The Best Natural Treatments To Remove Dark Circles and Bags Under The Eyes

The best natural treatments to remove dark circles and bags under the eyes.
Some people are more likely than others to have dark circles or puffiness in their eyes.
Fatigue, lack of sleep and stress are among the most common factors that have a great influence on these marks under the eyes. Over time, the begs start to store fat and fluid, and lead to inflammation which in turn make the dark circles become more noticeable.
There are also other factors which can contribute to the development of this problem: genetic factors, allergies, side effects caused by the consumption of certain drugs.
It is very important to treat dark circles and bags on time because if they are not treated early, they can be only eliminated by a small surgery.
There are a number of available products and treatments that can help you to eliminate dark circles and bags.
However, we strongly recommend you to treat this problem with homemade recipes that are completely natural and safe to use. Moreover, they are very easy and simple to prepare.

Natural Treatments To Remove Dark Circles And Bags Quickly

1. Sweet potato

The potato starch has bleaching properties. This vegetable has a high content of water and can moisturize your skin and fight inflammation.
In order to eliminate dark circles and bags, you should cut potato slices 1.5 thick and place them in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Then, apply them on your eyelids and bags and let them stand for 15 minutes.

2. Cucumbers

Cucumber has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can provided amazing effects when applied topically.
All you have to do is to cut cucumber slices 0.5 cm this and place them over your eyes until they warm then change them with new slices. Repeat this for 20 minutes and you will immediately notice improvements.

3. Green tea

Green tea has the ability to prevent fluid retention, eliminate toxins from the body and prevent inflammation. It is recommended to drink 2 cups of green tea a day: 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.
You can also moisturize two green tea bags with a little hot water and when they warm, remove the excess water and apply the sachets over your eyes.

4. Cow or goat’s milk

You should place the milk in the refrigerator. When cool, soak 2 cotton balls and place them on your eyelids and pouches. Let them stand for 15 minutes then rinse with cold water.

5. Apples

You should place an apple in the refrigerator and when it is very cold, lick it together with 1 tablespoon of oats until it forms a thick paste. Cover your face with it and let it act for 15 minutes. Then, rinse with cold water.
Apples have the ability to relax the muscles, so it will help you to relax your tired and tense face after a long day.

Some advice:

– It is very important to have a quality sleep and rest. Fatigue is considered as the major cause of this problem. So, if you do not rest and relax, you will not be able to eliminate dark circles and bags.
– Make sure to avoid anything that promote fluid retention such as consumption of salt and physical inactivity.
– Drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters a day. A body that is well-hydrated can release toxins easily, improve skin health, and prevent fluid retention. This will eliminate your darks circles quickly and effectively.
– Consume diuretic foods like green tea, asparagus, etc.
– Try to protect your face from damage by sun exposure and make sure to take care of your face with moisturizes as well.
– Cosmetics can have negative effects and cause inflammation around your eyes.
– Make sure to avoid the habit of rubbing your eyes continuously. A lot of people do this regularly every day and they are even not aware of it. Rubbing the eyes can irritate and damage the delicate tissues around your eyes.

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What You See First In This Picture Reveals Much About Your Current Life Situation

This test is an optical illusion, all you need to do is to look at the picture and memorize what you’ve seen first. This image can tell you a lot about your current life situation.

Variant 1: you saw a village (huts, trees, and birds):
This image is closely associated with freedom: birds, and the village itself. You are a free and independent person.

Disadvantages of your freedom:
You are a boat, and shore is a life. You are not tied to the shore, and you can easily get lost. You do not know the boundaries between allowed and forbidden. Such attitude can lead to conflicts and even divorces. After all, most people do not understand the wisdom of a free person. Such free spirits often become lonely in life. But the world needs them!
Advantages of your freedom:
You are a unique person — an amazing and talented one. You are an interesting for other people and they want to spend time with you. You can feel people and also you are a great listener. You are an extraordinary person, and you can choose what exactly you would like to do in your life. You can overcome any difficulty if you believe in yourself. So do it!
Variant 2: you saw the elephant. It means that now you feel you need to be protected. You need someone who will cover you like this elephant covers the huts. It is a period in your life you feel insecure.
You are a kind, honest, humble, sincere, and generous person. Unfortunately, you are experiencing hard times. Now your inner voice shouts quietly to you, that it’s time to move on. Shake off all the dust and dark thoughts and continue to live, create, smile, speak, scream, love and forgive.
Each time you feel you are too scared to move on, remember this elephant. It will help you to calm down!

