Do You Have The Rarest Personality Type In The World? How To Tell If You’re an INFJ

You know you’re different. You’ve always known you’re different. That others don’t understand you, not really.
That might be because you’re the unicorn of personality types. By that, I mean an INFJ.
An INF-what? INFJ: One of sixteen personality types according to the Myers-Briggs scale, it’s incredibly rare: Less than one percent of the world’s population qualify as INFJs. INFJs are introverted, intuitive (meaning they intuitively understand things), feeling, and judging (as in they can quickly judge the value of something).
INFJs are incredibly gifted—and if you regularly get the feeling that you’re different, that others don’t understand you, that you aren’t valued for the person you are? That might because you’re an INFJ.
How do I know? Because my wife is. And she is by far the most amazing person I’ve ever met.
In the personality type’s archetypes, the name for an INFJ is “The Advocate.” Martin Luther King, Jr, Nelson Mandela, and Mother Teresa were all INFJs.
Yeah. Seriously astounding people, all of them, and if you’re an INFJ, I have news for you: So are you.
Mysterious, diplomatic, emotionally intelligent, intuitive—these are all descriptions of INFJs. Add to that misunderstood, because no personality type is more prone to being misunderstood.

But let’s back up a minute and talk a bit about the Myers-Brigg system and personality types. Developed by two psychologists who just so happened to also be a mother-daughter team, Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs worked off Carl Jung’s psychoanalysis theories and types to develop a better system of classifying personality types.
First, they broke down personality traits into four distinct dichotomies: introversion/extroversion (I/E), intuition/sensing (N/S), thinking/feeling (T/F), and judging/perceiving (J/P). Each test-taker then answers questions that assess where they fall on the spectrum for each of those four dichotomies.
As a result, INFJs are people like you, the rarest of the rare: intuitive introverts who are open with their feelings (and understand others’ feelings, courtesy their intuition and powers of observation) who can judge situations quickly and easily. If that sounds like a superhero description, it’s because it is. You quite literally are the superhero mold.
As an INFJ, you’re fiercely loyal as a friend, empathetic and compassionate to a fault (and perhaps sometimes to your detriment), and highly organized. You make a great leader for the causes you’re most passionate about.
But your rarity also makes you easily misunderstood. Most people don’t know how to read you.
As a result, many INFJs say they feel different, which can lead to loneliness. Those differences make you great, but in a world where you have so few peers, it makes sense that you’d feel different.
You also recognize inauthentic people for who they are. That mix of emotional intuition and keen observational skills mean you recognize the phonies in your life quickly. You pick quality over quantity and let the fakes fall by the wayside.
Your warmness puts others at ease, and they feel completely comfortable telling you their secrets. You’re a fantastic listener, confidante, and friend because of your emotional warmth and depth.
You see through to who people really are. That intuitive sense and your emotional depth means it doesn’t take you long to recognize people for their true character. If someone is not genuine? You’re the first to know.
On the flip side, though, this can mean you’re more willing to forgive. You can see when someone is genuinely a good person, because you can see why they might have behaved the way they did, such as past trauma or their insecurities.
You’re a truth-seeker, and you find meaning wherever you go. You don’t care for other people’s big stories if they’re just empty attention-seeking gestures, but on the flip side, the little things can be really important to you, especially when they speak to a larger meaning. Your aim in life is to find understanding and insights, and you regularly do just that, courtesy your powers of intuition.
You enjoy new experiences because they help you hone that sense of intuition, build self-reflection, and uncover larger truths and deeper meanings.
People confuse you for an extrovert even though you’re an introvert because you can be such a social chameleon, almost like an ambivert (though you’re still very much an introvert). You know you’re an introvert, though, because you need quiet time to recharge.
The best type of quiet time for INFJs like you? A chance to reflect, find your truths, and learn about yourself and the world around you in your own way.
You hold firm to your beliefs with intensity, and do not waver. While you’ll question most things in your pursuit of truth and deeper meaning, there are certain moral and ethical truths of which you are certain, and as a result, lines you will not cross. If a job, relationship, or even law doesn’t fit your moral compass? You trust yourself to know what’s right.
You keep your circle tight and when you say someone is your friend, you mean it. You may have hundreds or even thousands of acquaintances because of your innate charisma and leadership, but you may count your friends on your fingers, because when you call someone a friend, you mean it from the bottom of your heart, and for life.  You are profoundly loyal to those closest to you.
You work well in teams, because you’re the diplomat that can help soothe out everyone else’s rough edges and keep the team running smoothly, but you prefer to work alone. That might mean working from home, or in other places where you can work quietly, efficiently, and free of distraction.
You are creative and gifted with language as a result of your well-developed inner emotional lives and introversion. As a result, you may be a successful writer (most of whom are INFJs).
You make decisions on insight and emotion and you trust your gut. For people who don’t know you, this can seem haphazard, even illogical. But you know that you see deeper into people, into who they really are, rather than just look at window dressing like performance history. Instead, you’d rather know how someone treats others when they don’t think anyone is watching, because that speaks to who they truly are.
You are a deep-thinker…about everything. You don’t do things superficially, because you can’t. Instead, you’re an old soul, and you look for the meaning in everything around you. You’re a reader, researcher, lifelong learner…and it can be incredibly difficult sometimes for your friends to get you to relax and take things less seriously (even if you sometimes need their help doing so).
You’re a big picture visionary and as a result, are usually several steps ahead. Occasionally that comes at the detriment of the present, but usually all of that planning is what helps you get ahead and to where you want to be.
You can’t help but help people who need it, because you are a fixer. You see the good in other people, and can’t help but want to help them toward their best possible self. While this frequently is quite rewarding, it can also be incredibly challenging and difficult—especially when someone doesn’t want your help.
You make friends with people because you’re looking for lifelong relationships, not friendships of convenience or simplicity. As a result, most INFJs find they work well with extroverts who share their intuition, such as ENTPs, ENFPs, and ENFJs, though you might also work with an INTJ, who may be most similar to you without being an INFJ themselves.
If you think you might be an INFJ, you can find out here:


