Everyone enjoys that ‘cloud nine’ feeling but do we have to resort to external chemical aids to achieve that feeling? I’ve got great news, answer is a resounding no! Any external intoxicant effects a handful of major chemicals that are mood markers for humans. These would include Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphins and their many derivatives. Through out your life they are in constant flux depending on what your doing, eating or spending your energy. Here are some ways to get the most umph out of really fun practices.


The meditative high is no joke, you will walk away from your practice with whatever you need. I started my practise as a matter of understanding and nurturing my darker side. As my practise grew, I started to practise just for the fun of it. This is Where I recommend beginners start their practise. Just sit and pay attention to what’s going on in between your ears. Have fun with it and experiment a little. There are so many templates it can be a little dizzying but as long as there is a central and consistent theme your very likely on the right path.
The greatest part of this habitual ‘use’ is there are no downsides. I promise you will get back ten fold whatever you put in, and you can put whatever you want i. Personally crafted high that provides medical benefits. There are a slew of benefits spread across the internet but here is a list, if a free high isn’t enough.

Ecstatic dance

There is something beautiful and unique about dancing to music that you love. The way you dance and what you dance to has a direct influence to the degree of consciousness you reach. The music moves you spiritually, distracting you mentally while your body works those endorphins up into a fury. The sum of these actions creates a positive sense of self that will stick with you at least a day or so. A few calories for a couple of good feeling days? Worth it in my book.


This option is my favorite and I try to do it everyday. Your body feels vibrant and you have a glow to you that others will notice for a while. Reconnecting with your body will help you diagnose other ways you might want to treat yourself with natural highs. I have personally seen more people’s attitudes and lifestyles change dramatically, for the better after even just 3 yoga sessions. I recommend a heated class for a ‘great body high’. But if you’ve never done on before start with a basic Vinyasa class, as the heated class are intense and injuries happen. For those searching for a spiritual experience or mental buzz a Kundalini would be right up your alley. There are times I feel I need to scoop myself back into my body afterward!

Mindful breathing

This one is kind of like my cigarette without smoking. I use it anytime I’m frustrated or overstimulated. Count your inward breaths to ten. Start working again continuing to breathe again to ten before you release your breath.While your breathing your mind will call attention to what is bothering or too up your face. It’s vital you smile to it inwardly and release it with your next deep exhale. This is far more effective than smoking for stress management and won’t give you cancer!

Conscious Love Making

Sex is great but if you’re looking for more than a work out take your time and show your love! Besides a myriad of chemicals that feel awesome in your body, your spirit is being nurtured and your mind is focused. What will set this apart is the intention you set and the way you can non verbally communicate a deep seated love to your partner.
source and courtesy: Spirit Science

4 Simple Things Narcissists Do To Be The Center Of Attention

A narcissist is more than just vain. Narcissists have a compelling need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. They have a grandiose sense of self-importance and consider themselves their number one priority. They exaggerate their accomplishments, seek excessive admiration and consider themselves better and more important than other people.
You may know someone who is a narcissist. You may even be in a relationship with one. Narcissists are pro’s at manipulation, so it can take time to see them for who they really are. Their sense of entitlement and lack of empathy for others bring about an arrogant attitude, but they can hide their true self when they want to. Their master manipulation skills allow them to deceive others, shift blame and constantly play the victim card.

Recognizing traits of a narcissist can help you protect yourself from getting hurt and being manipulated. Here are four things narcissists do to be the center of attention:

1. Narcissists Blame Others

Narcissists will never admit that they are wrong. They will become defensive in any situation and turn the blame on whoever they can. They’ll interrogate you, bring up any possible faults and make you question whether it really is your fault. When you try to defend yourself, the narcissist will twist your words and tell you that you never take accountability for your actions.

2. Narcissists Interrupt

A narcissist wants to be the center of attention at all times. If the topic doesn’t involve them, they’ll interrupt and attempt to refocus the conversation back to them. They have no interest in listening to someone else, because they truly don’t care about other people. Narcissists constantly want to dominate the conversation. They feel compelled to talk about themselves in front of others and exaggerate their accomplishment. If another person in the conversation won’t cooperate, the narcissist immediately perceives them as threat to be dealt with.

3. Narcissists Intimidate

A narcissist uses intimidation to manipulate you into feeling the way they want you to feel. Their goal is confuse or intimidate their victim into agreeing or giving in. As a narcissists bullies you into submission, you may let down your defenses and finally give in. When you finally give up or admit that they’re right, they’ve succeeded. Narcissists are extremely competitive. They treat everything as a win or lose situation, and they don’t like to lose.

