What do we mean when we say ‘vibration’? We’re not talking about the rapid movement of matter in a physical sense, but rather the state of our own spiritual energy. Contributors to that are such things as: what we are thinking, the state of our bodily health, what we are feeling and what we believe. The confluence of these traits make up our ‘vibes,’ if you will.
Now, when we speak of ‘raising your vibration,’ we are talking about self-improvement. Oftentimes, self-improvement is a long journey, and sometimes we want immediate results when we are feeling down. Here are some suggestions for those times of immediate need.


When we say ‘breathe,’ we’re not talking about normal functional breaths, but rather ‘yogic’ breaths. In yogic breathing, emphasis is put on a meditative focus on each inhale and exhale. Make sure the breath is intentional to derive effect. On the inhale, fill the belly and then fill the chest. On the exhale, contract the diaphragm, expelling everything. Scientifically, yogic long deep breathing can hack the brain during times of stress and make us calm again.


While it might be difficult to laugh in times of low energy, it’s easy to go online or consult Netflix for something that is sure to produce laughter. If your problem is an argument with another, attempt to diffuse tension with humor.


Meditation is the trendiest way to impart a state of superior mental and physical health for a really good reason: it works. However, it can be difficult to stop everything for a practice in meditation, and this is especially true when you really could benefit the most from it. However, you can try to frame it differently if you have trouble meditating. Think of it as a break. As a former smoker, I find it easy to meditate when I consider the fact that I used to take hourly cigarette breaks. If I was always able to find 5 minutes to smoke when I was stressed, then I certainly can find five minutes to meditate. How can you re-frame meditation? Can you find one to five minutes to engage in what is likely to be the most important practice of your life?

Be Grateful

Whatever you are going through right now, the chances are that, if you are able to read this, then you are better off than the majority of people on this planet as far as making sure your basic needs are met. Sometimes, we need a little perspective to help put us in a better mood, and what better way than to be completely thankful that you are healthy, and have food, water and shelter?

Remember That Life Is Short

Remembering our own impermanence is sometimes what we need to change our outlook when we are down. From moment to moment, everything in this life is slowly and steadily passing away. You will never get those moments back, and when you are old and looking back, you will want to remember them as times that you made the absolute best of what you had, and that you were happy and at peace.
source and courtesy: Spirit Science


Going to the gym can be impractical when you’re a mom of littles, but thankfully many great workouts can be done from home. That’s why I’m such a fan of the Tabata workout, and it just might be the perfect choice for moms on the run … pun intended!


A Tabata workout is a high-intensity workout. Although it lasts only a few minutes, it will really kick your tail. They’re perfect for those of us who don’t have a lot of time to devote to fitness but want to get in a good workout.
Note: Those with any condition that prevents strenuous exercise should not do a Tabata workout without first getting an OK from a doctor!


I get it … you’re busy!  It takes time to prepare healthy food from scratch every day (What? They want dinner again? I just cooked last night!). It also takes time to make healthy cleaning products, or follow a natural beauty routine, or research how to best take care of your family. Living a wellness lifestyle is a full-time job.
But staying fit is important, too (and part of a well-balanced life).
That’s why the Tabata workout is so perfect for busy moms! It only takes four minutes. Literally, four minutes and you get an intense workout.


I’m so glad you asked. Here’s the gist: sprint hard for 20 seconds; rest for 10 seconds; repeat for a total of four minutes (generally 6-8 rounds). That’s it. Sounds simple, but this short workout can burn some serious calories.
Developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata in Japan, Tabata exercise has been found to be superior to other types of exercises. In a 1996 study done by the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo, Dr. Tabata and his colleagues studied two groups of athletes: one group did medium-intensity exercise for long periods of time, and the other did high-intensity exercise for short periods of time.
Tabata and his team observed the athletes for six weeks, and after that time, it was found that the first group increased their aerobic capacity (how long you can run) by 9.5% and their anaerobic capacity (how long you can run at maximum effort) by 0%, while the second group increased their aerobic capacity by 14% and their anaerobic capacity by 28%.
The second group showed greater improvement in lung capacity and oxygen utilization, while the first group showed only minimal improvement, thus proving the benefits of short, high-intensity training.


