This Is What The Solar Eclipse Means For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

You won’t have to set your alarm for the middle of the night to see the solar eclipse that’s arriving on August 21. At about 2:30 p.m. the moon will cover the sun in the first visible solar eclipse in North America since 1991.
The solar eclipse will arrive in Leo. According to astrology, the energy of the new moon will call for leadership and airing emotions. If you feel called to a leadership role, now is the time to stand. The eclipse in Leo will urge people to be more open and honest about their feelings. If you’re open to it, the energy of the eclipse may embolden you to share your opinions and emotions, while remaining open and respectful of the opinions of others.
With the shift of energy, you’ll need to remain balanced during the eclipse. Being open to the new energy can help you make improvements in your life. Here’s what you should focus on during the solar eclipse, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: While keeping your originality alive, make sure you’re also ready to be a team player.
Taurus: It’s time to take action. Put all of your heart and soul into working hard to reach your goals.
Gemini: Stand up for yourself. Share your opinion and speak your truth, but make sure you stay open to hearing other people’s perspectives.
Cancer: Now is the time to simplify. Keep things straightforward instead of making them more complex by beating around the bush.
Leo: You can’t please everyone. Look for a happy compromise in difficult situations.
Virgo: Instead of judging others, try getting to know them. If someone thinks differently than you, make an effort to hear them out.
Libra: Don’t be afraid to stand out. Even if you’re the only one on your side, stand your ground and follow your heart.
Scorpio: Competition and compassion can co-exist. Be kind to others, even while competing.
Sagittarius: Take time to enjoy the journey. Eventually, you’ll get where you’re going. But learn to enjoy the process along the way.
Capricorn: Not everything is always what it appears to be. Be willing to explore the shadows instead of judging based on the surface.
Aquarius: Remember to remain grounded. In your work life, your home life and in your relationships.
Pisces: Don’t let others take advantage of you. Trust your instinct instead of giving someone else a second opportunity to walk all over you.
courtesy: David Wolfe

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