4. Narcissists Play The Victim

A narcissist is a master manipulator, but they’ll never let you see that. Instead they’ll constantly play the victim in every situation. A narcissist can often be hard to spot because they know how to be likable and charming. But they seek pity from anyone and everyone who will listen. They see empathy as a powerful tool they can use to take advantage of other people and get what they want. When they eventually hurt someone, they’ll play the victim once again and use manipulation to blame others.

source and courtesy: David Wolfe

Here Are 5 Signs You’re Much Smarter Than Average

Intelligence isn’t about your world knowledge, but is instead the speed at which you learn new information. Unfortunately, studies in the past have found that IQ is fixed, so you’re essentially stuck with it for the rest of your life.

To be honest, so many of us don’t even know if we’re smart or not. You can’t exactly measure it unless you’re willing to spend a heap of money with a trained professional.
But there are some interesting signs that science says might be common for many intelligent people. They are:

1. You’re anxious.

Nobody likes having anxiety, but science has consistently found that those who experience anxiety to be smarter. One study found that the worse the symptoms of people with anxiety disorders, the more intelligent they were. What’s more, another study found that anxious participants were more focused and effective at executing tasks. So if you’re worried about worrying, maybe you don’t have to worry anymore.

2. You were an early reader.

A British study found that the earlier one started reading, the more intelligent they were. The researchers said that reading early clearly had a developmental impact. So if you’re smarter than average, it’s highly likely you read earlier than others.

3. You’re left-handed.

Lefties tend to be playfully insulted growing up, but till this date, there continues to be an unexplained correlation between being left-handed and being more intelligent. This correlation is particularly pronounced in males.

4. You took music lessons as a kid.

A number of studies show that musical training enhances intelligence and executive function – a skill critical for self-control. The studies tend to show that young children who received musical training are on average more intelligent.

5. You’re funny.

If you’re witty, then you can celebrate. A study has shown a correlation between being funny and high verbal intelligence and abstract reasoning. And that’s no joke.
source and courtesy: truthinsideofyou.org

3 Ways To Make Your Day Brighter, Before It Even Begins!

The sound of my alarm clock in the morning used to be like nails on a chalkboard.
And no, it wasn’t the tune or the melody I was selecting; it was just the sound of waking me up, in its entirety.
It’s as if this alarm had a latent power over my entire being in the morning.
It told me when to get up, how little time I had to get ready, and that I needed get my being out of the door ASAP.
I found myself each morning shuffling around my apartment, aimlessly throwing things into my bag (unfortunately, not my lunch!) as I abruptly shut the door behind me, wet hair creating a damp circle on the shoulders of my shirt and all.
I don’t think that I am alone here – perhaps with the wet hair in a New England winter, but not with the morning rush.
We all know this feeling, some of us more than others, and whether we want to face the facts or not, this morning routine is no healthy way to start your day.
In fact it sounds like survival mode more than enjoying life!
After my whole adult life of living like this, I started realizing that my routine was unhealthy for me after much too much caffeine consumption coupled with cranky morning encounters.
I knew that something had to change. I wasn’t able to blame it on the, “Oh, I’m just not a morning person” anymore.
I was sick of feeling like I needed to catch more zzz’s before I even pulled the covers off my oh-so-comfortable resting body.
So a change was in store, and I was determined to make this alarm clock my friend (or at least an acquaintance).
Ok, so how does one do this overnight, literally?
Well, it’s not easy, but I promise that these three tips have helped me succeed and conquer my morning funk, ultimately starting my day off on a brighter note and debunking the alarm clock stigma.

1) Know how much sleep your body needs in order to feel like the best version of yourself.

Sleep is a huge, HUGE factor in your mood and just your well being.
There are so many scientific correlations between health and sleep.
You don’t need to do any reading on that to know that you feel better when you sleep solidly for the right amount of time your body needs.
Also, know that this takes time to figure out.
You may be waking up a lot in the night which can alter your quality of sleep, leaving you restless in the morning after you sleep the quantity of time desired.

2) Give yourself more time to ease your way out of bed in the morning.

For as long as I can remember I wanted to maximize my zzz time, neglecting that morning time at home is vital to set the intention and focus for my day ahead.
Giving myself time in the morning to meditate and read makes me feel at ease with myself.
This leaves me more refreshed and less reactive when I come into contact with another human being when I leave my home.

3) Set an intention and an affirmation. An intention is a huge part of your day.

