Personality Test: Your Choice Of These Hawaiian Shirt Patterns Reveals Your True Personality

A recent test that has appeared online identifies 9 different personalities. These personalities were classified based on people’s preferences of some Hawaiian shirt patterns.
Just by making a choice from the following designs of Hawaiian shirts, a lot can be deduced about your character. Don’t believe it? Choose one pattern from the image below, and then read further to see what kind of person your choice makes you.
1. Loved.
If you chose design #1, you are considered as harmonious and peace-loving. You are instinctively considerate and try to make everyone feel taken care of. You are very ambitious and see life as a gift you don’t want to waste.
2. Deep.
Those who picked design #2 are deep people. It also means that they are kind of attracted to sadness and find a lot of depth in it. They also do have high regards for those who chart their own course through life.
3. Outgoing.
Design #3 represents people who are outgoing attention seekers who don’t want anyone to forget about them. They always put their needs first and love having their way.
4. Skillful.
If you pick design #4, then you are considered a skillful person. You like taking your time and detest making mistakes. You are the kind of person who is somewhat slow but critical in thinking.
5. Fair.
This design stands for fairness. It represents the idealists, whose standards are constantly changing. If you chose that, you are probably a dynamic person who tries something new every single day. And yes, other people inspire you.
6. Fearless.
If you chose design #6, then you can be described as assertive, fearless, and self-confident. You are goal oriented in your work and personal life. You’ve never had a problem with self-esteem, you love to spend money, and as far as it is possible, you like to be in control.
7. Modern.
The 7th design represents those who can be considered as modern people. You are also considerate of people you meet, although sometimes people describe you as being aloof. You are cool, self-confident, and excited about the future.
8. Ethical.
Preferring design #8 shows that you are simply a good person. You uphold certain high standards, but definitely don’t boast about them. You know your own values and morals, and no matter what, you stay true to them.
9. Calm.
Last but not least, the 9th design represents calmness. Those who choose this are considered to have neutral moods. They love it when others praise their hard work. They also take both good and bad things in stride and move on with life pretty well.
What was your choice? Did the description of the personality matched with that of yours? We have had some people confirm that this is so true. How accurate was this test in your opinion?
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