How Narcissistic Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign (Ranked From Most to Least)

Narcissistic people have eyes and thoughts only for themselves. They think that they are the center of the world and everything is always about them. Narcissist tends to believe that they are better than other and more privileged.
It is usually pretty hard to communicate and hang out with this kind of people because they do what works best for them without considering others. They also suck at teamwork. They never listen to others’ opinions, they only care about what they think. It is pointless to argue with them and impossible to change their minds.
The narcissist needs attention like air. They cannot stand being alone or no one paying attention to them. That’s why often drama follows them because they need to keep themselves interesting for others. Of course, they never see any faults in their selves but are eager to criticize and judge others.
So, find out how narcissistic you are according to your Zodiac sign. Here are all the Zodiac signs ranked from most narcissistic to least:

1. LEO

You are very confident and think that you know everything best. You never listen to other people, and it is impossible to work with you. You cannot make compromises as you always think your opinion is the only correct one. You are very selfish and care about what you want only. You do not pay attention to others and how your actions may affect them.


You have two sides. When you are in your positive mindset, you can be the most beautiful person in the world. But when something makes you angry, you forget all the manner. You can be incredibly mean to other people when they manage to disappoint you in some way. You are not very empathic and do not try to understand others; you just care about the result.


You are in between being independent and narcissistic. You know your value and stand up for yourself and others if necessary, which is a good thing. But sometimes you do things just for the fame and popularity or care about material things more than people. It is quite common that you hurt somebody’s feelings or betray a friend. You are excellent till you need the person, when they become unnecessary to you, you just throw them out of your life like trash.


You are so full of yourself, that if you could marry yourself, you would. You do not need anyone in your life, and people do not stick for long. You are a complicated personality, who forget that there are other people as well. You can talk about yourself for hours without even asking how is the other person doing.


You cannot make sacrifices for anyone else. If something is uncomfortable or annoying to you, you just walk away. You will not do anything for others. Even if it might seem so, you actually always have a hidden agenda.


You are precisely between being narcissistic and being empathic. It depends on your mood. You can see other people’s point of views, but you tend not to change your mind and still believe that your idea is the best. It is possible, but hard to work with you. When you are in the right mood, the negative side might not even show.


You do not let anything, nor anyone stands in your way when you want something. Sometimes it means crossing some lines and being harmful to others. Even if you go through with it, you feel bad afterward, which means you have a kind soul. You are great at manipulating people and getting what you want.


Although you are not the worst case of narcissism, you are still an attention whore. You need people to pay a lot of attention to you, and you cannot stand it when someone else is in the spotlight. You also tend to make yourself a victim even in situations where you are the guilty one.


You are a very talented person and manage to get everything you desire. People will help you because you help them as well. You understand the logic behind “you get what you give” so you are not holding back on the giving part. When possible, you try to be there for other people, so they would be there for you when you need them. So although your actions are pure, your thoughts still have hidden agendas.


You like to talk about yourself, and you do not want to hear how others are doing. You can be entirely superficial and prefer shiny things to meaningful events or people. You always do as little as possible, but as much as it would put you in a good light. People can count on you, but you never forget to ask for the favors back they owe you.


You are all about fairness. You treat people the same way they treat you. When someone is acting shady, you are not afraid to confront them and share your opinion. You have an idea about everything, and you like to argue about it with others. This makes you feel smart and even more confident.


You are very selfless and care about everyone around you. Your heart hurts when you see a homeless dog, and you always donate money to the charity. You want to make the world a better place with every day. You are not active at making decisions, so you instead follow a leader.
So here is an honest list of all the Zodiacs and their levels of narcissism. When you are at the top of the list, then remember that karma can be a bitch and you get what you give. Try to live a peaceful life without hurting others (even if you do not care about them). Be the best example of yourself.

7 Things You See In Dreams and Their Meanings

There is a reason we see the dreams we do.
You might think that the dreams are just random and do not mean anything, but that is incorrect. All dreams have a purpose, and they happen for a reason.
There is nothing magical about it.
A research was conducted in ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Japan to look at brain scans while identifying the visual symbols of dreams. They determined that we watch our dreams the same way we watch our waking world.
To research the dreams and fully understand them, we need to know about participants’ everyday lives as well.
So, the most prominent question is, are dreams just the replays of visual stimuli we see in our everyday life or are they messages from beyond?

Here are seven symbols you often see in your dreams and their meanings:


Flying means going after your dreams and symbolizes ambition. It gives you more motivation and power actually to accomplish your goals in waking life. Flying in a dream gives you a feeling of freedom, and it makes you believe that anything is possible.


Waterfalls stand as powerful symbols. All in all, water means cleansing and purity. When you see a waterfall, it means washing away old troubles and problems and opening yourself up to new opportunities. There is also a difference, if you see a short or a long waterfall and if the waterfall is located in a dark forest or a beautiful beach.