Every person’s tongue is unique, with distinct characteristics that reflect their inner health. Ever been to a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor or an acupuncturist and been asked to stick out your tongue? There is a reason for this. TCM believes the tongue is a microcosm of the entire body and will reflect its excesses and deficiencies. The shape, colour, coating, and texture of the tongue can all indicate digestive issues and body imbalances.

The gold standard: A normal healthy tongue is pink in color, has a light white tongue coating on it, and is proportionate in size to the mouth.
So, what can your tongue tell you about your health?

Tongue Colour:

  • A red tongue may indicate heat in the body, such as a fever or a hormonal imbalance that is leading to hot flashes or temperature changes.
  • A purple tongue is a sign that the circulatory system is backed up, perhaps from a major injury or pain condition. There may also be inflammation or infection.
  • A pale tongue is a sign of a deficiency or a lack of energy. This is common with anemia or after a long-standing disease where the immune system is weak.

Tongue Coating:

  • A thick coating reflects a more serious condition and poor gut health.
  • A thin coating is normal, but a very thin or absent tongue coating means a lack of body fluids, or it could be a sign that the body is being taxed greatly.
  • A yellow coating signals heat and/or infection in the body.
  • A grey or black coating indicates that something is very wrong with the body’s health.
  • A thick white coating means there is cold in the body, likely poor circulation to the extremities and possibly Candida, a yeast infection.

Tongue Shape:

  • If the tongue is puffy with teeth marks/scalloped edges, it indicates a lack of nutrient absorption; there could be blood stagnation and toxic buildup in the body as well.
  • A very thin tongue could indicate dehydration or that a chronic condition has left the body severely depleted.

