This Is What Your Soul Wants You To Know, In Just 5 Simple Points

We invest very nearly 100% of our energy living as a symbol. We have an inner self, an identity, a history, inclinations, detests, convictions, sentiments, social perspectives, and encounters. These fixings contain our “individual” and our common feeling of self. Be that as it may, underneath these human fixings lies one which is the establishment of every one of them. Without this fixing, this symbol would not exist. This fixing is the spirit.

The spirit is immortal, endless, and boundlessly insightful. Our “instinct” is truly quite recently our spirit whispering into the ear of our individual. You soul is not separate from you, but rather it will feel discrete on the off chance that you live working just from an individual or egoic level of cognizance. Since the spirit is the source of astuteness of direction, it is continually attempting to speak with us, particularly in times where we are encountering incredible enduring.

You have here 5 helpful things that your soul wants you to know:

1) You are created to feel deeply

You are intended to REALLY feel. Try not to keep down your tears, and don’t think it is weak, delicate, or excessively touchy to express yourself. It is beneficial to feel profoundly and to give yourself authorization to encounter the lavishness of human feeling. Feel love. Feel pity. Try not to stroll in the middle of as you stare off into space, truly set aside the opportunity to amerce yourself at the time. This is what truly matters to life.

2) You are meant to fully experience life

You are here to encounter the completion of life. The high points and low points. At the point when all is said and done, you won’t think about your ledger, your material belonging, or the vacant house you abandon. All you will think about is regardless of whether you set aside the opportunity to value the marvel of life. You are alive. No one knows why the universe exists, how it arrived, or why awareness exists, however here you are as a result of this great secret. Have a ton of fun. Live. It’s too shy of an excursion to not value the encounters, connections, and recollections you have here.

3) You are divine by having a soul

You are not the body you live in. You are at last what knows about the body and the mind. You are at last the canvas on which the inner self is painted, and when you pass on you shed your “self”. You are everlasting, spaceless, ageless, and insignificant. You are a profound being putting on a show to be human for a little time. Whoever revealed to you that you are an individual was misleading you. You live in a human body, yet you are not human. Always remember this. A lot of agony can be forestalled by permitting yourself to associate with your own particular divinity.

4) Death is an illusion

You never die. How can you die when there is no such thing as death? There is just move between measurements. YOU, as an individuated piece of awareness, can never be pulverized. There is nothing to fear, in light of the fact that there is nothing to lose. At the point when your physical body dies, you turn out to be a greater amount of what you are, not less

5) You are surrounded by love

You are endlessly cherished by the Universe and that which lies past. You will most likely be unable to feel it at this moment, yet on the opposite side of physical reality lies a large group of profound relatives and companions that are holding up to welcome you. You have Guides and Angels that are your overseers in this life and the following. The Creator adores you more than you could know, for The Creator is eventually encountering Itself as a person through you. You are more than simply cherished, you are Love itself.

In times where we feel debilitated, sad, good for nothing, or immaterial, it is typically on the grounds that we have overlooked what and who we really are. We are simply guests going through. On the off chance that you wish to know through experience what your spirit needs you to know, tune in to your instinct. It is actually the route framework your spirit has introduced into your symbol. Contemplate, get still, and reconnect with the piece of you that is as of now all that you could would like to be.

Thank you for reading and sharing this!

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These 2 Food Additives Are Directly Linked To Colon Cancer, According To Research

If you’re eating processed foods, you’re putting yourself at risk for consuming dangerous food additives. Two of these additives are now being linked to colon cancer, due to the way they impact the gut.
Emulsifiers are added to most processed foods to extend shelf life and improve the texture of the food. According to recent research, that’s not all they do. Emulsifiers throw off healthy levels of bacteria in the intestine. This triggers chronic, low-level inflammation. Inflammation caused be emulsifiers can end up promoting colorectal cancer.

The Study

The study was conducted by researchers at Georgia State University’s Institute for Biomedical Sciences. They focused on two of the most commonly used emulsifiers: polysorbate 80 and carboxymethylcellulose.
Researchers fed mice doses of these emulsifiers similar to the amounts people would consume daily in processed foods.They found that mice who regularly consumed dietary emulsifiers experienced exacerbated tumor development. The emulsifiers drastically altered the composition of the gut microbiota. They caused it to become pro-inflammatory. Researchers noted that the change created an environment that favored cancer induction and development.

