What Your Palm Says About Your Love Life? No. 2 Has To Make Some Major Life Decisions

If you want to know what the future holds for your love life, then look no further than your palm.
You can discover if you’re heading for heartbreak or happiness and whether you need to make changes in your life to meet that special someone, all from reading the lines of your hand.
The area to concentrate on for this is the upper palm and the heart line, which runs horizontally across the top of the hand and is surrounded by the mounts Mercury, Apollo, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn found at the bottom of the fingers.
The strength of the line tells you everything from the success of the relationship to the depth of emotion involved and whether you will struggle to meet someone.


A deep line is the most positive as it indicates you will enjoy a long and happy marriage with a loving and loyal partner, while a long line means you are a likeable and open person. It’s good news for your love life too as people with a long heart line tend to have successful and enduring relationships.


A short heart line isn’t such good news as this can be mean others find you closed and difficult to get to know and you may come across as unfriendly. If this is the case, you could need to make some changes in your life to avoid on missing out of relationships because of how you come across.


A strong line with no breaks is the ideal heart line as little islands or gaps are a sign of heartbreak and could mean you are in for a hard time when it comes to love.
As well as the strength and length of the line, the small lines coming off the main heart line are strong indicators for what you should expect in a relationship.


The position on your hand also holds importance. If it is high up with little branches coming off it, it’s a sign you are a well-liked sociable person, but could find it difficult to have long lasting meaningful relationships and can let potential partners slip away.


When the line curves downwards it could mean you are unable to make a decision in your love life and this indecisiveness may have an impact on your ability to have a long-lasting, successful relationships. In this case, more resolve is needed to take that leap and commit to a person.


Some people have two heart lines and while this could sound like bad news, it’s actually positive and means you can expect a successful and happy marriage, with a well-suited partner.
Lines intersecting the heart line aren’t so positive though. They indicate there could be obstacles to finding love and that there could be a period of separation from your loved one.


If it runs parallel to your headline then this could mean that you are letting work take precedent in your life and could end up regretting giving it more importance in later life.

source and courtesy: peacequarters.com

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