Seeing teeth in dreams is pretty standard, and teeth have many meanings. For example, some teeth symbolize aging, pulling a tooth means something needs to come out, rotten teeth express fear and worry. Seeing teeth can also say that you are stressed and maybe something big is going to change in your life.


Seeing death is almost as common as seeing teeth. Many people do not like to admit it, but seeing death does not mean that someone is dying. It says that one something is ending in your life. It can be an emotion, a job, a relationship or just a state of mind, that is going to change.


Dreaming about pregnancy means a considerable development and growth. It says you are thinking about the future and may also already have a great plan for it. It also means that you are about to make or create something beautiful, maybe it is a new business, a new friend, a new hobby or a new job. It does not only have to relate to giving birth.


Dreaming about money shows luck and your self-worth. People, who see money in their dreams, have usually woken up with a feeling of gratitude.
Financial stability makes us feel safe and stress-free. Money can also mean a change of a lifestyle.


Fire is a powerful symbol that represents desire and risky activities. Maybe you are in an unsure place of your life at that time? It can also mean that you are angry or repressed and need to change something about your life.
No one can argue, that dreams are fascinating things. We still do not understand them completely, but the more we research them, the more we have an idea, what these are all about. Your dreams can say a lot about you and make you understand yourself better if you just know their meaning.

10 Life-Changing Lessons from Confucius

Confucius was the greatest Eastern philosopher of all time. His beliefs emphasized personal and governmental morality. Confucius taught people the rules of social relationships, justice, and sincerity.
Today, we would like to present 10 powerful life lessons based on the philosophy of this revered Chinese thinker.

1. It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
2. Never form a friendship with a man who is not better than you.
3. When anger rises, think of the consequences.
4. When it is obvious that goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, but adjust the action steps.
5. If you hate a person, then you’re defeated by them.
6. What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others.
7. Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
8. Give instructions only to those people who seek knowledge after they have discovered their ignorance.
9. Looking at small advantages prevents great affairs from being accomplished.
10. If they spit at you behind your back, it means you’re ahead of them.
Follow these wise life lessons and you’ll see how your life will change for the better!

The First Letter Of Your Name Describes ​​Your Love Life

Names, in addition to identifying each of us, mark important aspects of our life. They can determine unique aspects in matters of love, professional life, and health. As we know, these were invented by our parents after we were born. We all know the English alphabet has 26 letters and each letter, when it concerns your name and aspect of life, has a different meaning. It is like your name was meant to be yours! There’s no way our parents would have known about that.

A: They are a little romantic. They love serious relationships and try their best not to disappoint the person they love. They do not seem comfortable giving gestures of affection and caresses in public places, so they prefer to keep this for the house or more private places.
B: They like sensuality. An exquisite way of expression for these people whose name begins with this letter is to have dinner, drink wine or watch a movie with their loved one. They are very satisfied and are happy to receive gifts or other expressions of affection from their lover.
C: One of the most important things to note is that they take relationships very seriously and tend to show it at all costs. They require a lot of physical contact and closeness. They see their lover as a faithful friend and the best company.
D: When these individuals are in love and if they want someone, they will try their best to pursue that relationship. They like to care and be cared by their loved one. It is a two-way road and both people need to be loved.
E: They enjoy to the maximum being in a relationship and they value the philosophical conversations with their lover. They prefer to be all smiles and laughs than fight.
F: They are the people who give everything for their beloved. They have a pedestal, where they put that individual who steals their heart. They love flirting and their strong point is passion. They are born romantics.
G: They are never patient, always looking for perfection within their relationship and love. They work meticulously on how to be more physical. It is difficult for them to connect emotionally in a relationship.
H: They are looking for a partner who improves their reputation and makes them a better person. Gifts are an investment in the relationship for these individuals.
I: The most important point in the relationship is the need; they need to feel like they are loved and useful. They enjoy luxury, sensuality, and the body.
J: They are blessed with the great amount of physical energy with which they were born. They can carry great romances in the head, besides being idealistic people and they need to experience it to believe in love.
K: Characterized for being very passionate and sensual, they are creative and are people with a high level of shyness.
L: They are free in the expression of love, and are willing to take a chance. They must feel that their partner is intellectually stimulating to be with them.
M: They are not particularly romantic people, but they are interested in action. They do not have the patience for flirting, and they can not stand being bothered by people trying to flirt.
N: They are modest, innocent and shy. They have a hard time communicating their love and emotions to someone else, in addition to finding a perfect lover. They tend to be perfectionists in the same way.
O: They always have an outstanding energy, which is infectious. They often care about the health of the person they love and seek to take care of what they eat and their physical activity.
P: They are the most faithful people in this section. They have great creativity when they take on new challenges in love, as well as giving incredible gifts and wonderful experiences.
Q: People with names whose first letter is Q give almost 100% to their loved one. They love with their whole heart and like to feel understood. They also have an energy that is overwhelming.
R: They look for an extremely intelligent lover who has conversations on unknown subjects and cares about the mysteries of the universe.
S: They are more focused on the physique of their loved one and themselves because they think others will judge them according to the appearance of the couple. However, they find it easy to convey emotions.
T: They consider themselves as individuals with very deep emotional bonds and high sensitivity. They can be, in some cases very selfish and do not understand about faithfulness.
U: They always look for someone to love but they also continuously see romance as a competition. They need adventure, excitement, and freedom.
V: They are very individualistic people. So don’t be frightened if this person does not put you fully into their plans. They try to do things on their own and does not find the purpose or need to do things together.
W: They enjoy playing love games, they are people who carry a spark everywhere they go and pass it on to their lover. They are also characterized by being very jealous and protective.
X: They need to be constantly kept on their toes because they are always bored. According to studies, they enjoy physical relationships and try to establish unbreakable ties with their lover.
Y: They have a very curious spirit. They bring this quality into their relationship and every day they seek to know more about their partner. They are characterized by asking many questions and are never satisfied with the answers they hear.
Z: Believing in love is very difficult for them. Whenever they have a chance to meet someone but there is no spark, they lose hope and are convinced that love does not exist.
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Your Eye’s Characteristics Can Reveal Insights About Your Personality

