It Is Considered The Most Deadly Drink in the World, It Can End Your Life in Less Than 45 Minutes!

Today there are thousands of products that are processed and contain chemicals, preservatives and dyes. They are a  big problem for our body because we are not prepared to digest such complex compounds.

Our body takes a lot to do the digestion when we eat foods such as junk foods, soda and treats.
For example: when we eat a salad we can ingest it in a maximum of two hours, while a hamburger takes up to three days inside us and in the end leaves residues that could not be consumed completely.

So well, we can illustrate what happens when we eat junk food every day, or even worse several times a day.
But, in this case, we will not focus on something more common and even more deadly, soft drinks. These products contain more than one factor that can affect us at health level and here we will tell you what they are.

We all know that coca cola is a very harmful product, it is widely known that its composition is equivalent to more than thirty tablespoons of sugar per container, which is a serious problem for those who drink this excessively.
Too much sugar and glucose in our body can be the trigger for problems such as: hypertension, obesity, heart failure, arthritis, artery blockages and more. Which is no small thing to take into consideration.
At ten minutes: You will have received all the sugar you need in a whole day, which is a big impact for the body.
At twenty minutes: The liver converts the sugar into fat.
At forty minutes: Glucose enters the blood, which increases blood pressure and your pupils dilate.
At forty-five minutes, you begin to produce dopamine and your heart rate accelerates.
Taking into account these effects, we can deduce that in excess we could cause cardiac arrest very easily, which is no small thing.

What is Your Lucky Zodiac Sign Animal ?

The energy relationship between humans and animals has been noticed since ancient times. People have understood that each zodiac sign patron of a particular animal which helps in human life and brings him success. Our ancestors have believed that this animal protects people from harm and helps him realize his abilities.

For those born under the zodiac sign of Aries,the animal- protector of their sign is bull. Powerful and wise animal which has tremendous strength and reflects the impulsive nature of Aries.
The Bear is the guardian of the representatives of the sign of Taurus. Bear rarely attacked and attacked only if it is annoyed and then exerts its enormous power, which fits the behavior of Taurus.

Animal- talisman for Gemini is the mouse. It symbolizes the material prosperity and protect family values.

Beaver is an animal guardian of the zodiac sign of Cancer. These animals are calm and hardworking and adapt quickly to all conditions.

Of course, that guardian of Leo will be lion itself. Lions are filled with dignity, calculating and aloof. The representatives of the sign possess such qualities.

The zodiac sign of the Virgo is patronized by the dog. It’s devoted friend and defender . This qualities suits the character of the Virgo.

For the sign of Libra patron animal is the bee. They are hard-working, active, intelligent animals that are strong connected to their unity. Libra also has such a quality, thanks to what they feel the support of others.

Animal protector of Scorpio is the cat. For them they are inherent mystery, independence, a tendency to independent choice of its host. These qualities are typical for the representatives of the sign Scorpio.

For Sagittarius, guardian animal is the moose. He has gathered the wisdom and the power over the circumstances. The Moose gives Sagittarius marital happiness and is the protector of mothers.

The Horse is patron of Capricorn. This animal always was considered invaluable to people. Between horses and people always existed a special relationship, the horse is always at the right time and place in order to help and support the people.

The antelope is patron of Aquarius. This is exquisitely elegant animal that greater part of his life spent alone. Aquarius also prefer to be alone, but through their ingenuity and unconventional views on life have a chance to be realized where they want in the society.

Pisces– for them is typical the snail. It is very hardy animal and adapts to virtually all conditions. Snails with their tranquility soothe the people, the same happens with representatives of zodiac sign Pisces.
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10 Strange Behaviours Of An Authentic Empath

You have discovered you might be an empath and want to know the exact signs – it is not all bad you know! Once you learn the tricks of psychic protection, you will find it much easier to navigate this world without being energetically punched down all the time.
1. You Take On Other People’s Energy
You really can’t help it. This is the key trait of the empath. You feel someone else’s energy and emotions, then begin to vibrate to the same emotion. If another is crying, you can start to tear up. Someone is angry – you can feel this anger literally burn your aura. Someone is negative and fearful – you sink low with them, and it seems you can’t help it! Sound familiar? The good news is that once you become consciously aware that this isn’t normal (the non-empaths do none of these things) then you are halfway towards finding a solution to this. Who wants to be vibrating to other people’s emotions all day? Its exhausting.