Emulsifiers and Colorectal Cancer

The study suggests that by eating processed foods containing emulsifiers on a daily basis, we are inducing chronic, low-level inflammation to our bodies. Inflammation is at the core of many diseases, which makes these findings extremely important. Inflammation is linked to arthritis, gall bladder disease, fibromyalgia, kidney failure and more.
Colorectal cancer is the third most common type of cancer in men and women in the United States. Low-grade inflammation has been associated with altered gut microbiota composition and metabolic disease. This is what occurs in the body in many cases of colorectal cancer. This research suggests that dietary emulsifiers might be partially responsible for the association.
Emilie Viennois, PhD was the co-author of the study. He explained, “The incidence of colorectal cancer has been markedly increasing since the mid-20th century. A key feature of this disease is the presence of an altered intestinal microbiota that creates a favorable niche for tumorigenesis.”

A Closer Look At Emulsifiers

Polysorbate 80 and carboxymethlycellulose are found in many processed foods. You can find them in baked goods, frozen deserts, non-dairy creamers and even dill pickles. They’re used to keep baked goods from going stale and help coffee creamers dissolve in coffee. They also keep dill oil dissolved in bottled dill pickles.
This isn’t the first time scientists have found problems with these emulsifiers. In 2015, researchers linked them to unhealthy changes in the gut. This included altered bacteria and inflammation. That study also found a link to obesity and metabolic syndrome.
The best way to avoid harmful food additives is to cut processed foods out of your diet. Make sure to avoid foods that contain polysorbate 80 and carboxymethylcellulose. This includes non-organic dill pickles, cooking sprays, many ice cream brands and lots of other processed foods. Always check your labels!

Watch the video below for more information:

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Use These Heat Maps to Discover Where Your Emotions Are Held by Your Body

Have you ever noticed that your body reacts in certain ways to all of the different emotions floating around inside of your mind? At times it can seem like the brain and the body are completely separate entities, but the truth is that they could not be more entwined with one another.
Lately, researchers have been looking at emotions and how they affect the body’s overall health, specifically whether or not certain emotional states can cause certain diseases or conditions. One of the best examples of this type of phenomena is when our faces turn bright red after we become embarrassed or ashamed.
A team of Finnish scientists studied 700 Taiwanese, Finnish and Swedish volunteers for their experiment looking into which emotions activate which regions of the body. They discovered that each emotion does in fact carry with it a unique energy and vibration within the body.
As you can see from the heat maps above, researchers were able to track where each emotion is felt across each of their subject’s bodies, resulting in some pretty interesting finds to say the least.
Happiness lights up the entire body, while depression is seemingly void of any activity. Fear and anxiety occur in the chest and stomach areas. Love is felt in three main areas, while anger and pride occupy much of our upper bodies, including the face.
What do you think about these emotional heat maps of the body? Do they hold true for your body and your emotions? The anxiety heat map is almost spot on for me!
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5 Steps You Can Use Immediately to Conquer Your Fears, According to a Harvard Author

Have you ever become so overwhelmed by fear that you failed to take action? Fear is something that so many people all over the world struggle with. Whether it’s at work, at home, in the bedroom, or even in your favorite hobby, fear is often what keeps us from acting in the ways that we know we should.
All types of fear stem from the same place: rejection, failure, criticism, humiliation. Fear grows within us as we continue to be afraid that other people in the world will recognize our imperfections and flaws and decide we are not worthy.
So, if you’re looking to tackle your fears head on, the very first part is recognizing that you can only do so if you start to embrace your fears for what they are.
Then, use these five steps that Elan Divon has come up with to immediately conquer any fears:
Many people are unaware of how important breathing is to managing anxiety and fear. Quick, shallow breaths indicate a person who is anxious or fearful. When we start to mindfully control our breathing, we start to take control over our anxieties. You can try it right now--simply exhale for longer than you inhale and you’ll notice yourself start to relax.
For maximum effect, practice inhaling while counting to 7 in your head. Then, exhale while counting to 11. Repeat as often as you need to.
Anxiety and fear are both things that like to build and build in our heads. If we’re nervous about a particular event that’s to come, simply thinking about that event will cause us even more anxiety and fear.
What to do? Keep imagining the event or situation, but do so while practicing the breathing technique from step one. This will create a calm, relaxed association with the event in your mind and will help keep negative thoughts at bay once the time has come.