It’s said that a person’s eyes act as windows into their soul. Many cultures believe you can learn a great deal about someone through the size and shape of their eye. In fact, cultures all over the world practice medicine, gather information, or understand a person through the shape of their eyes.
They believe that they eye reveals an infinite amount of personal information, and they aren’t to be ignored.
Everything is taken into account when it comes to understanding a person’s eyes. This includes size, shape, color, slant, and even the distance between someone’s eyes. Take a look at the descriptions below in order to find out what your eyes reveal about you.


For those of you who have almond-shaped eyes, you have charisma and flair, as well as a great compassion for others. Despite your ability to remain calm in a variety of situations, you often let yourself become wary of new experiences. You need to remember that taking chances can be a good thing.

For those of you with round eyes, you’re creative and imaginative. Your mind is your escape from reality, and you’re prone to daydreaming. Instead of using logic to make decisions, you let your emotions and feelings steer you in the right direction. Although some people might see you as impractical, others will flock to you.

Deep-Set or Prominent

People with deep-set eyes tend to hide themselves from others; they’re private and can seem intense at times. Although they don’t let people in very easily, they do have a romantic streak and will get to know someone on a very deep, spiritual level. They tend to observe rather than interact.
People with prominent eyes are sensitive and friendly, but they are also prone to over worrying. It’s easy for these people to maintain close relationships, which makes them an ideal family member or extremely close friend.
They are found to be highly approachable and easy to relate to, but they can seem pessimistic.


Having large eyes means that you’re passionate, receptive, open, and creative when it comes to your personality. You can feel your own emotions incredibly deeply, as well as the emotions of others.
Passion tends to rule your direction in life rather than logic, and you won’t be talked into doing something you don’t want to do. However, you tend to trust people too easily, which can be a fault.
Having small eyes means you’re the opposite; instead of letting emotion or passion drive you, you use logic to make every decision. You possess a high intelligence, which means people come to you with their questions. Instead of focusing on the big picture, you analyze the details before focusing on a wider perspective.


People with close-set eyes are traditional. They have a keen interest in history and culture, and their values and upbringings mean a great deal. Change is scary to these people, and they have a hard time living in a world that doesn’t remember where it came from.
These people don’t go with the flow, and they feel most comfortable in a disciplined setting.
People with wide-set eyes are the exact opposite; go with the flow is their mantra in life. These people remember their pasts, but they don’t let the past dictate who they are in the present, and especially not who they’ll be in the future. These people enjoy getting out of their comfort zones and seeing the world through a new lens.


Downward slanting eyes means you’re dependent. You enjoy staying close to the people in your life whom you love, and you rely on them for stability.
Your timid nature and pessimism makes it hard for people to enjoy your company at times, but it doesn’t change the way you feel about people. You care deeply for people and your relationships, which means you keep friends for a long time.

Upward slanting eyes tends to mean the opposite. Instead of being timid and dependent, you’re ambitious and driven to the extreme. When you have a goal in mind, nothing and no one can stop you from accomplishing it.
People enjoy being around you because you’re well rounded, fun, and exceptionally witty. You can find an opportunity no matter where life takes you.
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To Naturally Cleanse Your Liver, Eat These 6 Foods!