The Tabata regimen was created for elite athletes as a means of improving athletic performance. If you’re like the average mama, you may need to work your way up—train so to speak—for Tabata sprints.
You can start by doing some simple interval training:
  • Begin with longer, less intense sprints, with a longer recovery time in between.
  • Instead of 20 seconds of all-out running, try 60-90 seconds of mid-intensity running, followed by one-minute break rather than ten seconds.
  • Every few days, increase your intensity and shorten your exercise and break times.
  • Start with only a couple of minutes and work your way up to four minutes, a few times a week.



Intense cardio burns calories and melts away fat. But more than that, it may affect how our bodies process glucose, a huge contributor to belly fat. One study found that “a high amount of moderate-intensity exercise alone was very effective at improving oral glucose tolerance….” Intense exercise may help how our bodies process sugars.


Tabata exercise allows muscles an intense workout.


Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.


No fancy equipment or special place needed for this workout!


Get your exercise out of the way quickly … a bonus for every busy mama.


Armed with Dr. Tabata’s research, you can apply the Tabata exercise principle to any workout. In fact, cycling is one of the more popular ways to utilize the method.
Other great workouts to use the Tabata principle with:
  • jumping rope
  • squats
  • push ups
  • pull ups
  • kettlebell training
  • Any type of exercise—get creative and have fun with it!


    Are you ready to give Tabata sprints a try? Remember, make sure to work your way up, starting with gentler interval training. Once you’ve done that, get ready—this intense workout will kick your exercise regimen into high gear!
    Step 1: Start by stretching: You want your muscles nice and warm because the level at which you’ll push them can lend itself to pulled muscles. Even better if you can do your workout in a warmer place versus outdoors on a cold day.
    Step 2: Get a timer ready: Make sure you can easily see a clock with a second hand or have a timer handy.
    Step 3: Run, Forrest, run! Run as hard as you can for 20 seconds.
    Step 4: Rest: Take a breather for 10 seconds.
    Step 5: Repeat: Again, run for 20 seconds, followed by a 10-second breather. Repeat 6-8 times, for 4 minutes total. (Many people, even well-trained athletes, can’t make it past 6 times. That’s normal, and, it should be noted that if you’re not struggling, you’re probably not working hard enough. Tabata sprints are meant to be difficult.)
    Step 6: Cool down: Stretch again, catch your breath, and sip some room temperature water. Allow your body to come back to normalcy gently.
    That’s it. The whole process should take less than 30 minutes.


    Because Tabata sprints are such an intense workout, only two to three times a week should be plenty. You can do weight lifting and gentle exercise like yoga the other days of the week. It should also be noted that the long-term benefits and enjoyment of Tabata sprints may wane, which is why pro athletes typically do them during training seasons and not year round.
    Health experts remind us:
    For the majority of the population, improving longevity and general health can be done by brisk walking for 20 minutes three times a week – and doesn’t involve spending money joining a gym.
    It’s reassuring to know that the best health benefits come from consistent, no-fuss, moderate exercise and a varied routine.


    As moms, when taking care of a family, our own wellness should be a priority. It’s easy to let my own needs go by the wayside when I’m taking care of everyone else, but there are a few things I know I should prioritize. If I’m healthy, I can keep everyone else healthy.
    By taking advantage of the fast and easy exercise Tabata sprints provide, you can check one more thing off your “keep mama healthy” list.
source and courtesy: healthytipsworld.com

8 Ancient Beliefs Now Backed By Modern Science

The Earth may not be flat nor is it the center of the universe, but that doesn’t mean old-world intellectuals got everything wrong. In fact, in recent years, modern science has validated a number of teachings and beliefs rooted in ancient wisdom that, up until now, had been trusted but unproven empirically.

Here are eight ancient beliefs and practices that have been confirmed by modern science.


In their never-ending search for the best way to live, Greek philosophers argued over the relative benefits of hedonic and eudaimonic happiness. Hedonic well-being sees happiness as a factor of increased pleasure and decreased pain, while eudaimonic (“human flourishing”) happiness has more to do with having a larger purpose or meaning in life. A recent study from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill psychologist Barbara Fredrickson may reveal which form of happiness is more beneficial for health and well-being.

