Discover Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Perfect Partner


Aquarius gets bored easily. They need mental stimulation. They're the humanitarian sign. They need someone who can challenge them mentally. Their best companions are Gemini and Libra.


Pisces are creative and gentle souls. They're passionate, intuitive, approachable and friendly people. They want that deep spiritual and emotional connection. Their best partners are Cancer and Scorpio.


Aries is a fiery one. They take life by the horns. They love a good challenge and are determined, confident people. They need someone with equal passion. Leo and Sagittarius make good partners.


Taurus is dependable and level headed. They're pragmatic, practical people. They don't let business go unfinished and can sometimes be possessive. Taurus needs a hard working, reliable partner. Virgo and Capricorn are ideal.


Gemini is unpredictable and complicated. They can be charismatic and bubbly, or antisocial and serious. They need excitement and passion in a relationship. Libra and Aquarius are great matches.


Cancers are complex and difficult to get to know, but under their shell is a whole, vibrant world. They're deep and emotional people. They need someone who is equally complex. Their best partners are Scorpio, Pisces, and sometimes, other Cancers.


Leo is the leader of the pack. They love the limelight and are warm hearted, passionate people. They require an ambitious partner, like Aries and Saggitarius.


Virgo is the deep thinking, hard worker of the signs. They pay attention to minor details and are loyal in relationships. They need practical, level-headed partners. Taurus and Capricorn fit the bill.


Libra is cooperative and peaceful. They hate being alone. They love a good talk about important matters. They need someone who also enjoys peace and has an easy going attitude. Gemini and Aquarius are perfect.


Scorpio is calm and collected. They're good secret keepers. They have trouble expressing emotions and need someone like Cancer or Pisces - intelligent, honest people.


Sagittarius loves their freedom and the great outdoors. Their ideal life is one where they can travel around the world. They need someone playful and funny. Aries and Leo are perfect matches.


Capricorns are the most hard working and the most dedicated of all the signs. They are serious, stern, disciplined people with an unmatched work ethic. They need honest, sensitive partners who can balance their attitudes. Taurus and Virgo are perfect.

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