When we find ourselves in anxious or fearful situations, our minds instantly start to race. They become irrational and clouded. The best fix for this is to channel our ‘rational thinking’ brain processes. When we do this, we instantly cut out the emotional side of things, making it easier to focus on what’s important.
Assign numbers to the different levels of anxiety and fear you have and recognize where you are on the scale whenever you feel yourself becoming anxious. Simply by focusing on these numbers, you will help calm your worrisome mind.
If fear is something that inhibits our free-flowing selves, then exercise is a natural, physical way to get ourselves (and our energies) back up and running properly. When we exercise on a regular basis, our nerves become tired--too tired to worry about fear.
If you’re feeling anxious or fearful of something that lies in your future, make it a point to exercise a few hours before you have to do it. You’ll see a huge difference in how you act and think.
Use a power pose
One of the best ways to overcome fear is by acting as if you’ve already conquered it, and you can do this by taking up your favorite power pose. Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business School psychologist, tells us that even an act as simple as putting your hands in the air to cheer for victory will help us trick the body and mind into producing feelings of success.
Next time you’re about to do something out of your comfort zone, prepare yourself by celebrating your conquering of it.

10 Things Most Successful People Do Right Before Sleep

So what do you do at night before you sleep? Do you watch television? Do you surf the web and this is how you found this blog? Or do you spend quality time with your family?
What about successful people? What do they do at night before they sleep? Here are 10 things they do…

1. Wrap up the day

Decide that the day has ended and you will go into another phase of the day. If you work until 6 pm, make sure that you get your work done and end your day so you can focus on another part of your life. Life is short, you want to do as much as possible. So if you have promised dinner with your family, make sure you do that.
You have to allocate your time for each category well. Sleep, work and time for other activities. You already allocate most of your time to sleep and work, thus, when the clock hits 6 pm or 7 pm, just stop and spend the rest of the day doing other important activities in your life.

2. Read books

Many successful people in the world are voracious readers. They read and they learn from what others talk about. Do you know that reading and learning can shortcut your journey to success? In fact, many great people including Bill Gates, read books or articles until they feel tired and then go to bed after.
Tim Armstrong, the CEO of AOL, recently told the Guardian that he gets home around 8 pm and then reads to his daughters. “They usually win and get two or three books,” he says.

3. Spend quality time with family and friends

Yep, success starts from within. You have to spend quality time with your family and friends in order to get connected and stay connected. Some people choose to meet up with their friends every Wednesday, and the rest of the days they will just spend time with their family members. It all depends on how you allocate your time.

4. Plan and get ready for the next day

This is one of the most important things you can do before you sleep. Planning for tomorrow, writing down what you need to do and get ready for the next day to come. For instance, most people will iron their clothes and get all the relevant documents that they need to use for the next day ready before they sleep. You should do the same.
If you do this, you will wake up and know exactly what you need to do the next day. You will become more effective and more productive because you’re ready and everything is within your reach. Conversely, if you’re not ready for the next day, imagine what can go wrong. You wake up late, can’t find your clothes to iron, you forget where you put your important documents for meeting, etc. Your day will be in a mess. So always plan your coming days the night before.

5. Unplug from the world

Enough of the working world? You may want to get unplug from everything. This is especially crucial in our modern world where anyone can connect to you and distract your moment. Your phone can ring anytime if you did not turn it off. There are times where you want to get disconnected and stay away from your work. There are also times when you want to just be alone. Studies have shown that when you are alone, you are more engaged with yourself.

6. Meditation

Another great thing you may want to practice at night. Meditation is good for both your mental health and physical health. Meditation works as a recharge for your energy and get you focus in what you want. You feel deeply relaxed after the hustle and bustle of the day. Now it is time for you to stay relax for both your mind and your body. So learn to practice meditation each night before you sleep. You can start with just five to 10 minutes.