The study, which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences last year, found that while both types of happiness can make you feel good, the latter could promote physical health and longevity as well. Using phone interviews, questionnaires and blood samples, the study explored how the two forms of happiness affected individuals on a genetic level. Participants with more hedonic and less eudaimonic well-being were found to have a lower production of virus-attacking antibodies, while those with more eudaimonic well-being experienced an increase in antibody production.


The traditional Chinese medicine technique is believed to address imbalances in a person’s qi (pronounced chi), the circulating energy within every living thing. Whether or not you believe in the existence of this energy flow, a new study published in Archives of Internal Medicine found that the age-old practice may be an effective way to relieve migraines, arthritis and other chronic pains.

Analyzing previous research data from approximately 18,000 subjects, researchers found that acupuncture was more effective than sham acupuncture and standard western care when treating various types of pain, including migraines and chronic back pain.


Traditional Buddhist teachings suggest that community is a key component in any happy, fulfilled life. A 2010 study conducted by Brigham Young University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers confirmed this belief, concluding that a healthy social life promotes longevity.

In analyzing the 148 studies — involving more than 300,000 individual participants — available on the subject, the researchers discovered that those with stronger social relationships maintained a 50 percent increased likelihood of survival. The effect of social relationships on mortality risk is even greater than the effect of exercise or obesity.


This ancient Chinese martial art is based on the belief that achieving balance with one’s mind and body creates an overall sense of peace and harmony, naturally inspiring a long life. A report in the May 2009 issue of Harvard Women’s Health Watch summarized several studies confirming that this “moving meditation” practice can help prevent and treat many age-related health problems alongside standard treatment in older adults. A number of studies in the past decade have found tai chi to be helpful for those suffering from arthritis, low bone density and heart disease.


Stemming from ancient Eastern origins, the practice of meditation is believed to help still the mind and reach a heightened level of awareness, improving health and well-being as a byproduct. Science is now proving the health benefits of meditation. The latest study from a team of Harvard Medical School scientists reveals how this mind-body practice can affect genes that control stress levels and immune function.

Harvard psychiatrist John Denniger and his team used neuro-imaging and genomics technology to measure potential physiological changes in each subject more accurately. After observing the high-stress individuals as they followed the study’s prescribed yoga and meditation practices, the team noticed an improvedmitochondrial energy production, utilization and resiliency, which help to reduce the stress linked to health conditions like hypertension and infertility.


Tibetan Buddhist tradition includes a practice called metta, or loving-kindness. A 2012 study from Emory University found that compassion meditation based on this Tibetan model can effectively boost one’s ability to empathize with others by way of reading their facial expressions.

Another loving-kindness meditation study from 2011 found that, over time, this practice increased participants’ positive emotions that allowed them to find a deeper sense of mindfulness, their purpose in life, the network of support surrounding them, and their health. These components helped increase their overall life satisfaction.


According to Buddhist teachings, one must accept the things they cannot change in order to reduce suffering. Now, scientists have found that this belief rings true,especially for older adults who are working through difficult life changes.

Researchers from Deakin University in Australia found that facing the realities of living with assistance and losing a degree of independence helps seniors live longer and feel far happier. Their study, which was published in the Journal of Happiness Studies last year, compared feelings of life satisfaction and perceived control of older adults living with assistance and those living in the community. Their analysis revealed that the ability to accept the inevitable (as well as maintain low-level control) in an assisted living setting was a significant predictor of life satisfaction. The researchers concluded, “In order to protect the well-being of older individuals, adaptation involves both a sense of control and the active acceptance of what cannot be changed.”


If there is one thing that a variety of ancient wisdom traditions can agree on, it’s the value of love in maintaining a happy, meaningful life. And a group of Harvard researchers, on a mission to uncover the true roots of life fulfillment, conducted a 75-year study that reached the same conclusion.

The Harvard Grant Study, led by psychiatrist George Vaillant, followed the life trajectories of 268 male students in order to answer life’s universal questions of growth, development, value and purpose. Vaillant considers the most meaningful finding of the study to be that a happy life revolves around loving relationships. He explained that there are two pillars of happiness: “One is love. The other is finding a way of coping with life that does not push love away.”

source and courtesy: thinkinghumanity.com

If Your Kidney Is in Danger, the Body Will Give You These 8 Signs!