What do you want to do differently today than you did yesterday?
Or what do you want to do the same that you really enjoyed in the past few days?
This is really easy and doesn’t have to be too “goal oriented.”
One of my intentions each day is to try something I’ve never done before.
In fact, I sit here typing with yellow nail polish.
I got a manicure and realized that I have never wore yellow polish before!
It can be silly and light, but it still makes you feel alive and zealous.
The next is to recite an affirmation in your head.
It is so important to affirm yourself as we live in a society that needs affirmation from others and listens to our ego too much (the voice that tells you that you aren’t good enough or you look silly, etc.)
My go-to affirmation is, “I am love”. I recite this three times while I simultaneously follow my breath.
Try these three steps. Whether it is for two days or every day of your week, work up to more until it eventually is just routine.
I promise you that alarm clock will actually make you smile with gratitude for this beautiful life – for this beautiful day that is just waiting for you.

source and courtesy: sivanaspirit.com


The practice of smudging dates back to prehistoric times, and is still very much in use today worldwide for cleansing everything from dwellings to human spirits. However recent research has shed light on the popularity of this activity, revealing that burning certain plant matter actually clears harmful bacteria.
All Western use of burning herbs and plants for spiritual purposes aside, the activity rests firmly in the sensibilities of ancient cultures in that, historically, smudging was believed to put forth the spirits of various ‘allies’ to provide ease and balance to an individual or group.
In this way, the practice was used to clear spiritual and emotional negativity that has built up in a body or a space.
Of course, there are skeptics who belittle the practice as unscientific and akin to magic.
The practice has a negative association to a form of cultural imperialism, where traditions of dwindling indigenous populations are co-opted by the descendants of those who more-or-less conquered them.
The scientific paper entitled “Medicinal Smokes” and published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology focuses a scientific lens on the practice, which is becoming more and more widely practiced, despite skepticism.
It serves to play against the role that this activity has played in a culturally diverse range of religions and tribal beliefs.
The research study looked into herbal and non-herbal remedies that were administered by the burning of various matter.
The research included information from 50 countries over 5 continents and found that, predominantly, smoke administered medicinally is mostly used to aid lung, brain and skin function. In addition, it was revealed that passive fumes doubled as a sort of air purifier.
The purpose of the study was to see whether or not these medicinal smoke deliveries could be explored by western medicine, because “The advantages of smoke-based remedies are rapid delivery to the brain, more efficient absorption by the body and lower costs of production.”
A follow up paper published in the same periodical, “Medicinal smoke reduces airborne bacteria,” found that the research concluded that, in addition to health benefits, smudging was a powerful antiseptic.
“We have observed that 1 hour treatment of medicinal smoke emanated by burning wood and a mixture of odoriferous and medicinal herbs (havan s├ímagri=material used in oblation to fire all over India), on aerial bacterial population caused over 94% reduction of bacterial counts by 60 min and the ability of the smoke to purify or disinfect the air and to make the environment cleaner was maintained up to 24 hour in the closed room.
Absence of pathogenic bacteria Corynebacterium urealyticum, Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens, Enterobacter aerogenes (Klebsiella mobilis), Kocuria rosea, Pseudomonas syringae pv. persicae, Staphylococcus lentus, and Xanthomonas campestris pv. tardicrescens in the open room even after 30 days is indicative of the bactericidal potential of the medicinal smoke treatment.
We have demonstrated that using medicinal smoke it is possible to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space.”
In short, burning medicinal herbs cleared airborne bacterial populations by 94%, and the space was still found to be disinfected a day later. What’s more, a month after smudging, much of the pathogens originally found were still undetectable.
This has profound implications, as modern air quality in the developed and undeveloped world is atrocious, containing up to 1800 bacterial typesmany of them pathogenic. With an increasing deadly array of antibacterial-resistant strains, we’ll need all the help we can get.
Conventional methods of sterilization often employ chemical cocktails that are typically much less effective than purported. Smudging seems to be an effective alternative, while also being natural and safe to use.
In conclusion, the ancient practice of burning powerful herbal material may be much much more than just a primitive belief that we can simply disregard due to it being unscientific.
Of course, this should not take away from the properties of smudging in the area of energy system and soul cleansing and in the power of aromatherapy.
source and courtesy: Spirit Science