7. Envision tomorrow

One of the best ways to get ready for what’s coming is to envision it. Just like how visualization works, when you think about your perfect days, you will be more prepared and have the confidence to go through everything that comes along.
Spend at least five minutes thinking about the next day before you sleep. Envision what you will do and how you will do it. Imagine who you will talk to and how you are going to deal with it. Of course, when you envision it, you must envision everything going smooth and in perfect manner. All problems arises will be solved by you, and this is how you can really come up with a productive days.

8. Write down accomplishments for the day

What have you accomplished during the day? Some people will say none because they don’t think they are productive on the day.
When you feel grateful that you have proper lunch, proper dinner and able to get home safely and able to spend great moments with your family, you will feel deep joy within. On the other hand, if you don’t feel thankful for all that you have, you will feel stressed, pressured and insufficient. You will have the feeling of “not enough” even if you already have everything.
Therefore, write down at least three to five things that you appreciated and have accomplished during the day every night when you plan for the next day. Write down big and small successes you have done. Even if it is just a phone call, five minutes reading, etc. Write them down and practice the habit of appreciation.

9. Get things done

Will you go to the next day with unfinished work? If you know you still have one task to do but it is already night fall, would you sleep and get it done tomorrow? Well it depends on your personality and how much time the task is going to take.
Most successful people will get things done before they go to bed. They are committed and make sure that they get every important thing done as promised. For example, if you still have clients with whom to follow up, and it is already 6 pm or 7 pm where you want to leave the office, what you can do is to reply their email telling them that you will follow up with them the next day. At least this will help you to ease your tension and let your client know that you did not neglect them.

10. Get enough sleep

Do you have enough sleep? And do you know that getting enough hours of sleep is one of the most important energy sources for you when you wake up the next day? If you don’t get enough sleep, you will feel lethargic and tired. You will not be able to get things done and have a productive day if you’re tired.
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Mix 1 Lemon With 1 Tablespoon Of Olive Oil And You Will Use This For The Rest Of Your Life!

For treatment of numerous health issues combination of olive oil and lemon has been used since ancient times.
You can cleanse your body from all those harmful toxins with the help of this drink. Your energy levels will be higher and through the whole day you will feel refreshed! Only mix 1 lemon with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and you will use this for the rest of your life!
Olive oil was also known as “liquid gold” amongst the Greeks and Romans back in ancient times. Since it contains fatty acids that have an ability to efficiently treat bad cholesterol and cleanse the body its value was extremely appreciated. Olive oil should be included in everyone’s diet.
Also, we all know the numerous health benefits of the lemon. It is packed with antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins such as phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B, proteins, carbohydrates and many more.
To create a strong lubricant for the digestive mucus combination of lemon and olive oil is perfect. It can activate the function of the gallbladder and liver. This is an effective remedy that acts as a powerful antioxidant, eliminates the toxins, and improves digestion.
This amazing drink possesses very strong anti-inflammatory properties. You can treat joint pain if you consume it regularly. Make sure you drink it on an empty stomach before breakfast.
By consuming this drink in the morning on an empty stomach the growth of gallstones can be prevented and stopped. Combine some olive oil, lemon, and water and 1 hour before your breakfast drink it so that you can flush and detoxify your liver, kidneys, and gallbladder.
Fatty acids that can actually remove the excess of bad cholesterol and reactivate the circulation are contained in olive oil and they are extremely beneficial for our body. The results of this drink will definitely amaze you! Try it out today!
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5 Things Not To Do Before You Go to Bed

Avoid these sleep-depriving mistakes before bed.

