10 Times You Need to Be Quiet In Life

You have probably been in an awkward situation when you said something that you immediately regretted saying. This is why we have prepared a list of 10 times you should be quiet about in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

1.When you don’t have the necessary facts
One of the most prolific writers, Harlan Ellison has said: “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” Even though many will disagree with this opinion, she is right because if you are discussing a topic that you have not researched well, you may seem absent minded.
2.When you have a feeling your words will hurt
Being in a heated discussion often makes you tempted to say a lot of things that you may regret later. If you stop and think about the consequences of your words you will be able to stop yourself from talking to avoid hurting others.3.When you have a sense that you will be ashamed
The first two situations on this list can make you feel very ashamed especially if your words did not come out as you wanted. In order to avoid feeling ashamed try to think before you talk.
4.When it is not your place to talk
Not many people are able to carefully listen to what they are being told. Most prefer being listened to rather than listen to others which can often turn against you.
5.When you don’t have anything to say
Small talk is the usual way of breaking awkward silence. However, when there really is nothing to say, you shouldn’t feel obliged to talk.
6.When you are being taunted
Most people want to be liked by everyone and it hurts when someone dislikes you without a particular reason. And not many people can be indifferent when being bullied, so when you are being “attacked” by words, try to end the conversation if the only objective of the person is to taunt you.
7.When you are trying to change a related behavior
Trying to break a bad habit should always be praised, and it is sometimes difficult to make changes in our behavior. Habits are something we do without thinking much, and if you want to change the way you talk to others, it is best if you keep silent until you learn how to control yourself before speaking.
8.Having strong negative emotions
No one should feel obliged to speak to others, especially when he/she is going through a bad period. Negative emotions can have serious effect on what we say which can result in unwanted conversation.
9.When you are supposed to do something productive
If you have nothing smart to say, don’t say anything at all, particularly if you have a lot of work to do and you are wasting time talking.
10.When your words are going to reflect poorly on someone
Never talk to or about someone with the intention of harming them. This will never make you feel good about yourself neither it will make someone else feel better. This applies especially to spouses, friends, colleagues or family members.
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Do You Know What Your Birthstone Means? It Reveals Secrets About Your personality

Birthstones are a special gemstone associated with the month that an individual was born in. While some of you might not know what your birthstone is, your birthstone can reveal a lot about your personality.
The origins of birthstones date back to the earliest days of Abrahamic religion, specifically the Book of Exodus. There was a mention of Aaron’s breastplate containing twelve different stones, which was a connection between the twelve months of a year and the twelve zodiac signs.

Over time, practice became to keep twelve stones and wear one a month. In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers standardized the list of birthstones to the ones seen below.

What do your stone say about you? Read on to find out…

This Is What Your Birthstone Means

Garnet (January)

Garnet (January)
People who have garnet as their birthstone are very “motherly.” Not only are they calculating and analytical, but they are also compassionate and loving.
They are always there to support you when you need it. You might consider them to be the “mom” of a group.

Amethyst (February)

Amethyst (February)
Amethyst birthstones have a calm and mellow personality. These people tend to be very spiritual, and they like to “preserve peace” as much as possible. You might consider them to be non-confrontational.
They also like to think of the big picture. They live in their own world at times and can come off as flaky, but trust that they are looking at the world on a grander level.

Aquamarine (March)

Aquamarine (March)
A person with aquamarine as their birthstone is purifying. They are people who are healthy, youthful, and loving. Often times, they can wash things clean much like the ocean, which is commonly associated with the color of the birthstone.

This person is also very good at communicating thoughts and feelings. More importantly, they are honest!

Diamond (April)

Diamond (April)
Diamonds are known to symbolize love because they are so hard to damage. These individuals are resilient. They refuse to give up and will pick themselves back up from any failure.
But this also makes them stubborn as they stick behind their beliefs and opinions.

Emerald (May)

Emerald (May)
These people are known to be the “glue” to a group. They are unifiers who can bring people of various personalities together.
That’s because those with emerald birthstones love unconditionally and are very compassionate. They are also very faithful and loyal!1

Pearl (June)

Pearl (June)
Those born with pearl as their birthstone are unique people. Pearls are treasured jewels, and historically, they are associated with innocence and mythical powers.

These people are in tune with nature. They might be naive, but they are modest and stable. They also have a special relationship with animals.

Ruby (July)

Ruby (July)
Those with the ruby birthstone are flashy and dramatic. They are very confident individuals who never back down from confrontation or a challenge.
They rarely bluff and will always follow-through with their promises or statements.

Peridot (August)

Peridot (August)
These people are very chatty. They can befriend any type of person, regardless of background or circumstances.
They amiable and easy to get along with. They are very charming, and according to tradition, they can ward off “evil” and “depression.”

Sapphire (September)

Sapphire (September)
Those born in September and have a sapphire birthstone are known to be calm, cool, and collected. They’re highly intelligent, too, and they very rarely open themselves up to others.
They tend to find themselves in authoritative positions, and they take time to garner trust.

Opal (October)

Opal (October)
These individuals are never boring because they are restless. While they give off a calm and quiet vibe, secretly, they have a love for adventure and spontaneity.
They might try to remain under the radar, but they attract attention.