“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” Lao Tzu
Over-thinking is a problem that affects all of us. It is the constant bombardment of the mind, that takes us out of the present moment, and plummets us into thinking about the past or worrying about the future.
Over-thinking creates problems that may not have even presented themselves, had we not given them so much attention or “built them up in our minds”. It’s the art of making a big deal about something, that never was to begin with.
While we may be thinking that by cycling this information in our minds that we are protecting ourselves somehow, on the contrary, the mind is acting as a defense mechanism to protect the constructs of our own individual identification.
According to Freud, there are three psychological aspects that make up our personalities. The first being the I.D, alike to a child, it is selfish and self-serving fueling the pleasure-oriented portion of the personality. The second is the super ego, which acts as the moral basis determining between what is good and bad, right and wrong and the third is the ego which acts as the moderator between the I.D and the Super Ego, seeking compromise.
This ego then creates defense mechanisms, which it believes that it protect itself from uncomfortable life situations and it is through these defense mechanisms that we begin to fantasize, idealize and project internal unresolved emotions, as well as uncomfortable thoughts onto others through a process of overactive thinking.

Basically, the ego can’t face reality and so it creates an internalization of uncomfortable happenings and remolds them into something that it is able to handle.
This processing of thoughts than cycles in the mind constantly as the ego continues to try to protect itself without dealing with the unresolved emotions and healing that is required.
In order to stop overactive thinking, and stay in the present moment we need to understand why we are fantasizing, what we are avoiding, and how we are projecting our internal states onto others.
When we can heal our unresolved emotions and past thoughts, it is then we can find peace in the present moment.
Unlike other articles you will find, I am not going to tell you to think positive or repeat positive affirmations, nor am I going to tell you to get out into nature or any other distractive process that masks the origin of the problem. What I am going to tell is this.
Take a deep breath, and let go.
What are you still holding onto? What hurts can you not forgive?  and can you forgive yourself? It’s time that you give yourself the keys to your own freedom.
What is, what was and what is still to come.
For the hurts you have caused and hurts you have endured.
For everything and anything in your life that has value.
To humble yourself is to know that you are not above or beneath anyone else. Go easy on yourself, its o.k to not be perfect.
In time you will see, that you were exactly where you were supposed to be.
We dream of the future, to distract ourselves from the present, in order to forget the past. Heal the past, live in the present and don’t rush to the future. Life is a journey and it will all be over before you know it.
source and courtesy: Spirit Science


I always tend to see a basic fault when I hear people talk about hoping for change in the world. It’s the idea that we see the notion of change as something happening outside of us, driven by some faceless group of elite scientists, inventors and leaders coming up with some revolutionary idea that would set the world on a different course.
The fault with this notion is that it comes from the same mould which gave form to the problem in the first place – separation. We feel that we are separate from all the atrocities happening in different corners of the world; separate from shady global deals done in the interest of the few; separate from the marvelous work done by selfless peacekeepers and volunteers; separate from the bloodied hands of our previous generation and the problems of the next generations.
We think that we are helpless, innocent and powerless in the face of all this and that the change we expect ‘has’ to come from others, individuals, collectives or nations.

The Pain of Separation

When we look at the world outside we constantly see problems. We see real world problems such as overpopulation, energy crisis, water scarcity, the destruction of our environment, health hazards, etc. We also see degenerative and auto destructive patterns of behaviour such as greed, materialism, madness, over-consumerism and the general disenchantment with the world and the Universe. In short, we see modern Man as having lost his soul and disconnected with his spirit and the natural world.
When you think of it, in fact, all of these problems we see are rooted in separation.  Humanity seems to be off course because we have separated ourselves from our ancestral wisdom, our enchantment with the magical Universe, with ourselves, with our being. We have increasingly ingrained in us the false idea of individual freedom at the cost of community welfare. We feel that we have the freedom to be separate from our global community and affairs that affect the millions. So the recurrent theme is separation.

Wearing the Inside Out

On another level, we fail to see that our outer world, with all its blessings and problems is merely a projection of our inner world, both individually and collectively. Wars, atrocities, eco-destruction and restlessness is nothing more than a projection of what is happening internally on a deeper psychic level. The state of the world we are in, is nothing more than the state we are in internally on a collective level. Once again, we feel there is a separation between our internal and outer reality which is basically nothing more than a mere illusion. On a positive note, the positive change we are starting to witness is also a reflection of our nascent change in consciousness, first on a individual then collective scale.