Having trouble getting to sleep? Tossing and turning and waking up cranky is never fun, so it’s time to face the facts. You may not be getting enough zzz’s due to one of these unhealthy, before-bed habits. If some much-needed sleep is on your wish list, avoid making these mistakes at night:
  1. Don’t Pill-Pop: Falling asleep can be tough when you have a cold or allergies, but that doesn’t mean that you should take any old medication before bed. Over-the-counter drugs that contain pseudoephedrine (such as nasal decongestants and daytime cold/flu medications) will actually cause you to feel more wired than tired. So, if you’re desperate for relief, choose a remedy that is specifically for nighttime use (like Benadryl, NyQuil, or Zyrtec), because these options usually contain antihistamines
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    , which are known to make people drowsy.
  1. Don’t Use Tech: While watching TV, surfing the Internet, and texting can feel like second nature—especially right before bed—these tasks can actually hurt your chances of getting a good night sleep. The light emitted by these devices stimulates the brain, making it even harder for you to snooze all night. Instead, to unwind, try reading a book (preferably not a horror or suspense novel, as these can add to your troubles), listening to calming music, or meditating. 
  1. Don’t Bathe Before Bed: A warm soak in the tub can help calm and relax your body before saying goodnight. But if you’re headed straight for bed after, you won’t end up reaping the benefits of the bath. Your body temperature cools down in the evening, but the hot water from the bath will spike your body temperature, so it needs time to cool off again. For this method to work, make sure to leave at least an hour in between leaving the tub and climbing into bed. 
  1. Don’t Pick Your Pantry: If you find yourself succumbing to late-night snack cravings, you’re not alone. Trying to go to sleep with a bulging tummy will only worsen your sleep difficulties. In fact, loading up on unhealthy foods that are salty, greasy, or high in fat right before relaxing into bed can stimulate your brain waves and you may end up having nightmares as a result. Avoid frightening dreams and unnecessary weight gain by taking small bites of healthy foods before bed or skip that nighttime snack altogether.
  2. Don’t Consume Caffeine:  Caffeine helps you stay awake, of course, so why guzzle coffee or treat yourself to that chocolate bar right before bedtime? Even if you drink a latte six hours before you tuck in, caffeine can impact your slumber for up to 12 hours. And don’t think you’ll be safe if you sip on decaffeinated drinks either—decaf coffees, sodas, and teas still contain a bit of the stimulant. To sleep more soundly, avoid caffeinated foods and beverages after the a.m. hours are over and try soothing chamomile or lemon balm tea in the afternoon or evening instead.
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Prescription drugs are responsible for more than 100 000 deaths every year and for the hospitalization of about 1.5 million people due to the side-effects they cause. Numerous drugs are not properly tested before becoming available for the public because they get approved before their patent runs out.
One of the side-effects of these medications is memory loss as well as other severe cognitive problems.
The most harmful drugs are listed below and they are separated into three categories:
  1. Statin drugs
Statin drugs are used to lower cholesterol and there have been numerous cases where they caused memory loss. The FDA only recently started monitoring of these medications and their effects.
They can also affect your ability to focus and also cause the feeling that you have forgotten something.
  1. Sleeping pills
Sleeping pills can cause both short and long-term memory loss. All sleeping pills affect the performance and memory no matter what kind they are.
They affect the brain cell potentials and they reduce vigilance, judgment and alertness.
There are types of sleeping pills that could even cause “black out”. This “black out” is similar to when someone drinks too much alcohol and has trouble remembering some things that happened.
  1. drugs
All medications starting with the word “anti” that include antidepressants, antibiotics, antipsychotics, antispasmodics, antihypertensives, antihistamines, etc.
These so called “anti” drugs inhibit the activity of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for the memory and cognitive function.
Some of these drugs can be easily bought since they are non-prescription, and if taken in large doses they can cause even more serious and complicated health problems.
These are the 20 most harmful medications that could cause memory loss:
  • Drugs for high blood pressure
  • Painkillers: heroin, morphine, codeine
  • Lithium
  • Antihistamines
  • Methyldopa
  • For Parkinson’s- glycopyrrolate, atropine, or scopolamine
  • Sleeping pills
  • Insulin
  • Naproxen
  • Steroids
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Antibiotics
  • Drugs for epilepsy- Dilantin and phenytoin
  • Quinidine
  • Antidepressants
The medications from the list above cause different memory loss symptoms including the following:
  • Difficulties with following directions
  • Asking same questions more times
  • Mood swings and changes in behavior
  • Getting lost
  • Forgetting words
Consult your doctor if you frequently experience some of these symptoms.
Some of the side-effects could be treated and the symptoms could fade away if you stop using the medications or at least change the therapy on time.
However, following a healthy diet and leading a healthy lifestyle by being active and positive are the best ways to prevent needing these drugs in the first place.

