Can You Spot The Hidden Leopard In This Picture? Most People Can’t!

Can you spot the hidden leopard in the photo below?  While you likely see the impala hanging from the tree, the other animal in the photo isn’t, at first, quite as visible. This, of course, is because leopards are known for using their spots to blend into their surroundings.

With that in mind, can you see the leopard now?

At first, it appears the dark-color trunk of the tree is nothing more than that what it seems. But if you look closer, in the center of the trunk, you can see the big cat scaling the tree to retrieve the impala carcass.
German wildlife photographer Ingo Gerlach, the man who took the picture in Kenya’s Masai Mara, admits luck played a part in his ability to capture such an image.
“The leopard was jumping up the tree to go and eat its meal,” Gerlach said. “It’s a carcass of an impala that’s hanging from the tree. The leopard was incredibly shy and I had to wait over five hours to take the picture. I was lucky to spot the leopard in the first place, and then even more so to catch it going up the tree.”
Gerlach has published other similar “find the hidden animal” photos, as well.
Leopards often drag their meals into trees, as a bid to keep their kills away from other predators, such as hyenas. So, have you “spotted” the stealthy predator yet?

If not, here is the solution:

See a different leopard in action below, dragging an impala into a tree in the same location in Kenya:

source and courtesy: David Wolfe

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