The following vitals have a location right under the rib cage. They are responsible for cleansing and detox, i.e. filtering 10-150 quarts blood daily. This is essential for all the body functions and keeping the blood healthy too.The kidneys are responsible for excessive fluids or waste material from the organism. They regulate the levels of electrolytes and keep bones healthy and strong, make more red blood cells and stabilize the blood pressure.

If the kidneys  are in trouble and can no longer function, as usual, the health is in big trouble. Read carefully to recognize and prevent and problems linked to kidney damage or failure:
  1. Swellings
When kidneys start to fail at their “job”, they can get rid of excess fluids less and less and this will make the face bloated and swollen, also the joints and limbs.
  1. Urination changes
The most obvious and early signs are these:
  • Trouble urinating
  • Pressure during the process
  • Dark urine, less frequent urinating and with small amounts
  • Pale color of urine, frequent and in large amounts
  • Foamy urine
  • Many urge to urinate during the night
  1. Rash of the skin
The waste buildup in our body can be linked to kidney failure – the skin gets a lot of rashes and itching. All the waste gets piled up in the blood and makes the skin look unhealthy, dry and irritated. Lotions and creams and cosmetics can ease up a little bit, but don’t solve the problem which comes from the inside – IF the rash is directly caused by the kidney problems of course.


If the kidneys are healthy they produce EPO (erythropoietin), a hormone that makes more red blood cells which bring oxygen to where is needed. If the red blood cells number is lowered, fatigue will occur and it will have an impact on the brain and muscles too. This is also a sign of severe anemia.
  1. Shortness of breath
It is a common problem, but it might be linked to kidney damage. If the body doesn’t have enough oxygen, it is because of the low number of red blood cells that deliver the oxygen everywhere. The amount of these blood cells is connected to the harmful piled up toxins in the lungs.
  1. Taste of metal in the mouth/metallic taste
The waste accumulated in the blood will change your taste to foods and even cause bad breath all the time. Another sign of kidney damage is a severe change in certain foods or poor appetite.
  1. Pain
The ache in the upper back is another symptom of this condition – that is the same area more or less where kidneys are placed. Pain can be triggered even more by infections or kidney stones.
  1. Bad concentration and dizziness
Bad oxygen flow to the brain is a clear sign of serious anemia, but also kidney failure. It will mess up the focus and concentration, make you light headed and dizzy and cause memory troubles.
Incorporate healthier foods in your diet and have more antioxidant foods or supplements. That ay your kidneys will work at their best and process good material too.
source and courtesy: thehealthawareness.com

The Strongest Mental Abilities Of Each Zodiac Sign

Every person is strong in their own rights. Each and every one of us has a special something which is unique to them; it is this unique ability which makes every one of us special in our own way. Sometimes it may be the case that a person might be unable to discover his/her quality, but that doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t have anything special. It is just a matter of discovering oneself in newer ways to unearth every fragment of one’s soul to oneself.
Our zodiac signs can give us a hint in the matter. They govern the special attributes that we possess and can show us the right way of approach to achieve greatness using those abilities. Let’s just have a look at what each zodiac has to offer and what each zodiac’s strongest mental ability is.


Aries fall under the ruling planet of Mars and belong to the fire element. Hence, it is only natural that they have a very fiery and aggressive personality. It should also not come as a surprise that these people are some of the strongest and bravest people around, always ready to take up the challenge and defend and protect those they love. Aries also possess a very spontaneous and fun-loving personality, and their happy persona seems to infect people around them too.

Aries act as inspirational figures for people around them as their unending devotion and bravery only spurs people to take on any challenge with a valiant heart. They love to take charge of a situation and come up with new and innovative initiatives. Some of them also display a child-like enthusiasm which is hard to match when they find something they like.


Taurus is an earth sign which is governed by the planet Venus. They are known for their positivity and reliability, which is very common among earth signs. Their friendly nature is also a trademark personality trait for Taureans, as is their strong willpower and hardworking nature.