Tongue Texture:

  • A bump on top of the tongue could be a warning of bacterial or viral infection or of an allergic reaction to a food or medication.
  • Canker sores more often pop up on the underside of the tongue, and can be identified by a round, red border and yellow or white centre.
  • A white or gray lesion with a hard surface that feels thick and raised from the tongue could be leukoplakia, a disorder of the mucous membranes caused by irritation from dentures, crowns, fillings, or tobacco use.
  • Hairy leukoplakia, which occurs in people with weakened immune systems due to illnesses like HIV or the Epstein-Barr virus, appears as a fuzzy, white lesion that usually crops up on the side of the tongue.
  • Map-like patches: If you spot patchy lesions on the tongue that seem to change location from day to day, you may have a harmless but sometimes uncomfortable condition called geographic tongue.
  • Wrinkled: A tongue that bears grooves, wrinkles, or furrows could be scrotal tongue, a harmless condition that can make it difficult to keep the tongue properly clean.
  • A sore or lump on one side of the tongue could be a sign of cancer and needs to be checked by a doctor.
  • Any burning, intense pain, loss of sensation, or inability to move the tongue properly should be looked at by a doctor as soon as possible.
Tongue areas correspond to internal organs in Chinese Medicine; much like reflexology, different parts of the tongue correspond to different organs. As a mirror of the body’s digestive system, the tongue can reflect the toxicity level in the gut, show potential food sensitivities or a weak digestion, point to malabsorption of nutrients, and reveal the health of other organs in the body.
TCM Tongue Diagnosis Chinese Medicine
You can use these helpful tips to improve your digestion and thus the appearance of your tongue:
  1. Eat fermented foods and drink probiotic beverages to bring your system back into balance.
  2. Eat only until you are 80% full and eat whole foods that are as natural as possible.
  3. Warm up your digestion with cooked foods.
  4. Add herbs and spices to improve digestion.
  5. Drink warm ginger tea 20 minutes before a meal to benefit digestion and relieve nausea.
  6. Take digestive enzymes to increase mineral absorption.
Note that it’s always best to see a practitioner familiar with the practice of tongue diagnosis, and keep in mind that in TCM, it is one of a number of areas examined with patients, to make a proper diagnosis and determine the correct treatment. Here is a helpful graphic to assist:

Your Day of Birth Can Reveal Your Personality and Your Destiny

What’s your Birth Day of Month? This simple question can reveal secrets we hide inside. Each day of Month is drenched with the power of the Numbers. Although most of the times, numerology requires detailed charts and sophisticated calculations, this simple straight-forward question may easily shed some light on our destiny.

Birth Day of Month

We love Numerology because we find it really helpful. The world we live in – the material world – is built on patterns. This simple observation was well established in Ancient Greece. Occult and philosophical schools put much effort on describing and defining the power of the numbers. Sure, Numerology might take some years to master, but are you curious to see if this simple question can reveal valuable information?
Lets begin.

1st of any month: A born Leader.

You are born with a natural ability to rule and express your power. Independence is a very important virtue for you. You breathe fire of creativity. Thus you can become a great self-employed individual. On the other hand, the ego-centrism might bring problems in your relationships. 

2nd of any month: A born Diplomat

You are born with empathic abilities. Balance and intuition are the keys for a happy life. You want to see smiles on everybody’s faces and you warm heart might easily get broken by people who just don’t get you. Beauty, art and music can help you bring balance in your life. You work great in co-operations. 

3rd of any month: A born Enthusiast

The spark of creativity burns in your heart and its light shines in your eyes. This “X-factor” attracts people around you who truly believe that you have something special on your aura. This charisma can help you in all parts of your life, especially if your work has to do with publicity. 

4th of any month: A born Reliable

People seem to be attracted by your ability to give them hope and power. It seems that many around you depend on you and your trustworthy character. You are a hard working person but at the same time you are sensitive. Be careful of your energy levels though as they easily get depleted. 

5th of any month: A born Socialiser

Your communication skills seem invaluable. Everyone around you get easily fascinated by your words and this is a talent you can actually cultivate more to a very commercial extent. Moreover, travelling can become very lucky for you (financially, professionally or personally). 

6th of any month: A born Lover

Even from a young age you have a tendency to seek your other half. Hence, you are whole only when you find it. You see, you are a relationship-oriented person with the ability to make a very good family. Somehow, empathically you feel the vibes of your beloved one and know exactly what to do. 

7th of any month: A born Visionary

A highly developed intuition combined with philosophical tendency and a very sharp mind. You are truly a born Visionary. Your ideas can change the world. Unfortunately you tend to get influenced and ‘drained’ by others around you. Therefore, you need to spend more time alone.