Imagine Standing In Front of These Doors. Which Color Do You Choose And Through Which Door You Go?

If You chose the green door!
Your choice says that you are very attentive and usually assume the role of the messenger. One of your strengths is taking care of other people. You are very vivid and full of positive energy. You always give 100%. You are a good listener for others and always have the perfect advice up your sleeve, which is why you are the first person your friends turn to.
You chose the blue door!
Your choice tells us that you are a big learner and have extraordinary abilities. You have an analytical mind and a mild temper. Remarkable discipline and incomparable self-control are your trademarks.
You chose the red door!
You were born with a unique sense of style and additionally have exceptional eyesight. You make your decisions quickly and always have a clear solution in mind. As someone who always forms their own opinion, you have a strong and special personality. You are unbelievably reasonable and goal-oriented.
You chose the purple door!
You have mysterious charm and have incomparable artistic abilities. You are incredibly friendly, helpful and your powers of observation support you in every life situation. Your calm personality and your extraordinary attractiveness are your trademarks. You are full of ideas and are a very emphatic person.
You chose the grey door!
You always address issues carefully and are incredibly studious whenever you dedicate yourself to something. In personal relationships you are focused on establishing a balance. Working hard is one of your top priorities. You do not rest on your laurels until the work has been done and only then do you go have fun. You have elegant taste and are a true pacifist.
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9 Gifts From A Deceased Loved One To Watch Out For

Have you ever noticed strange items in your path soon after a loved one passes? It might be a feather, some loose change or a hummingbird outside your window. Many people see these items as  a sign from their deceased love one, trying to reach out.

Here are nine gifts a deceased loved one may be sending you:

1. Feathers

If you notice a feather in your path, it may be your loved one using the wings of birds to send a message. They want you to know that there are still watching over you.

2. Seashells

You don’t usually see shells outside of the beach. So if you notice a seashell in an unusual place, it could be a gift from your loved one to remind you that they are still with you.

3. Pennies

Have you ever heard the phrase “pennies from Heaven?” It comes from the belief that some people have that finding a penny is actually a message from a decreased love one, to remind you that you are valuable and loved.

4. Butterflies, Bees, Dragonflies Or Hummingbirds

Seeing these smaller winged creatures flying around may be a hidden message. The next time you see a butterfly, bee, dragonfly or hummingbird, stop and take a moment to think of your loved one.

5. Dreams

Have you ever dreamed of a loved one after their passing? Pay close attention to your dream the next time a deceased loved one appears. They could be sending you a message, giving you advice or giving you the answers you’ve been searching for.

6. Numbers

Seeing repeating numbers could mean that a deceased loved one is trying to contact you. Number messages may also come in the form of important dates, such as your loved one’s birthday.

7. Music

After a loved one passes, you might hear their favorite song, or a song that reminds you of them, from time to time. Each time the song comes on, it could be your loved one sending you the gift of their memory.

8. Body Double

Have you ever thought you spotted your deceased loved one in a crowd of people? Of course, when you got closer, it wasn’t them. But body doubles may be a message from your loved one, to help you remember the time you spent together.

9. Orbs In Photos

A strange orb near your deceased loved one in a photo could be from dust on your lens, or it could be a sign. If your camera lens is clear, it may be a message that your loved one is near and there to protect you.
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6 Signs That Your Liver Is Full Of Toxins And Making You Fat (And How To Stop It)

As you probably already know, the liver is an important organ as it transforms toxins into waste, which the body then removes through urine and feces. This is a rather demanding function as nowadays, our way of life is full of toxins. Unfortunately, as the time passes by, the liver can become sluggish and overwhelmed and this usually results in the inability to eliminate toxins properly. Instead, it stores them in fat cells, mostly in the belly area.