However, perhaps the strongest and most important mental ability that they have is their strong determination and will to stick to aesthetics. They are not the ones to break the rules and will give their heart and soul to get the job done. The fact that they love security and dislike changes is what makes them perfect for important jobs which require loads of commitment and dedication. This is exactly what makes them perfectly and utterly reliable.


Gemini is an air sign under the ruling planet of Mercury. The dual personality of Geminis makes them as fickle-minded as can be possible, and they are always in two minds about whatever they do. However, this very personality also gives them a sharp intellect which helps them achieve greatness in life. Their mental prowess helps them make hard, logical decisions where they think of all the possible outcomes of their actions and make an informed decision accordingly.

Geminis also show a quick grasping of difficult concepts which other people find it hard to understand. Their mind is also equipped with excellent reading and writing skills which are the envy of anyone wanting to excel in these departments. Apart from that, they are generally very happy people always willing to help and please people around them. Talkative as they are, it is not hard for them to make friends wherever they go.


This zodiac sign, ruled by the Moon, shares the water element. Just like water itself, Cancerians are fluid enough to adjust to any situation without a problem. Adapting to various situations is a part of their personality. Another very important ability that these people possess is the ability to love and care beyond limitations. They harbor such nurturing feelings that people come to them in times of need and trepidations.

Sacrificing their own happiness for those around them comes naturally to this water sign. To them, sacrifice is the ultimate proof of real and uninhibited love and respect. Their strong intuition also makes them receptive to other people’s opinions and feelings, making them rather easy to talk to. Their high range of emotions sometimes brings them to the receiving end of grief and sorrow as well.


Leos are governed by the Sun, and hence, naturally belong to the fire element. Just like the Sun and the fire element, they are hot-headed and expect royal treatment from everyone, but also they also possess the kindest hearts and the strongest will. Nobody dares to mess with them or their loved ones because of fear of what this sign might do. Leos are also very noble in whatever they do and never back down from a challenge or betray their friends and family.

Apart from that, Leos are gifted with a kind of thinking which takes into account every aspect of a situation to arrive at a logical solution. Their expanded thinking and self-confidence make them the perfect leaders to follow. They also hide an inspiring and artistic side of their personality underneath all the fierce energy.


Virgo falls under the ruling planet of Mercury and has the earth element. Like any typical earth sign, Virgos are grounded and humble, but not in the least under-confident and easy to walk over. In fact, Virgos hold their ground and follow their own head when making decisions. Decision-abiding as they are, they excel in whatever they do due to their thirst for perfection and undivided sincerity.

Taking initiatives and stepping up to difficult challenges is part of their daily routine. They love being challenged as they not only get to prove people wrong, but also get the chance to hone their own skills. They are also very dynamic and love freedom and adventure in every form. Inspiration is something that always has a grasp on their mind, and their frequent childlike behavior always seems to enlighten people around them.


This air sign is the ruling planet of Venus. Just like the planet itself, the sign is always looking for balance in everything. People who have this zodiac sign have a special bond with nature which allows them to love and be in harmony with the natural processes of the earth. They are also little perfectionists who want everything to be in perfect balance. Their spontaneous thinking gets them amazing results in record time, making them the perfect team member in group projects.

Their strongest mental ability would be, undoubtedly, their dynamic thinking. Virtuous as they are, there is nobody as strong as them in the department of taking charge. Even when they make a mistake, they do not hesitate to own up to their mistakes and seek to redeem them. They are a hardworking lot of people who are an inspiration to everyone.


Mars and Pluto jointly rule this zodiac sign, which is, in fact, a water element. This leads to a particularly mysterious personality which lets them perceive anything without being told outright. They have strong intuitions which tell them what they should do and which people they should trust. Their personality also enables them to influence the people around them to alter their choices.

Scorpions possess great powers of manipulation using which they can bend the will of almost any person. They are also determined individuals who are never afraid of taking a leap of faith. The only thing standing between these people and success is their own self. This means that they themselves deal with the mistakes they make and the choices they take, and use these experiences to transform themselves.


Sagittarius is a fire sign under the ruling planet of Jupiter. These are majestic people who are always open to new things and looking out for new experiences. Their best mental ability is their ability to adapt and learn from new people and situations. It is very hard to dishearten this group because they always find the fun in whatever they do.

