8 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Do not Do

Those with high emotional intelligence are able to perceive, control and evaluate their emotions, along with the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence can play an important role in a person’s success and social relationships. It is often debated whether emotional intelligence is an innate gift or can be taught. It is about being in touch with your emotions and maintaining control over them at all times.

Read on to find out the things that emotionally intelligent people often avoid in their decision-making in everyday life.
8 things that emotionally intelligent people avoid
Here are eight things that emotionally intelligent people avoid:

1. Do not despise the feelings of other people

Highly and emotionally intelligent people show empathy toward others. They try to understand how people feel around them. They never ignore another person’s emotions or consider them unimportant. Instead, they show compassion.

2. They do not play the victim

Emotionally intelligent people know that they have the power to control how they feel. They do not blame others when they have a bad day, and they do not play the victim. Instead, they reorient their negative emotions toward more productive thinking, and assume full responsibility for how they feel.

3. They are not complacent

An emotionally intelligent person stays in touch with their feelings, but also knows when to shift their attention to the outside and focus on the world around them. They are aware that living constantly inside their head can create problems. They remain in touch with their emotions, but it does not allow them to take control.

4. Do not let others control your emotions

People with emotional intelligence are sensitive, but they keep control of their feelings. They do not let others ruin their day or reduce them. They love to maintain a positive attitude and are able to recover quickly from rejection and other forms of negativity.

5. Do not engage in unnecessary conflicts

Knowing when to choose your battles can be extremely valuable when it comes to your emotional health. If necessary, an emotionally intelligent person will confront someone, but avoid conflict whenever possible in order to save energy for more positive interactions.

6. They do not speak

An emotionally intelligent person knows how bad that can be. They tend to seek more positive and uplifting conversations with others. They crave deep connections with people and avoid those who constantly want to gossip or be stingy.

7. They do not say yes easily

Too many people are embarrassed to say no. They end up being overwhelmed by too many commitments and become unhappy. An emotionally intelligent person knows its limits. They honor themselves by setting limits and know how to avoid saying yes when necessary.

8. Do not seek the approval of others

Emotionally intelligent people know that they do not need the approval of others to make a decision. They trust themselves enough to be their own validation. If they want something, they chase it. They are respectful to hear other people’s opinions, but in the end they know that as long as they work hard, they can achieve anything, and do not need anyone’s approval to do so.

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