2. High Natural Intuition
You have intuition in spades, but doesn’t everyone? Actually no, as an empath you have unique skills that others don’t seem to have. Being an empath is a bit like being clairsentient, except that clairsentients sense things without ‘catching’ the emotion. As an empath, like a clairsentient, you feel things psychically. You know what others are feeling just by looking at them. You chat to them and you can know their intentions without hearing it from their lips. You understand how they are thinking, as if they were an extension of yourself. It is easy. You know what you know. Your intuition fires on all cylinders.
3. People Drain You Easily
This can be a problem for you. When around other people, you are so giving that you take on other’s emotions or problems but are left feeling tired as a result. If you are doing this every day, willingly giving away energy to help others, you find you don’t have much left for yourself. You become more and more drained and perhaps irritated, angry or feeling downright used. Something has to give. The answer is to pull back and stop giving yourself away so easily. Only give to those who have a right to take, like your close people. Take more time for yourself and pamper yourself. Put yourself first for a while.
4. You Attract Broken People
Other people can sense giving people and try to start up a friendship. People could approach you in public places, at work, etc, because you are sending a message out to the universe that you will give time to strangers, listen and offer them some relief. This is nice, isn’t it? Perhaps, until you run out of time and energy. When an empath starts to ignore strangers with problems, like magic they stop approaching you. They do not sense that you are open for business, with a big shoulder for them to cry on. This activity will stop. You were not put on this earth to heal every person that comes your way (see point 3 for why).
5. Crowds Affect You
This might sound strange, but not to empaths. Crowded rooms, events, streets or parties can send your senses into a huge, overloaded muddle, with simultaneous emotions coming at you from all directions. Sounds like a nightmare, yes? With correct shielding (I recommend the use of protection stones) this energy is all but annulled. You can feel people’s moods or predominant energy as they walk past you. An aggressive person passing can feel like an energetic punch or slap in the face as they pass you. A softer soul will emit no such punch and seem quiet in comparison.
6. Living Location Is Important
Some empaths may feel the pain of the world, like a curse. Others are just aware of the energy of the city or neighbourhood they live in. Many empaths end up living in smaller areas where the population energy is less in their face. Living in a very lively area, like a young and hip area, or a crime area, or a highly populated, dense area, can drain the empath. As an empath, don’t you just love a country walk in a lonely place to recharge those batteries?
7. You Are VERY Sensitive
This is a given. You do not like to see any living thing in pain or suffering because you suffer right along side them. Some empaths might even feel physical symptoms coinciding what others are going through. If violence on TV is extreme, you might just change the channel. If there is an unpleasant scene, an argument or someone is being bullied, you might even leave the room if you can’t help them. You don’t want to see it or feel it.
8. You Can Often See Through Lies
“Liar, liar, pants on fire”. This one gets old, doesn’t it? You know they are lying. You don’t know how, but you know it immediately. Can’t they see you are an empath? Who do they think they are fooling? You put up with it and don’t let on, because you can’t always prove it. But you know who to trust and who not to. It’s easy actually. Those lies are just so juvenile.
9. Emotional Healing Is Your Gift
Through your compassion and time spent understanding the woes of others, you are healing them. Yes, this is one of your gifts. This one ties in with point 4. This is why you attract all those people who want healing. You can really help your loved ones through giving this gift of listening and truly understanding and caring. Not everyone does this for people. Use this gift when it is warranted.
You will learn who to heal and who to leave. Some people will take your healing and then go ahead and kick you in the teeth. Discern who your real friends are before offering this amazing gift. You have something real to offer the world, so understand its worth, because it is worth a lot.
Don’t downplay yourself if you are an empath. People would kill to be your friend and get healing each time they talk to you. But then you know this already. So be careful who your real friends are and who just wants to take your gift.
10. Empaths Ignore Their Own Problems
Lastly, you are an expert in ignoring your own issues, which you need to talk about. You are so busy healing others, you never get to talk out what you need to. You carry the weight of their problems along with your own. When is your healing time?
You know you are strong and great with problems, but are you suppressing all your own stuff, in favour of helping everyone else? You may dismiss this and not even realise. But surely at some point or another, you may find yourself breaking down. All those pent up emotions and problems have to come up for healing at some point.
Learn to take care of your own issues as they emerge. Don’t stuff them down inside so you can take care of others endlessly. Take a day, heck a week, to sort out yourself as you go. This way, you won’t melt down, explode or break down at some point in the future.
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10 traits of an Empath (How to know if you’re an Empath)