With all of the processed foods, additives and preservatives and environmental pollution we face each day, your body might appreciate a boost every once in a while to keep things running smoothly.

 One of the main ways that the body rids itself of toxins is through the liver. The liver regulates most of the chemical levels in the blood, and excretes a product called bile to help break down fats, preparing them for digestion and absorption. All of the blood that leaves the stomach and the intestines passes through the liver, where the blood is processed, broken down, balanced and made into nutrients for the body to use. The liver is constantly working to detoxify blood and produce bile to store essential vitamins, minerals and iron. When the liver isn’t functioning properly, the digestion process — especially the digestion of fats —is greatly affected.

There are tons of liver detox plans, and the majority of them are fantastic. But to keep your liver running smoothly all the time, just incorporate these six important foods into your diet to maintain a happy and healthy liver!

1. Garlic

Whether you love it or hate it, garlic is filled with a variety of powerful benefits for the liver. Selenium is a mineral in garlic that increases the action of antioxidants to assist the liver in the detoxification process. Arginine is an amino acid in garlic that plays an important role in relaxing the blood vessels, which helps to ease the blood pressure in the liver. Garlic also contains Vitamin B6, which acts as an anti-inflammatory in the liver, and Vitamin C, which is the body’s primary antioxidant defender against cellular oxidation that leads to cell damage.

2. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is high in Vitamin C as well as glutathione, which is produced naturally by the liver. Glutathione is involved in several processes in the body, including tissue building and repair, production of chemicals and proteins that are needed in the body, and strengthening of the immune system. Grapefruit contains over 70mg of glutathione, which assists the liver in the production of detox enzymes.

3. Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables have been shown to protect the liver by neutralizing metals, chemicals and pesticides from both foods and the environment. Arugula, spinach and chicory are believed to increase bile flow to help rid the body of waste products. Beets naturally cleanse and purify the blood to boost liver function and the production of nutrients in the body. Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous veggies help the liver produce enzymes to aid in the removal of toxins.

4. Avocados

As if you needed another reason to eat avocados, they’re a superfood for the liver. They contain glutathione as well as Vitamin C and E which act as antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and protect liver cells from damage. The Vitamin E and Vitamin K in avocados act as an anti-inflammatory to protect the liver from harmful inflammation. The healthy fats in avocados can also improve cholesterol levels.

5. Walnuts

Walnuts contain the amino acid arginine, which is imperative in helping the liver detoxify ammonia. They’re also high in glutathione and Omega-3 fatty acids, which help support liver detoxification. Walnuts are full of antioxidants that help to neutralize free radicals, and healthy, unsaturated fats that protect against fat accumulation in the liver. These healthy fats are also essential to building strong cell membranes around liver cells.

6. Turmeric

The main active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Curcumin is believed to help protect the bile duct to improve the flow of bile, acting as a liver cleanser. It rejuvenates liver cells by preventing toxins and alcohol from being converted into harmful compounds that can damage the liver. Sprinkling some turmeric on your food is a great way to add a little flavor and reap the health benefits.

Master Herbalist, Ron Teeguarden, talks about how to have a strong liver in this short video!


Here’s the list of top unwritten rules in life everyone should know. If we all followed these rules, life would be a whole lot easier.

When you borrow someone’s car, return it with a full tank of gas, or at least fill it up more than what you got it as a way to saying thank you.
When someone shows you a picture on their phone, don’t swipe left or right . . . you don’t want to see something embarrassing.
Don’t break up with someone over text message, email or using a social networking site.
Always leave at least one buffer urinal between you and the sir next you. Never do this.
Be quiet when other people are asleep. That means more than not talking — not slamming doors, drawers, etc.
If you ask your friends for help with some house work, feed them as payment.
Chew with your mouth closed. No one needs to hear you crunching.
Don’t let your arguments escalate in public. If you feel you can’t control your language or volume then go somewhere else where to continue where other people won’t feel uncomfortable.
Always leave the last piece of something to the person who bought it, unless they really insist they won’t eat it.
RULE #10
In case you miss a call, drop a message as soon as possible if you’re unable to call them.
RULE #11
When you borrow money from a friend, pay them back as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter the amount, don’t assume they don’t need it, never make them ask you for it.
RULE #12
If you stay the night at someone’s house, make the bed before you leave, regardless if they plan to wash the blankets or not.
RULE #13
When someone else cooks for you, offer to help with the dishes.
RULE #14
If someone gives you space, or the right of way on the road, wave to them as a sign of thank you.
RULE #15
Don’t make plans with friends, or talk about plans with friends, in front of people who weren’t invited.
RULE #16
Don’t stop in the middle of a busy sidewalk or the entrance of a subway station.

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