways you can train your brain to keep the illness away. In order to train your brain, you need to push aside the notion that you can only help those willing to help themselves. Sometimes, helping ourselves simply isn’t an option, making help absolutely essential. Never ignore the symptoms of depression; get yourself or your loved one the help that’s so desperately needed.
If you or someone close to you is suffering from depression, you can always text ‘GO’ or ‘HELP’ to 741741 for free, confidential assistance. This helpline is not only free of charge, but available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The first step to training your brain to defend against depression, you need to look toward the future. When you get depressed or sad, you’re usually thinking about something negative that’s happened in your past; you need to move on in order to stay safe and mentally healthy. Reliving past events will only prolong their negative impacts.
For example, if you’re going through a painful breakup, there are obviously going to be some negative aspects to the situation you could find yourself focusing on. However, you could make a list of all the positive traits you future partner should have, which would be a step in the right direction and a focus on the future.
Next, tell the story of your depression, even if it’s just to yourself. Recount the events that led up to your depressed state so that you can identify the triggers the affected you the most. Once you identify the aspects of your life that are making you depressed, you can start to figure out ways to move past them and begin to heal.
Never set ridiculous and unrealistic expectations for yourself. Setting unrealistic expectations will only set your up for disappointment. When it comes to creating goals, whether they be related to your career or your personal life, take small steps and set goals often. This will ensure that you aren’t disappointed, and that you actually have a chance of achieving what you want.
Lastly, you don’t want to repress any emotions or thoughts. If you feel sad, let it out, if you feel angry, admit it to yourself; your emotions are important and they need to be expressed. Those of us who repress emotions are only sitting and waiting for depression to strike. Expression, not repression, will ensure that we move past troubling circumstances.
source and courtesy: dailyvibes.org

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