Re-programming Your Reality

I feel that the idea to work with is that before we expect any mass changes to the afflictions we see around us in the world, we should start experimenting with changing the immediate reality around us, equipped with the idea that we can bend our personal reality by shifting how we face the world and interact with it. As the iconic quote from Gandhi goes “Be the change you want to see”.
We start shifting our reality not by gaining anything new but by releasing and letting go of years of conditioning and self-limiting beliefs. Here are some beliefs we ought to start adopting, while letting go of their complete opposite, if we really want to start seeing the change happening around us:

1) You are always part of the equation of life

When we feel disconnected we lose our real power. That power is the feeling of being one with life – of being an integral part of the equation. Again, the human dis-ease is that we feel separate from and powerless over the currents of our life stream.
When we realign ourselves with the belief that we are part of the whole eco-system of life with its subtleties and magic, we create a powerful inner conviction that enables us to trust and have faith in whatever is happening. This is the magical ingredient for staying in tune with our highest potential and unblocking those obstacles that keep us from moving forward and changing our reality.

2) You can empower yourself to be the change you want

We are embedded in a system that is programmed to disempower us and condition us into believing that change happens outside of us. Yet, when we listen closer to our heart, we realise that this empowerment or disempowerment is only in our hands. If we allow ourselves to be grind down by the machinery of the system, then that is what we create.
If on the other hand we take charge of our life and destiny and encourage ourselves with the idea that only we have the power to make the change, we are turning the tables on the system. We start becoming free hearts and free thinkers. The shackles no longer bind us because we become masters of our own destiny.

3) You are a co-creator of your own reality

It’s a simple but powerful truth really. You are the co-creator of your own reality. Look at your life, the state you are now in – whether good or bad. You had a big say to create all that, whether you are conscious of it or otherwise. Since we are agents in our own life, we make choices, interact, dream and act, we are undeniably co-creators of our own reality. The more we catch up with the idea and consciously take hold of it, the more we can co-create and change our life positively.

4) Healing is losing the sense of separateness & fear

If you consciously look deep into yourself, you will find a constant yearning for healing, for restoring your being. This is a constant spiritual quest that we look for in different ways, at different times in our life. What this healing really means is remembering who we really are – our real power, our humanity and divinity at the same time. Most of all healing is transcending fear and our sense of separateness.
It is important then to always remember that we can heal ourselves by moving away from fear and the belief that we are disconnected and alone in a hostile universe, to one where we have faith that no matter how our life fluctuates, it’s all fine since we are supported by an infinite source of love and power.

5) Others are allies to your co-creations

The sense of separation continues to be reinforced by the sense of ‘us and them’. We feel that others can be a threat to our own wellbeing and happiness. We see them as possible competitors in a limited pool of resources. We enter into the survival mindset.
This is all very counterproductive at best. The more we let go of the sense of fear and separateness (thus being healed), the more we see others as potential allies and contributors to our own co-creations. This cannot be otherwise if we start from the premise that everything is interconnected and that we are an integral part of the equation of life (see point number one).
People who have become conscious co-creators of their own destiny know the true value and power in this. They understand the importance of helping, sharing, trusting and giving out while getting in. They understand human nature more intimately, knowing that each and every person, no matter how his or her outer behaviour can be off-putting, carry the same potential for healing themselves, others and the world around them.

6) You can always change the channel you tune into

Another fundamental truth that has been echoed in various forms is that everything is ultimately energy and vibration at different levels of frequency:  From very low, soul-wrenching vibrations to elevating, exhilarating frequencies of love and bliss. You have ultimately the power and freedom to choose which channel to tune into. Negative self-talk, self-limiting beliefs, fear, cynical friends, etc, will keep you stuck in a reality that vibrates at low frequency, so to speak.
On the other hand, opening your heart to new experiences and adventures, doing more of the things you like, being grateful, surrounding your self with exciting people and not being afraid to love will help you shift into a frequency bandwidth that will make you attract more of the same goodness and excitement. It will literally make you become the change you want to see in yourself and the world.
It’s basically about tuning in to and attracting the energy vibrations you would like to see more of in your reality. Thus while you are tuning in to higher frequencies and tuning out of the lower ones, you are co-creating a meaningful and positive personal reality which ultimately is projected and manifested onto the world. The result is that you would be creating the change you want to see in this world. On a collective level, this would be the beginning of a new earth.
Thanks for reading!
source and courtesy: Spirit Science

Warning Signs Your Liver Is Functioning Poorly, Toxic and Causing You To Gain Weight