Sagittarians also possess a kind soul which is ever ready to help others. Understanding and deeply philosophical, they can almost always come up with an easy solution when it comes to dealing with difficult situations. They are also very optimistic, even in the face of utter disappointment, and never give up their hopes and dreams. Their enthusiasm and undying grit is their biggest weapon. They also have a fiery enthusiasm which is hard to kill and can match those of a child’s.


Capricorns are governed by the planet Saturn and have the earth element attached to them, and like any other earth sign, they possess all the truly remarkable qualities common to them. Their strong mind and hard will keep them from breaking when faced with difficult challenges, usually ending with them coming out as victorious. Capricorns are also extremely hard working and sincere in whatever they do, and never let their eyes off their goal. Their determination and grit only makes them all the more formidable to their opponents.

Apart from all these amazing qualities, Capricorns are also very patient. They do not randomly jump to conclusions and draw them out only after careful analysis. They are also trustworthy and do not believe in gossiping and reveling in one’s misery. Their best feature is perhaps their organized way of life. They are anything but haphazard and usually follow a planned routine to get through their days.


Aquarians have the air element and belong to both the planets of Saturn and Uranus. They are known to have the most generous hearts in the entire world. Their willingness to participate in any number of humane causes to help change the world for the better just shows how dedicated they are towards other people’s happiness. Aquarians are said to be truly genuine people who want nothing more than peace and harmony among everyone. They have a vision for the future which they want to make a success at all costs. Their progressive mentality makes it better for them to see the point of view of other people as well.

Aquarians have a scientific and rational way of approaching problems. They think critically and usually arrive at a most comfortable solution. They are also easy to talk to as they possess great socializing skills. They are also very objective in their views and opinions.


Pisces belong to both Jupiter and Neptune and belong to the water element. Like a typical water element sign, they are overly sensitive and emotional and put other’s needs and wishes before their own. They are great at loving and caring for others and can shower all their attention on people they love. Their strong intuitions also tell them which people are good and which are bad.

Pisceans are also very creative and have strong imagination. Their artistic inspiration generally comes from natural beauty that they witness in their day-to-day life. This makes them flexible to changes as they welcome every change with open arms and open hearts. Their belief in themselves and their friends and family only makes them stronger, giving them the strength to face all adversities and take them in stride.
Mr iZO 
source and courtesy: theearthchild.co.za

A Man Overcame his Diabetes without Medicine, Here’s What He Consumed

Four years ago, a young man was diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes, meaning that he had to take many oils to treat his health issues on a daily basis. Instead of taking various drugs and oils, he decided to treat his conditions naturally. Therefore, he started consuming raw fruits and vegetables and eventually managed to reverse hypertension and diabetes.
When this young man started feeling constantly thirsty he went to the doctor. The analyzes showed that his sugar levels were 29, meaning that his pancreas didn’t function anymore. Having no other option, he started taking the prescribed therapy and became physically active.
However, after a while, his condition worsened even more. Given the fact that he was taking a lot of medicines, his blood pressure reached 150/110 and his triglyceride levels elevated to 16.
After a while, he had had enough and decided to turn a new page and solve these health issues for good. Being encouraged by an interview in which Dr. John Zirdum claimed that consumed only raw foods for 12 years, the man decided to try the same approach.

Even though he found in difficult at first, he soon adjusted to the new regimen. The effects were more than amazing, as his blood sugar levels dropped to 5.
Being amazed by the results, he decided to stop taking insulin. However, he intended to go back to the same prescribed therapy if something goes wrong. Yet, his sugar levels remained stable and nothing changed, except for the fact that he started losing weight. In fact, he lost 11 kilograms in only 25 days.
Four months after trying this regimen, he became a completely new person. He wasn’t taking insulin anymore, the blood pressure was 120/70, his triglyceride levels were 1.4 and he had 20 kilograms less. Most importantly, he felt healthy and happy!
Below, we reveal the recipe of his favorite juice. Check it out!
  • 2 apples
  • 2 kiwis
  • 5 bananas
  • A handful of kale
Put all the ingredients in a blender, pour a ½ liter of water over them and blend well.
Drink a ½ liter of the juice in the morning and consume the rest during the day.
Additional Tips
  • Eat a lot of fresh fruits and fruit salads
  • Consume tuna ( good source of vitamin B12)
This regimen is very beneficial, you will not feel hungry, and your body will be supplied with all nutrients it needs.