8th of any month: A born Boss

The power which is in you is remarkable. This is why you should choose to work alone as you don’t easily get along with partners. Probably, it’s because of your control issues which have to do with your power. You also have a great sense of how to acquire more money. Use this along with power and the results will be remarkable.

9th of any month: A born Genius

Although not always very obvious you are indeed my friend a born genius. Your wise traits often push you to acquire even more experiences in order to further broaden your horizons. There are many times in your life when things mysteriously screw up. This is because this life you’re are living has an exceptional karmic significance. But you already know that… Use your wisdom! 

10th of any month: A born Game Changer

Whether you’ve realised it yet or not you are born to change the rules. Wherever you are, your aura constantly is changing everything around you as if you are part of a greater mechanism. Have you noticed it? You are born to manage difficult situations and you are really capable on leading.

11th of any month: A born Equalizer

Balance is the key for your soul’s bliss. You are born to find the golden section in any possible quarrel and/or partnerships. Your intuitive nature helps you find the most suitable solutions for every kind of issue. Born with empathic ability you can sense when things are going wrong thus get easily hurt. Try spend some time on your own meditating. 

12th of any month: A born Catalyst

You possess unimaginable amounts of energy which – when used in the right way – can really change the lives of people around. Your body seems to work in a different way than others. As a result, this energy can make you really creative and imaginative, however, if you are in a bad mood, you can become really dangerous.

13th of any month: A born Winner

Energy and determination are the two keywords for you. You indeed have the capability to achieve almost anything you can as long as you find a way to combine your – sometimes – diverse and conflicting dreams and goals. You work hard and you can work even harden if you manage to focus on your goals. 

14th of any month: A born Traveller

The karmic currents seem to be very powerful in this life for you. You have already noticed that things change easily in your life and in just one day you may reach the top or be get trapped. This flow of energy is what defines you indeed. When travelling, things get magical as if you are born to travel. 

15th of any month: A born Enchanter/Enchantress

It seems that your aura possesses something really unique which hypnotises others around you and be attracted by it. Your personal magnetism is strong and can be used in both your personal and your professional life. You also do great with arts. Love life is an area which always needs your attention. 

16th of any month: A born Outlander

You probably have realised since a very young age that you don’t belong in this world. This is probably because you are meant to create a new one. Or maybe all that you’ve experienced is a signal to look to other worlds. You see, your whole life is a powerful karmic message. You are born for great things – possibly in the material plane too. 

17th of any month: A born Talent

It seems that you are blessed with such gifts that makes you so unique. Listen to your heart, as your intuition will probably show you the way to succeed in all areas of your life. You are a truly gifted person whose skills have yet to be discovered. Art could set your powers free, so again, listen to your heart and walk on the path you feel more comfortable with. 

18th of any month: A born Inspiration

Although you can lead successfully, you are better in managing and nurturing projects. This probably comes from your unique empathic ability, which – if cultivated – can help you greater awareness hence broaden your horizons in any possible way. Your magical mind meets creativity. Success is certain if you are patient enough. 

19th of any month: A born Achiever

There is only one thing in your mind and that’s winning in all areas of your life. It seems that you can do that – relatively easy. That’s probably something, other people envy you for. You have that magical something that can open the doors of all opportunities. Your aura possesses attractive abilities. Use it to attract good fortune.

20th of any month: A born Empath

Its’ quite impossible to turn down your natural intuitive abilities. Actually there are so great that can freak out others. Although your abilities can help you in many areas of your life you have to ground and shield yourself from times to times because all these emotions can turn you into a ticking bomb! 

21st of any month: A born Celebrity

You tend to make quite large social circles even from a young age. But even if you don’t prefer the company of many people, you must have already realized that others crave your attention, probably because of your many talents and of course the magical way you communicate. This particular ability is what defines your from all others. 

22nd of any month: A born Calibrator

It’s really amazing how easily you can turn a lost cause into a successful project. This comes naturally to you as your intellectual skills work perfectly with your intuition. Your heart and your mind can create miracles if you learn to keep this balance. Patience is the key. 

23rd of any month: A born Communicator

Your spiritual magnetism creates an aura of attraction around you. If you learn how to use your natural communication skills together with your amazing charisma you can become really famous and successful. This magical ‘something’ on you is a gift you should definitely learn how to use. 

