What Is The Fruit & Vegetable Basket Worth?

This fun math puzzle is not as simple as you think! all you have to do is solve the equation. There is a trick to it and we bet that you cannot solve it on the first attempt. What are you waiting for? Ready? Set? GO! 

Did you figure it out? How much is your fruit and vegetable basket worth? Think you might be overpaying? Don't worry - we have the answer for you just in case!  
Tomato = 12
Therefore Aubergine = 3 + 12
So, Aubergine = 15
Therefore 12 = 3 + Beans
So, Beans = 9
Finally (1/2)Tomato + Aubergine + (1)Bean = 6 + 15 + 3 = 24
The answer is 24!
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source: apost.com

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