The heart chakra is also known as Anahata, and is the chakra that focuses on our emotions and sense of spiritual self.  Anahata is translated in Sanskrit as ‘unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten’. This is meant to relate and bring attention to the difference between your higher emotions and lower emotions.
We get hurt and offended by many things in our day to day experiences but nothing can really ever challenge our higher emotions. Our self love, respect, happiness and respectful sorrow are housed in the category of higher emotions. The seed and twelve petaled flower are the symbols of Anahata. This association to encourage the attitude of growth and beauty when examining this focal point.
Of course you can attend to any of your chakras at any time but I strongly recommend that when you feel a disturbance in your chest you set time aside to focus on it. The heart is vital to being able to bring out the most awesome and productive versions of you. The practice below can help you get out of that rut you’ve been perceiving or help you get back on your feet after a bad experience. On the flip side balance is a must. Your heart chakra can be pushing out more energy than it needs and this causes you to lose control of your empathetic responses. Methodology of chakras was purposed as a way to maximize your energies by way of visualization.

Set Your Intention

Sitting in a quiet and safe place start bringing your attention to your breath. Start to come into awareness of how long and deep each draw is. Bring your attention to your sternum, feel the rise and fall. Smile to yourself and thank yourself for taking the time to love yourself. As you come into a meditative state set your intention. Your intention here will be a two part statement.
One aspect of it will be addressing your immediate crisis or need. For example, recognizing the end of an relationship or ending a cycle of self perception that is harming you. The second part will be a longer term intention, one meant to help enforce and keep your sense of love and appreciation. The last time I did this, my intention looked a lot like:
‘I am honoring the pain inside me, it is a result of intended love and I won’t let it stray to hurt me anymore. I will learn from this experience and not shy away from my potential in the future.’

Recognize What Is Affecting Your Heart

As you visualize your heart energy, pay attention as equally as you can to both the positive and negative elements effecting it. Seek out the sources of hurt, who caused them? How did you feel, specifically? As you find the factors that are causing you discomfort forgive the person or concept that trespassed on your sensibilities. Then forgive your self. You are human and have every right to feel the way you do. Besides now you are taking the time to better yourself and your reactions. What else could you want from yourself?
After you have acknowledged and forgiven the last step is to let go. Don’t push the formation away but stop paying it more attention than needed. Finishing the relationship on your terms only works if you stop feeding more energy into it.

Forgive Any Second Stage Emotions You Don’t Care For

This is reiterating the letting go aspect. It’s easy to remember an upsetting situation and getting twisted up over it all over again. Stop the cycle now! Make the last interaction between you and these formations a positive one. Then remind yourself that you are above this conflict now. Breathe and turn away from it. Don’t fill your time with running from or pushing it away. Let it hang out in the living room of your heart throwing it scraps of love. It will eventually dissipate.

Affirm Your Inherent Worth And Beauty

As part of your higher emotions your self worth is something nothing can ever affect. No matter what anyone says, how any one treats you, or mistakes that you’ve made, NOTHING changes how important and beautiful you are. At times, with enough negativity clogging your heart chakra it may seem like our self worth is in decline. This is just our perceptions.
Take the time to remember that no matter how bad things seem now you are an infinite being. This means you have infinite mess ups and infinite ways to grow as a result. That fact that you recognize your need for self love and are taking the time to address it productively should help bolster the concept of your potential.

Experiment With Your Vibration’s Frequency

So you’ve if identified, acknowledged, loved, forgiven, cried at, (hopefully) giggled a little at the independent elements that are affecting your heart space. The tinkering and tuning stage are over time to hook your chakra back up to chest. Turn your attention from the nitty gritty to the sum that is you. Think back over the different resonance levels you experienced. What do your vibrations look like now? Make connections to the ideas, people and mindsets that varied your vibrations.
source and courtesy: Spirit Science

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