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Every day we get exposed to harmful things whether they are the objects that surround us or the food we eat. On the long term, being exposed to these objects and foods that contain chemicals can have serious negative effects on our health.
The following 10 items are the ones that are most harmful and you should avoid using them too much or too often.
  1. Plastic bottles and food containers
Plastic bottles and food containers contain chemicals such as phthalates, bisphenol-A (BPA), and bisphenol-S (BPS). These chemicals disrupt the endocrine system, the reproductive processes and sexual function, and can also cause many other side-effects including:
  • Lower IQ in children
  • Thyroid, prostate, breast cancer
  • Reproductive health problems
  • Hypertension: A randomized, controlled trial showed that BPA from cans or plastic bottles increases the blood pressure in a couple of hours after ingestion
  • Learning difficulties, hyperactivity, increased aggressiveness
Using an old food container is especially dangerous, as the amount of chemicals that they leach increases with heat and multiple washings.
BPA-free plastics also cause leaching of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, so they are just as dangerous. So, choose glass containers instead of plastic, and if you have a baby, use a glass baby bottle.
  1. Artificial sweeteners
These include aspartame and sucralose that trick the body to store fat which increases the risk of diabetes. Other foods and beverages that contain these sweeteners such as diet soda worsen the insulin sensitivity this lead to various health issues, for example strokes, heart attacks and even Alzheimer’s disease, by affecting the intestinal microflora.
Artificial sweeteners also cause glucose intolerance as well as dysbiosis in healthy people.
  1. Antibacterial soaps and detergents
Frequently disinfecting your body and surroundings could have adverse effects because it causes the bacteria to become drug-resistant.
It was proven that one of the compounds found in antibacterial soaps, triclosan, causes various health problems, more often in children.
This compound also disrupts the hormone production, affects the fetal development and also causes other issues including:
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Endocrine disruption
  • Inflammatory responses
  • Allergies
  • Weight gain
The safest way to remove microbes is washing your hands using plain soap and water. There is not particular evidence that shows that antibacterial soaps are more efficient.
Triclosan is also an ingredient in many items for personal care such as some types of toothpaste, acne creams as well as toys and cutting boards.
You can prepare your own disinfectant by putting vinegar and 3% hydrogen peroxide in a bottle. You can spray it anywhere you need to, and the best thing about this spray is that it is safe and also very efficient in killing bacteria even on the most contaminated surfaces.
  1. Non-stick cookware
Non-stick cookware contains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). This chemical has been listed as a carcinogen by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When this type of cookware gets heated, the toxic fluoride which is found in the chemical PFOA vaporizes into the air. This fluoride gas can even kill small birds. Glass and ceramic are perfectly safe alternative to non-stick cookware.
  1. Air fresheners
The ingredients in air fresheners are related to numerous health problems and even cancer. These include 2, 5-dichlorophenol (2, 5-DCP), which is a metabolite of1,4-dichlorobenzene.
Air fresheners also cause disruption of the endocrine system because of the phthalates they contain.
A much safer alternative for making your home smell fresh is using essential oils and also regularly ventilating your home.
  1. Commercial cleaning products
Commercial cleaning products also contain chemicals which have negative health effects.
Instead of using them, combine vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to prepare a home-made detergent. Also, lemon juice can be used for whitening, and baking soda for scrubbing wherever it is needed.
  1. Sedentary lifestyle
Sitting too much also has numerous negative effects for your health such as chronic diseases that can’t be neutralized no matter how much you exercise. Sitting, as well as obesity, are more harmful than second-hand smoking and they increase the risk of lung cancer more than 50%.
Other issues caused by sedentary lifestyle are diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.
So, it is very important to move and exercise as much as possible. Try to stand up more often and, if possible, replace your regular desk with a standing one.
Stay motivated to exercise and move more, and your body will thank you.
  1. Electronic devices
We use computers and smartphones so much that they have become a part of our everyday life. However, they can have serious negative effects an even cause cancer because they emit radiofrequency electromagnetic fields that are believed to be carcinogenic.
Time Magazine has published a report that shows the link between wireless phones and brain cancer. It is also very important to know that even if you are not talking on your phone, it emits radiation all the time. The following is the report that was published in Time Magazine:
 “Mounting research indicates that information overload—what happens when you use smart devices constantly—is linked to depression and anxiety.
Recent studies suggest that this is particularly true for people who are overly attached to their smartphones and tablets, and for those who use multiple devices at once (which experts call media multitasking). Power down and stow your devices in a drawer at least a few times per week to give your brain a break‚ ideally on a set schedule (for example, weekdays after 9 p.m. or weekend mornings before noon).”
  1. Personal care products
The skin is the largest human organ that performs several vital functions. However, it absorbs chemicals easily, so using personal care products and makeup frequently increases the amount of chemicals and heavy metals that get inside our bodies.
One study conducted by the Environmental Defense tested 49 different makeup items and discovered that all the items contained heavy metals such as:
  • 90 percent included beryllium
  • 96 percent included lead
  • 51 percent included cadmium
  • 61 percent included thallium
  • 20 percent included arsenic
Applying makeup regularly causes 5 pounds of chemicals to be absorbed in the body every year, not counting the amount that comes from conditioners, shampoos, deodorants and other products for personal care.
To avoid this, you should use organic cosmetic brands or using natural remedies such as coconut oil which can be used as body lotion, hair mask and in many other ways.
  1. Stale spices
Spices and herbs, especially fresh ones, are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, and some of them are even more nutritious than fruits and vegetables. Many spices contain medicinal properties such as fighting inflammation. These 4 are the most powerful anti-inflammatory spices:
  1. Ginger
  2. Cloves
  3. Thyme
  4. Rosemary
However, it is very important to keep the spices fresh, so avoid keeping them in your kitchen for too long.
Even though we are constantly surrounded by a toxic environment, there are ways to protect ourselves such as avoiding products that contain chemicals and choosing a healthier diet.
As we already mentioned, the skin absorbs many chemicals that get directly in the blood stream without passing through the filtering systems that the body has. Even though there are situations when there is not much we can do about it, we can always start by making sure our home and work place are safer as well as limit the time we spend using electronic devices.