A healthy functioning liver is vital to our survival and well-being. Without it our bodies are unable to detoxify and eliminate the harmful waste products that build up internally. Transforming and breaking down toxins into substances that can be safely expelled by our bodies is the main job our liver is known for. However, the it has many other functions and scientists have estimated that there are some five hundred or so other processes that it performs.
That number puts the liver’s importance into perspective. Staying active, eating balanced and nutritious meals, and avoiding both highly processed and sugar-filled foods all help to keep our livers in top condition. Drinking alcohol excessively and taking too many drugs (including illegal substances, vitamins, supplements, prescription pills or otherwise) are the most damaging things you could do that harm your liver.
Check out this all natural liver cleanse recipe:
Overall, the best thing you can realistically do for yourself is to always be on the lookout for the signs which could indicate that your liver is not functioning as well as it should be. The following are five of the biggest warning signs that your liver may be full of toxins:
1) You’re Constantly Exhausted. When you always feel tired, foggy, bogged down, and severely depleted of energy, then you may have chronic fatigue which is one of the most common signs of liver problems. It can lead to a host of other issues like confusion, an inability to concentrate, bodily aches and pains, depression and anxiety, and so any drastic changes in mood or energy levels should be taken seriously.
2) Obesity or Sudden Weight Gain. If you are find that you’re inexplicably gaining weight it could mean your liver is damaged and overwhelmed by toxins. When the liver cannot keep up with amount of toxins that it needs to process, it will begin to store all of the unfiltered toxins in fat cells, which in turn get stored around the stomach area. In addition to giving you a bigger tummy, because the liver also metabolizes fat, when it gets backed up with toxins that function takes a back seat. Your body ends up storing even more fat cells and if not put in check, this cycle can soon snowball out of control and possibly even lead to obesity.
3) You Develop Jaundice. When your skin and the whites of your eyes appear yellow looking it likely means you have jaundice. Jaundice is caused by a build up of excess bilirubin in the blood which occurs when bile flow from the liver gets blocked. A properly functioning liver is able to process and excrete bilirubin from the blood but when its unable to do so the substance builds up and soon gets deposited in tissues, which causes the skin to appear yellowish.
Check out this all natural liver cleanse recipe:
4) Unusually Dark or Discolored Urine. A change in urine color, which may also smell really bad and hurt when you pee, could be a sign that your body is trying to pass toxins through an alternative route. This happens when the liver is unable to process toxins as it normally would and so your body compensates by eliminating them through your urine. Any thickening in the consistency or pain when going should be taken seriously and dealt with by a doctor immediately.
5) Persistent Acne and Skin Issues. If you used to have normally clear skin and suddenly find that its breaking out, it could be due to built up toxins in the liver. These can end up causing a number of hormonal imbalances and one of the main ways they manifest is unfortunately on your face and skin in the form of acne. Since the problem is internal rather than external, washing and treating the surface of your skin won’t do much to control it. Instead, you need to detoxify your system and especially your liver.
Check out this all natural liver cleanse recipe below:

There are Only Four Passport Colors in the World, and This is the Reason Why

It turns out that there are only four primary passport colors in the world, and each country has its own reasons for choosing one of these colors for the cover.
Bright Side decided to find out what this choice depends on and to share the information with you. If long lines at the airport makes you feel bored, just remember this post.


This is the most common color. Passports with a red cover are often chosen by countries with a historical or current communist system. Citizens of Slovenia, China, Serbia, Russia, Latvia, Romania, Poland, and Georgia have red passports. Member countries of the European Union, except Croatia, also use passports of burgundy and other shades of red. Countries interested in joining the EU, such as Turkey, Macedonia, and Albania, changed the color of their passports to red a few years ago. The Andean Community of Nations — Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru — also has burgundy passports.


This is the next most common color. The blue cover symbolizes the “new world”. 15 Caribbean countries have blue passports. Within the block of South American countries the blue passport cover symbolizes the connection with Mercosur — a trade union. This includes Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Venezuela is the exception here: it also belongs to the union, but its citizens have red passports. The passports of US citizens were changed to blue only in 1976.


Most Muslim countries have green passports. Examples include Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. Green is considered to be the favorite color of the Prophet Muhammad, and is a symbol of nature and life. The citizens of several West African countries — for example, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Niger, the Ivory Coast, and Senegal — also have travel documents that are various shades of green. In their case, the color indicates that they belong to ECOWAS (the Economic Community of West African States).


The rarest passports are those with black covers. These can be found among the citizens of some African countries — Botswana, Zambia, Burundi, Gabon, Angola, Chad, Congo, Malawi and others. Citizens of New Zealand also have black passport covers, because black is the country’s national color.

The map below is painted according to the color of each country’s passport.

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