The Zodiac Signs as Parents (Moms and Dads)

It’s wonderful how much you can learn from astrology. The information we get is really valuable and it can help us create better versions of ourselves. Why? Because with astrology we learn our advantages and disadvantages and we learn how to embrace ourselves. That’s exactly why it is useful to explore the zodiac signs as parents. 

The Zodiac Signs as Parents (Moms and Dads)

The Zodiac Signs as Parents should be divided into Moms and Dads as in this way it’s going to be easier to know them. Let’s begin.

Aries as Dad.

Active and athletic, teaches his children to be competitive and set goals in their lives. Discipline and might are the virtues he values the most. Through sports he tries to infuse the passion to win – always.

Aries as Mom.

These are the mothers which help their children overcome any kind of difficulties they might face. Her children should not fear competition and always try to be independent – but not from her. 

Taurus as Dad. 

Passionate and accurate, teaches his children to organise their minds but also follow their hearts. He is very protective with his kids and tries to keep his family together at all costs. 

Taurus as Mom. 

The typical mothers who are amazing cooks. Their home smells like vanilla and cinnamon all the time. Their are very nurturing and become the best wives for the zodiac. 

Gemini as Dad. 

Intellectual and funny, teaches his children to value the importance of knowledge. Thus he insists that his children are raised with the highest standards of education. He loves pranks. 

Gemini as Mon.

Those moms who always want to know even the tiniest detail of their children’s lives. Their natural curiosity and love for new information passes to their children who tend to become adventurous. 

Cancer as Dad. 

Protective and caring, teaches his children to be cautious and take one step at a time. This is the typical traditional father who is warm hearted and exaggerates with keeping them safe. 

Cancer as Mom. 

The most typical form of a Mother. Very protective but also extremely loving and nurturing. Her home wants to be a paradise for her children and her husband too. She can endure so much.

Leo as Dad. 

Proud and confident, teaches his children to be winners in almost every activity they participate. He wants his children to be dressed with the best clothes and go to the best colleges. 

Leo as Mom. 

She takes pleasure by watching her children succeed in life. Her passionate and dominant nature plays a very important role to her children’s choices. Over-dramatic scenes are part of her every-day home routine.

Virgo as Dad. 

Brilliant and curious, teaches his children to be as smart as possible and make always the right choices – especially work / education related ones. He tries to teach his children a healthy life-style and loves sports. 

Virgo as Mom. 

She is protective, nurturing and always wants to know what is going with their children’s lives. When they can’t get the information they want they try to think of more sneaky ways. Sometimes judgmental, she wants her children to make smarter choices than her.

Libra as Dad. 

One of the most traditional dads. Smart, playful and art-loving, teaches his children to love art and education. He truly believes that these are the means, to grow successfully his children. 

Libra as Mom. 

Naturally, she wants her children to be raised in a home where love and peace prevails. She cannot handle quarrels and painful emotional outbursts. She tries to teach them art and music. 

Scorpio as Dad. 

Adaptable and passionate, he teaches his children to endure and be patient until they succeed. He knows almost everything about their children although they might not realize it. A dad who raises winners. 

Scorpio as Mom. 

She will not raise her children to succeed, but to thrive. She is the mother of life warriors. Protective but also passionate pushes her children to meet and overcome their fears. 

Sagittarius as Dad. 

Funny and bright, he teaches his children the value of taking risks and overcoming their fears. He tries to become an example for them by showing them not to be scared of life. He raises little daredevils. 

Sagittarius as Mom. 

She wants her children to feel her persistent and ever-young thirst for knowledge and wisdom. The kind of knowledge who is acquired by both books and living. Her children should take their risks and aim higher. 

Capricorn as Dad. 

One of the best Dads and husbands of the zodiac. Organised and accurate, he teaches his children to be fair and wise. He wants to see them succeed the highest of goals and this sometimes scare his children. But always finds ways to support them.

Capricorn as Mom. 

Protective, caring and passionate she want her children to be best at everything. She values truth and demands it. She also demands her children to work hard – as she does – in order to achieve their dreams. A mother you can count on her. 

Aquarius as Dad. 

Smart and independent he teaches his children science and the ability to recognise truth from lies. He wants his children to learn the laws of nature and society. Moreover, he pushes his children to socialise and make friends. 

Aquarius as Mom. 

An amazing mom who always tries to make her children feel comfortable with who they are. She makes an example of her, by keeping her uniqueness – no matter her age. Independence and social skills are her favourite teachings.

Pisces as Dad. 

Traditional yet mysterious, this dad teaches his children to love and embrace themselves – no matter how difficult this may be. He loves to read stories and make adventurous games. 

Pisces as Mom. 

A mom who tries to show her children that unconditional love always wins. She tries to raise people who embrace their sensitivities as these traits can truly make a human reach his/her divine nature. 

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