24th of any month: A born Nurturer

Your kindhearted self is born to give love and affection to anyone around you. This natural tendency is makes you unique and invaluable. People seem to depend and unfortunately … attach to your energy. This is something you must learn to deal with, unless you want to wake up with depleted energy levels. 

25th of any month: A born Guide

Yes, you are a born accomplisher and yes you always try to finish what you’ve already started. However, this is not always something beneficial. You don’t always have to analyse and put so much effort in finishing a project – especially when this project no longer serves your needs. Try to meditate, and reevaluate your goals.

26th of any month: A born Force

You must already know that your power exceeds time and space. Moreover you are decisive and you can easily find a way to persuade others. However, do not try to control people because even if you succeed at first, you will face the consequences later. Show your way and stay confident – yet listen to others too! 

27th of any month: A born Analyst

You have an amazing ability to analyse things, people and situations around you. Your powerful mind has the ability to cope with even the most complicated issues and this is why others admire you. Try to find some peace though as you mind needs some rest. Love can help you find balance in your life. 

28th of any month: A born Risk-taker

Challenges come and go, yet you always have something to declare to the World. You are not an easy player. If someone wants to challenge you, s/he should think again. One of your talents is to change the outcome of projects. When things get screwed up, you are the first to call. Play safe though. 

29th of any month: A born Counsellor

That’s what defines you. Your ability to judge and consult others. Your phone probably rings all the time from people asking you what to do. Although, this sometimes can be rewarding, if it happens persistently, it may drive you nuts. Therefore, you should find a way to balance the needs of people around you, with what you truly want. 

30th of any month: A born Charismatic

Yes, it’s something on you that is so unique. This particular ‘something’ is so strong that you can use it to attract people you want around you. You are a keen communicator, diplomat and entertainer. Hence you do great when working in group. You make a perfect team leader probably because of your invaluable intellectual skills. 

31st of any month: A born Organizer

Your organising skills can build a fruitful and abundant life. You have an amazing ability to work hard but also keep your energy levels high. This makes you surprisingly creative and a born winner. Your self-discipline is remarkable yet you sometimes make it difficult for others to work with you. Let them help you! 

Why Heartbreak is a Good Thing—according to Buddhists

There are many ways we can be softened and opened up by life, but heartbreak is probably the most effective one.

Nobody wants to hear this. It is news that we all would like to run away from. In fact, many of us choose to avoid relationships because we do not want to experience the harder aspects of them.
However, the truth is that our hearts will get broken open anyway—whether we are involved with others or not. If it does not happen because of a relationship, it will eventually happen just because of life itself.
The very nature of being human means that we are affected by our surroundings—and we can’t avoid this experience forever. We could try to escape heartbreak, but I believe it would always find us, one day. Because, it is meant to. That’s why so many spiritual practices speak about coming home to our hearts.