Fatty liver disease is caused by an excess of fat in the liver. The liver is a naturally fatty organ, so there should be some fat in the liver at all times. But when the fat in the liver counts for more than 5% to 10% of the total weight of the liver, fatty liver disease results.
There are two types of fatty liver disease: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and alcoholic liver disease. Alcoholic liver disease is the result of overindulgence in alcoholic beverages while the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the result of non-alcoholic factors, like high cholesterol or genetics. The following symptoms may indicate a liver in need of detoxification. Let’s take a look:
When your liver doesn’t work 100% on removing toxins from the body, reducing calories and regular workout won’t be of much help as the body stores the unfiltered toxins in its fat cells. Moreover, as the liver is responsible for metabolizing fat, when it doesn’t function properly, fat will circulate from the gut through the bile and back to the organ.
A healthy liver creates antibodies which attack allergens. However, when its functioning decreases, the body stores those allergens. The brain responds by producing histamine, a chemical which marks the allergens for removal. Excessive buildup of histamine leads to allergy symptoms like itchiness, fogginess, and headaches.
Toxins prevent the metabolism of muscle tissues, which results in ache and physical fatigue. With time, the tiredness can turn into moodiness, depression, and angry outbursts.
When the liver gets overworked, its functioning reduces and the liver becomes hot. Hence, as it is a big organ, it transfers the heat to the rest of the body and tries to cool itself through excessive sweating.
The toxins in the liver can cause hormonal imbalances which in turn cause acne. If this skin issue is caused by a sluggish liver, there is no external cleansing that will treat it until the liver’s functioning is improved.
If your oral health and hygiene are good, but you still suffer from a bad breath, you might have a problem with your liver. Consult your physician to be certain.
Fatty liver disease can be reversed and eased with a proper diet. These two recipes are delicious and nutritious ways to reverse the effects of a fatty liver. Foods like dandelion root, bananas, sweet potatoes, liver, and ginger root can all help ease and reverse the effects of a fatty liver disease.
Make a breakfast smoothie with bananas, ginger and dandelion root to combat the effects of this disease.
Chop one banana and blend with one cup of Greek yogurt, crushed ginger root, two tablespoons peanut butter and one teaspoon of dandelion root. Blend and serve immediately. Mix and match your favorite ingredients and incorporate into your diet one-to-two times a day.
We hope you enjoyed this article and it will help you to improve your life and be a healthier person. Please send us a message and let us know.
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What The Shape Of Your Chin Reveals About Your Personality

You probably don’t know, but the shape of you face can reveal a lot about your personality. We are well aware that we can’t judge people according to their physical appearance, however, according to some people, the face can definitely give some insights about our characteristics. When it comes to Chinese reading, our chin can definitely show some characteristics of an individual.

In order to find out more about you and your character, make sure to continue reading the article and learn what the shape of your chin means.

Square Chin
People who have square chin are usually quite stubborn, aggressive and direct. They don’t have the ability to sugar coat their words and are not good at expressing themselves which often offends other people. At last but not least, they are very proud and they like to save face.
Short Or Narrow Chin
These people are most commonly intellectual and sharp-minded. On the other hand, they are not good at self-introspection, critical and neurotic as well.
Long Chin
These people are always loyal and make friends easily since they are easygoing. The best part is that these people are usually blessed to have a big happy family with a lot of grandchildren around them and they leaf a peaceful life.
Receding Chin
People with receding chin are like no chin and they are usually easygoing, have great luck with money, they are quite popular, but unfortunately they are very indecisive.
Protruding Chin
People with this type of chin are workaholic and self-confident. Moreover, they are also warm on the inside but cold on the outside.
Round Chin
Those who have round chin are often extremely optimistic and deeply emotional. According to the old Chinese saying, they tend to work hard in earlier life so that they can enjoy good happiness later in life.
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This Is What The Solar Eclipse Means For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