A person chooses a way for himself in life in both a symbolic and a literal sense. And more often than not we have the opportunity to choose a more desirable option whether it’s just a walk, a trip or a pleasant journey. Our future often depends on this choice.
Psychologists note that the virtual choice of a particular road can tell a lot about a person. We suggest you verify the reliability of this observation.

So, choose one road that attracts you the most, and find out what awaits you!

1. The road

You like the simple and convenient way of life. The layout is drawn, the rules are known to you, so you feel confident. Besides, a lot of other travelers have traveled this road so it seems to you like the right road to go on. Once you have learned the rules of the “life” movement, you will change your life depending on the direction, skillfully avoiding obstacles in your path.

2. Off-road

Pioneers are fearless and brave people. You are one of them. You are the one who is able to open a new path and be a leader of the people. You’ll gladly take the responsibility in your own hands and you don’t like making excuses.
The main thing for you is the goal to which you are going with a confident step.
Difficulties only make you try harder. And even if no one dares to go after you, this will not reduce your passion and desire to move forward to conquer new spaces and places!
Your life is a kaleidoscope of adventure. You find your own path and overcome obstacles yourself. You are confident in your abilities and know how to find a way out of any situation.

3. Railway track

On one hand, such a road will usually take you to the designated point. But at the same time it’s quite inconvenient to walk along such a road, because it’s difficult to adjust the distance between the rails. You need to take either small steps or large steps. You can’t take a normal step.
Walking on this road, you quickly get tired, straying from the dimension of life. Often when you start walking, you fall … You vary between success and failure and you are a moody person. But do not forget that at any moment there may be a train coming that can dramatically change your life. Are you ready for this?

4. Asphalt track

A paved and solid road you can take without much risk. There is no strict marking: you can go anywhere. But still there are some rules you have to comply with, so as not to drop out suddenly to the side of life.
It seems that you are an individualist. But if you treat yourself more objectively, you will see that you easily prefer individuality to “favorable conditions of the collective”. You enjoy the comfort and the relaxation in life.

5. A narrow path

The desire to be different prevails in your decisions. For the sake of the path that is to your heart, you are able to give up the comfort in your life.
You are bored to go the beaten track. Only uncharted horizons can be an inspiration to you. And even if no one knows where this path can lead, you will take it. You are happier walking among the sounds of nature along the unfamiliar trail than to slowly follow the crowd along a convenient road.

6. Country road

Not the closest, not the most convenient and not the easiest way. But you are happy taking the long road among the open space. Not many people take this road, so there is an opportunity to reflect and to slowly move forward. You appreciate solitude, and temporary solitude is even healing for you.
Where does this road lead? Only you know this. If you want civilization and dynamism, go to the shining lights of the high-speed road of life, and if your soul yearns for peace – you will find a quiet corner in a small community. The choice is always yours!

7. Gravel road

Walking along this road, you can easily tire your legs. If this is a temporary situation, there will be no special problems. You have the opportunity to compare this road to other roads and find what really suits you in life.
But a long walk on this rough surface can be tiring and painful for you and may lead to a frequent bad mood and discontent with life. Is this road worth the eternal melancholy in your heart?

8. The park path

You prefer to have the choice made for you instead of you making the big decisions. You are quite satisfied that the park path is laid by someone in a certain way. You notice that the creator of this path took into account not only his own tastes, but also took care of you. At the same time, you like to get aesthetic pleasure, without risking anything.
You are often afraid of taking responsibility. Maybe it was always like this or this is just your current state … But by shifting your personal problems to stronger shoulders, you go through life without worrying too much and wanting to enjoy every moment. And at that moment you are happy with yourself and with your choice.


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