If we thought this homecoming was going to be painless though, we will be unpleasantly surprised.
It seems to be the structure of the heart to ache. By its construction it throbs naturally 4,800 times in one hour. That is a lot of movement. Our hearts are hard-working machines and temperamental ones at that. In Buddhism, we understand that connecting to our hearts makes us the most human.
Heartbreak is seen as a good thing in the Buddhist lineage I study. My teacher, Chogyam Trungpa, says it keeps us honest. It forces us to admit that we are human, and this is a great tool for becoming authentic and offering all that we have to give.
Heartbreak also forces us to acknowledge the truth that we have loved deeply. Isn’t that enough in itself to make this experience of being cracked open worthwhile?
One of the biggest pitfalls for us as humans is that we choose to deny the fact that we feel or that life impacts us. However, it does. Each and every one of us have been heartbroken. I am heartbroken all of the time.
I don’t mean this in a victimhood sort of way. I mean this in a way that shares that I am moved by my experience of living continually. That often, what I see, taste, hear, touch, and share with others brings a tear to my eye. Why is this so hard for us to admit?
A Buddhist perspective would say that we are organically designed to be tender, and that just like our hearts, we may throb thousands of times per day. Tenderness is actually one of the objectives of the particular type of meditation I practice. We learn that at the center of our experience, under the spinning of the mind, lies something we have been told to hide—our softness.
Heartbreak allows us to feel the soft spot at our core. What a good thing this can be. It is also one of the most revealing places another can witness in us—and when we allow it to be seen, it can paradoxically create great intimacy. So heartbreak is actually something that can produce more connection in our lives, not less. Other people are drawn to people who feel—they want to touch someone who will be affected by them—I know I do.
This soft spot in us in Buddhism is related to the term, Bodhichitta.
Bodhichitta is our desire and longing to awaken, and it is also the force that draws us to each other and to helping one another through life. Tenderness is what this soft spot produces. It also often produces tears and better human beings.
We do not need more callous people in the world. We need softer ones. There is a genuine necessity for us to be more accessible to life and to each other right now. Heartbreak can create an immediate pathway to this.
Renowned American Buddhist Nun, Pema Chodron writes: “Everybody knows the experience of being completely self-absorbed, and then something gets through. That’s a flash of bodhichitta.” That is also what the breaking of a heart reveals.
Let’s not be so afraid of heartbreak any longer. It is, after all, a universal experience—and one that makes us and life suddenly become real. In this way, a broken heart awakens us. Perhaps it’s not in the way we thought we would reach enlightenment—however, don’t things often look different than we had imagined they would?
Chogyam Trunpa says in his book Smile at Fear: ‘”When you are just there, then, if you see the actual darkness, that will inspire light.” So, if we accept our broken-heartedness and the pain that can be in it too, that is when we actually begin to lighten up.
Softness is an ideal state to be in for living well, connecting, and for awakening. It can be the tenderness of heartbreak that reminds us to fully live again.

Author: Sarah Norrad

If You Have Any of These 12 Traits You Belong to the World’s Rarest Personality Type

Only 2% percent of the population across the world has the personality type known as the INFJ personality type.
Have you always felt that you’re different from the rest? You haven’t really come across a lot of people who understand you. That might be because you belong to the world’s rarest personality type – the INFJs, which is shared by only 2 percent of the entire population. Labelled as “the Advocate”, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa have all been INFJs. And if you’re one, you’re just as special!
Two psychologists developed the Myers and Briggs system from Carl Jung’s psychoanalyst theories where they classified personality types by initially breaking down the personality traits into 4 distinct categories: extroversion v/s introversion, sensing v/s intuition, thinking v/s feeling and judging v/s perceiving. This system uses the criteria provided to perceive the category one’s personality favors most. For an INFJ, his personality tilts towards Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging.

Such people can be hard to spot but if you know the following traits, you can easily spot them:


People with INFJ personality are not concerned with trivial issues. They always look at the bigger picture and do not get disheartened by challenges. If something will not give them the desired results, they will find another way to make it work.


These people do not shy away from hard work. They know that if they have to achieve something in life then they have to work for it because nothing comes for free in life. Giving their 100% is their most defining trait.


They are highly intuitive people who trust their gut feelings. They have a feeling if something is working out or not for them. They also know when something is about go down in their life.


They believe in the mystery of the universe and would love to engage themselves with the cosmos. They try to find out a deeper meaning in the universal patterns.


They do not like to engage with big groups of people. Also, if you don’t agree with them or put them in conflict, they might cut you out of their life.


They are extremely generous towards others and would comfort you on your bad days. They are always ready to provide a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear. You can count on them for emotional support!


Along with high emotional energy, they can also read people by observing them. They can see through people’s intentions which make them aware of any malevolent person in their social circle.


They often feel lonely because they are not like the rest of the people. You can see them hanging out by themselves in a room full of people. Sometimes, they also like it this way.


They can go between the two extremes very quickly and very suddenly. This makes them hard to keep a track of and to gauge their mood is quite difficult. Their INFJ personality is the reason behind their contradictory nature.


They believe in quality over quantity and if you can’t give your best then you might as well not give anything at all.


They are good, very good actually, at making connections. They connect the dots and mostly they are right. If you are having trouble figuring something out, go seek help from an INFJ person.


INFJ people mostly like writing over any other thing. They dislike talking too much and rather spend their time writing what they want. It is a great way to bring themselves some moments of peace.
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