Have You Experienced Any Of These 15 Signs? Then You Have Healing Powers

We are capable of affecting others, whether it`s through our words or actions. While we may not realize that we are doing it, there are certain movements and statements which affect those around us in one way or another.
Here are a few hints that can tell you whether you have healing powers and ability to affects others in a positive way.

1. You’re a Calming Presence to Others
You have the ability to project a sense of stability and just by being the room; other people can feel a wave of calm.
2. Those Who are Close are Rarely Sick
Your healing nature positively affects sick individuals, in terms of boosting their immunity and helping their bodies become stronger.
3. You Are Inclined To Think About Others’ Needs
You are constantly looking out for other`s needs, whether with a talk or a present.  You are extremely compassionate, and this is exactly what others feel and feel better from.
4. Anxiety, Panic, and Mood Disorders Might Be You
You are quite moody and tend to bounce between sad and happy all the time.  This means that you have healing powers as you are sensitive to the things around you.  Your compassion helps you solve the issue and heal the world.
5. Empathy Is Your Middle Name
Healers understand and go into the suffering of others, seeing how it feels and hurts. Most of them are born with this gift, but this characteristic is something they can train to become.
6. You Have A Family History of Healers
If your parents had the ability to help others with kind words or herbs, the chances are you have inherited this skill. This gift is something that gets handed down, although it might skip a generation or two.
7. Butterflies Pop-Up When You’re In Public
Sometimes being in public is overwhelming for you, grabbing your attention and making you feel uneasy.
8. You’re A Regular Ol’ Snow White
You love human beings, animals, and plants equally. You are part of Nature, so it`s no wonder that animals feel so drawn to you.
9. Strangers Tell You Their Life Story
You are sitting on bench and a stranger comes up and beings telling you’re their life story. This happens very often, and the reason for it is your healing nature which creates a bridge of calmness and healthier space.
10. You’re Exceptional At Massages
You are great at massages as you simply see where the body hurts and naturally know how to alleviate the pain and make it feel better.
11. Neck and Shoulder Pain Stick With You
You often experience neck and shoulder pain as all the burdens you carry are not just mental.  The body and mind are inseparable, so when one of them is affected, the both are.
12. Outdoors Is Your Jam
Indoors is claustrophobic for those with healing nature. They enjoy being outdoors as healing occurs more frequently when Nature is close by.
13. Certain Food and Drink Bothers You
You have a sensitive system and a high level of awareness about the environment, so you might be adverse to the idea of eating eggs or meat.
14. You’re Attracted to Shamanism and Other Spiritual Sciences
You enjoy reading about people who have discovered something in the past and about thing that one might call esoteric.
15. Crystals Call Your Name
Crystals and deep meanings are second Nature to you. You know the names of all crystals and their meanings and always have a few on your person. You like to call them your friends and keep them close.

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