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A Mature Man Will Never Do These 7 Things

Many relationships end because of differences in maturity level. One partner may be planning for the future, while the other may be more concerned about getting the newest video game or finding a new outfit for a party every weekend. Maturity happens at a different age for everyone. Just because your significant other is the same age as you doesn’t mean they’re just as mature.

A mature man will never do these seven things:

1. A Mature Man Won’t Run Away From His Problems

When a boy reaches the age of maturity, he begins to realize that locking himself in his room and hiding from the world won’t fix anything. A mature man knows that the best way to solve a problem is to face it head-on and find a solution. He doesn’t run away from his problems; he deals with them.

2. A Mature Man Won’t Criticize You

A man who truly loves you will never criticize you. Whether it’s about your looks, your weight, your job, or your hopes and dreams. A mature man is supportive. He will never bring you down for the sake of satisfying his own ego. He wants you to be happy.

3. A Mature Man Isn’t Afraid To Show His Emotions

A mature man knows that showing emotion is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of being human, of being open and vulnerable. He doesn’t believe he is less than a man for telling you he loves you or for sharing his feelings.

4. A Mature Man Won’t Make You Feel Unwanted

Family and friends are important, but a mature man won’t make you feel like you aren’t a priority. Instead, he’ll try to include you. He’ll take you to meet his family and his friends, and he’ll encourage a relationship. He may want a guys night out from time to time, but he won’t hurt you or blow you off to do it.

5. A Mature Man Will Respect You

There are many different ways to be respectful in a relationship. A mature man will never lay a hand on you. He won’t cross your boundaries or make fun of your beliefs. He will respect your space and your feelings. He knows that a healthy relationship is built on mutual trust and respect.

6. A Mature Man Has A Healthy Relationship With His Mother

A man who is mature makes time for his parents. He appreciates how they took care of him, and he is happy to do the same. However, he doesn’t allow them to make his decisions for him. He has a good head on his shoulders and operates out of love, kindness, and respect when it comes to his family. But he won’t let his parents treat you badly.

7. A Mature Man Plans For The Future

A mature man isn’t just thinking about today. He can live in the present, while still making plans for the future. He doesn’t spend every dime he has without realizing there are consequences. He knows that it’s important to plan for what’s to come.
source and courtesy: David Wolfe

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