You won’t have to set your alarm for the middle of the night to see the solar eclipse that’s arriving on August 21. At about 2:30 p.m. the moon will cover the sun in the first visible solar eclipse in North America since 1991.
The solar eclipse will arrive in Leo. According to astrology, the energy of the new moon will call for leadership and airing emotions. If you feel called to a leadership role, now is the time to stand. The eclipse in Leo will urge people to be more open and honest about their feelings. If you’re open to it, the energy of the eclipse may embolden you to share your opinions and emotions, while remaining open and respectful of the opinions of others.
With the shift of energy, you’ll need to remain balanced during the eclipse. Being open to the new energy can help you make improvements in your life. Here’s what you should focus on during the solar eclipse, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: While keeping your originality alive, make sure you’re also ready to be a team player.
Taurus: It’s time to take action. Put all of your heart and soul into working hard to reach your goals.
Gemini: Stand up for yourself. Share your opinion and speak your truth, but make sure you stay open to hearing other people’s perspectives.
Cancer: Now is the time to simplify. Keep things straightforward instead of making them more complex by beating around the bush.
Leo: You can’t please everyone. Look for a happy compromise in difficult situations.
Virgo: Instead of judging others, try getting to know them. If someone thinks differently than you, make an effort to hear them out.
Libra: Don’t be afraid to stand out. Even if you’re the only one on your side, stand your ground and follow your heart.
Scorpio: Competition and compassion can co-exist. Be kind to others, even while competing.
Sagittarius: Take time to enjoy the journey. Eventually, you’ll get where you’re going. But learn to enjoy the process along the way.
Capricorn: Not everything is always what it appears to be. Be willing to explore the shadows instead of judging based on the surface.
Aquarius: Remember to remain grounded. In your work life, your home life and in your relationships.
Pisces: Don’t let others take advantage of you. Trust your instinct instead of giving someone else a second opportunity to walk all over you.
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12 Ways Your Body Tries To Tell You That Your Liver Is Being Damaged

The liver is an organ located on the upper side of the abdomen whose role is to eliminate harmful toxins. There are many diseases that can attach the liver such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver disease etc. All these conditions show similar symptoms in their early stages so it is very important to know how to identify them and to act fast in order to prevent bigger damage.

The earliest 12 signs that your liver is damaged are the following:

Abdominal pain and frequent cramps

Feeling pain in the area where the liver is or if the area is tender to touch it might be an early sign of liver damage.

Decreased appetite

The liver produces bile that breaks down consumed food, so when it functions improperly, bile production is limited leading to a feeling of fullness and impaired metabolism function.

Digestive issues

The bile produced by the liver also helps digestion, so if the liver is not working properly you may experience digestive issues such as constipation.

Having an upset stomach frequently

You should check your liver if you constantly vomiting or feeling nauseated. If the liver is unable to properly discard toxic buildup it often leads to nausea.

Changed urine color

If your urine color changed even when you are well hydrated it could mean that your liver is not functioning properly. Kidneys generate bilirubin in the bloodstream, and the liver is unable to remove them if bilirubin levels are too high. Antibiotic therapy or use of vitamin B supplements could also be a cause of dark urine color.

Changed feces color

If you notice your feces have turned pale yellow, clay or gray it could mean that your liver is damaged. If a liver functions properly the feces are brown in color due to the bile which is produced in the liver.

Constipation, diarrhea, intestinal bleeding

These three conditions can also be caused by a damaged liver so if you experience any of them visit your doctor.

Fluid retention

People whose liver is damaged will often have swollen feet and ankles because of the fluids accumulated in the body.

Stomach bloating

If your liver is damaged or you have liver cirrhosis your stomach will bloat due to the fluids which accumulate in the stomach.