Citrine (November)

Citrine (November)
Find people with citrine and spend time with them because good luck tends to follow them wherever they go. This is particularly true with finances.
These people are also very cheerful and optimistic. They emit a positive vibe around them that’s really contagious and infectious.

Turquoise (December)

Turquoise (December)
Those with turquoise as their birthstone are unflappable. They might be the youngest in their year, but they are confident and wise beyond their year.
More importantly, these individuals are supportive and protective.

Let us know what you think of your description in the comments below. Did it describe you?
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Your Loneliness Tells You 5 Things. #3 Is The Most Important!

Loneliness has nothing to do with how many people are around you. You might be surrounded with friends, but still feel lonely deep inside.
The most key thing about loneliness is to accept it and see what it tries to tell you. Stop trying to find what’s wrong with you, and start listening to what it has to say.
Remember that loneliness is not against you, it serves for your best interest.
That loneliness that you are feeling might have been serving you something that you are ignoring. It may be bringing you truths or lessons that will serve you on your way of becoming the best version of yourself.
Loneliness always tells us 5 important things!

5 Things That Your Loneliness Tells You

1. It leads you to the right relationships.

There comes a point in your life where, even while being surrounded by people like friends, associates, and even a romantic partner, you still feel lonely and incomplete. There is that lingering feeling of loneliness and disconnection.
We are all growing and sometimes we might grow apart. Sometimes people who were close to us might become what’s holding us down. Recognizing toxic situations where you no longer feel that you fit in must be examined.
Your loneliness might be empowering you to move away from negative influences of your current life, opening room for people who might be more compassionate, loving, supportive, compatible and in alignment with your real self.
While those folks hadn’t shown up yet, don’t lose your hope. They will start showing up when you make room for them and your vibrations are more aligned.

2. It brings your focus within.

Most of your life, you have focused your attention outside of yourself. Ego may have played a big role in your life, pushing your attention to physical things like money, looks, reputation, possessions, and many others.
But when loneliness hits you, nothing matters. Everything will look distant and unimportant, be it your big house, your job, or the people you have emotionally clung to.
Loneliness will ultimately guide you to your inward journey, towards the things that really matter to you. When you start to focus on your inward growth and inner work, a real transformation begins.
From being meek and mild mannered, you will find yourself independent, expressing your gifts and fulfilling your greatest passion and purpose. All these can only happen by looking inwardly.

3. It awakens your divinity and points to your purpose.

By starting an inward journey, you will find yourself faced with the loneliness of the soul. You will realize the core of why you feel lonely.
In fact, the main purpose of loneliness is to signal us that we turn our back on ourselves, on what really matters to us, on our purpose. This loneliness of the soul reminds you that Earth is not your true home. You then long to come home to a place somewhere else.
When your soul is awakened, it becomes conscious of the other levels beyond this physical level. It soon asks why you are here and how you might get to your ‘real’ home. This may cause a real grief for your soul, yet it’s the beginning of your awareness or soul awakening.
That’s when you realize that you are here on an adventure and you have a purpose. Being aware makes you access the other parts of YOU that remain dormant, to know yourself fully and become aware of your purpose.

4. It reconnects you to spirit.

When you have stayed long enough in your inner journey, you will find a connection on a completely different plane.
Your loneliness disengages you from the physical world and forces you to the awakening of your intuition and reconnecting to spirit. Loneliness exists not because you lack connection with others, but because you lack connection with your spirit.
When life is too comfortable, you may not like change and even fail to connect with the spiritual world, as your resources are plenty. It is only in feeling the aloneness and loneliness that you dig deeper in you and look for the spiritual connection that makes your journey worthwhile.
It is in that spiritual depth that you begin to notice meaningful synchronicities, receive signs and messages, feel some presence, connect to spirit guides and feel the oneness of everything.

5. It shifts your belief systems and past life issues.

Loneliness releases you from the belief systems in 3D, which is the very thing you need to let go to reach 5D reality.
Yet, being physically present on earth for ages makes your energy dense. It is possible that you carry past life traumas like being afraid to be cast out because of your gifts, or being killed due to your healing abilities, or the need to live in solitude to embrace your gifts. Humanity has been through a lot and your DNA has those memories inside.
This belief system concerning your fears and traumas were relevant in the past where using your gifts or healing abilities could be dangerous. But in this reality, the fears of becoming a healer, being unable to access your gifts or isolating yourself to stay safe must be overcomed.
Thankfully, you have the power to release this belief system by becoming aware of these feelings, acknowledging, realizing and releasing them altogether. Soon you will arrive at the 5D  truths where your abilities are the gifts you could share with the world.


While loneliness is an important force that drives you in your awakening process, it is not a necessity in your awakening.
Loneliness comes as a reminder to reconnect with yourself and with your truth whenever you get too much invested in the physical world. Because of that, you feel loneliness from time to time.
But by giving it time and allowing it to surface, you are ultimately healing yourself from it.
Old issues resurface to be felt if they are not healed yet, giving way to the healing of your soul.
The loneliness you are feeling might be challenging, but it is a powerful tool you need to stay on track of your awakening.

Source: In5D via lifecoachcode.com

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