Feeling tired, weak and fatigued

If your liver is damaged you will feel tired even if you are getting enough sleep. A damaged liver causes toxins to build up in the blood which affects blood flow to the vital organs such as the brain, heart and the muscles as well.

Increased risk of Jaundice

A damaged liver is unable to filter bilirubins from the blood which leads to jaundice. This condition is manifested by yellowing of the skin, tongue, eyes and fingertips.

Persistent skin irritation

Sensitive skin, itchiness, tenderness are also signs of liver issues.
Visit your doctor in case you notice any of the signs we explained so that you will get proper treatment in case you have damaged liver.
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If You Experience Any Of These 7 Signs, The People You Are With Radiate Negative Energy

In life, there is always the good and the bad. Obviously, we all want to stick with the good and eliminate as much as we can from the bad.
But it’s impossible to exist in this world without coming into contact with the negative. You can’t escape from people, who at times, influence us to the negativities of life or bring out the worst in us (except if you live on an island alone).
To protect ourselves from the negative vibes in this world, it’s important to recognize the people who emit them before they contaminate our positive world.
Aside from gloom and anxiety, the following are the common signs inherent in a negative person:

7 Signs Of People With Negative Energy

1. They are constant worriers.

These people worry too much. They always anticipate that things would go wrong even if they are going alright. Even when the sun shines brightly, they’ll bring raincoats for fear that it might rain. They’re apprehensive about every little thing that comes their way.
If you are positive enough, you can try to bring them to your positivity. After all, we are all negative sometimes and we all deserve a lift up. But, if you think they are beyond repair due to their resistance, then it’s reasonable that you leave them behind and go your merry way.

2. They are pessimists.

Pessimists are people who never see the bright side of life. They make small matters worst and small issues big. For them, the glass is always half empty. They appear to be carrying the world on their shoulders and everything in the world isn’t working right for them. It’s impossible for them to visualize positive outcome or happy results.
When you stay with them longer, you are up for a great disappointment because there is always something wrong with you or the world.

3. They are whiners.

They are good at complaining. For them, there is always something wrong with the world: the weather, workplace, relationships, prices and the people. They make a bad company because no matter how beautiful the sunrise looks, for them it’s nothing compared with their problems.
When you come in contact with someone who is always whining, do not try to make them see the bright side. Their problem is not in their perception but in what keeps their perception focused on the negative. It’s a problem they have to face themselves.

4. They live in a delusion.

They hesitate to experiment or move out of their comfort zones. When they do, they believe they will be confronted with more fear, discomfort, challenges or failure. And that is too great for them to handle.
They feel safer in not trying out new experiences or going to new places, managing to live a life of dullness and boredom. All of this fills them with negative vibes because they stay imprisoned inside the walls they’ve built to protect themselves.

5. They are underachievers.

Success, most often, has something to do with attitude. When you have the right attitude, you are ninety-nine percent likely to succeed. Likewise, when you have a negative attitude, you are ninety-nine percent likely to fail.
Negative people tend to focus on their lack, their misery or imagined misery and what they can’t do. Thus, the future doesn’t excite them. They fail to see the possibilities of the future nor on looking beyond their despair.

6. They suck the energy out of you.

Negative emotions can be excessively draining. When you spend more time with negative people, you might find yourself emotionally and physically drained out at the end of the day.
Negative people aren’t capable of producing positivity within themselves, hence they suck yours, leaving you tired and devoid of energy. If you are emotionally drained after meeting with someone, it’s the surest sign they are negative.

7. They have limited life experiences.

Because negative people hardly recognize joy, passion, beauty, and excitement, their experiences are limited.
They are unable to see the brighter or happier side of life, being contented with sulking in their own little world.

Be smart about who you try to help.

As enlightened beings, we are called to bring light unto other people’s darkness. Only that it takes willingness and preparedness on the part of a negative person for the light to enter into his heart.
When one is unwilling and resisting for healing, we could not do otherwise, so it’s better to play smart and avoid them until they open themselves for positivity.
It is better to get away from them than get drowned in their negativity.
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