What Does Your Pinky – Little Finger Says About You!

Can our little finger reveal secrets about us? The Little Finger – Pinky is associated with Mercury – Hermes, Communication, Travelling and finances.
Can our little finger reveal secrets about us? Well, we’ve already seen many interesting articles on palmistry and frankly, we’ve just begun to tell you our secrets. You see, magical knowledge is vast and we actually need many lifetimes in order to acquire all this kind of wisdom.
Palmistry, the art of fortune-telling just by examining the palm our hands, is also very complex. Yet, here in Magical Recipes Online we try everything that is possible to give you the best quality – the REAL deal – articles, which do not require years of practice but still are pretty revealing.

What does Your Pinky – Little Finger say about you?

Now we are going to examine our little finger – pinky.

Why the Little Finger – Pinky?

Each finger is associated with a planet – thus a distinctive type of energy. The palm is considered to be a map of our past, present, and future along with our pros and cons. The Little Finger – Pinky is associated with Mercury – Hermes, the planet / God of Communication, Travelling and finances. In this small test, we are going to compare it with the Ring finger which is associated with the Sun – Apollo.
The Length and shape of the little finger – pinky shows how do you we express ourselves if we face difficulties on showing our emotions and how easily do we travel. It can actually show us much more examine it. But now is time to compare it.

1. Lower Height

The tip of your little finger is lower than the top joint of your ring finger.
Your vast ocean of emotions creates difficulties when it comes to expressing yourself. You’ve wished many times to be able to have reacted properly in romantic or other stimuli. “I know s/he was flirting with me… why didn’t I say anything??…”
Of course, as the years go by, you find ways to show your true colors. It’s amazing how much you can give to someone but unfortunately only a few do understand, how wonderful and resourceful you can actually be. As you grow up you can find more ways to become more extrovert and balance your shyness. Many empaths have a sign like this. Are you an Empath? See here. 
TIP: You should begin to write a novel or a story as you indeed have so many thoughts and feelings to describe. Even if you feel restrained to do so, by writing you will learn to think more objectively. 

2.Even Height

The tip of your little finger is the same height as the top joint of your ring finger.
You are a personality who has mastered a balance between your introvert and your extrovert qualities and intentions. It is not that you don’t get irritated or angry but you somehow find a way to express your feelings in a non-catastrophic way. There may be a fire burning inside of you ready to devour anyone and anything but you know how to control it and not burst into flames. Well… Most of the times!
You value honesty and you demand it from others. You can easily suspect when something is wrong or that someone’s hiding secrets from you. In these cases, you may burst into flames but it is most likely to keep silent and wait for the right moment to solve your issues.
TIP: It may sound stupid but laughter is one of greatest weapons. Laughter is, in fact, an expression of your warm hearts. Laughter radiates power and helps you maintain balance. You can also regularly check chakras. Are they balanced?  

2.Higher Height

The tip of your little finger is higher than the top joint of your ring finger.
You’ve got psychological qualities of an extrovert and sociable person. Although you may not love being around people all the time, you’ve got a natural talent to be charming and attract the attention of those around you. Even since a little child, you can remember that you could easily attract other children to play with you.
Moreover, you have an ability to project your will and make things happen. This can be a sign of a true leader. But remember. You have to balance egocentrism with the needs and feelings of others. Do not neglect the feelings of people who love you. Getting advised is the quality of successful leaders.
TIP: Every now and then try grounding. Become one with our Mother Earth can help you balance your energy chakras and get rid of excessive energy.

Originally Appeared On: MagicalRecipesOnline.com via themindsjournal.com/

This Is the Love You Will Find in 2018, According To Your Zodiac Sign

2018. New Year. New Dreams. New Resolutions. New Desires. New Dilemmas. New Doubts: No doubt, a new year brings a whole new bouquet of dreams and desires, but along with them also come the dilemmas and doubts, which is why it is essential to know what is in store for you, through the most scientific method of prediction known to man, called Astrology, so that you can brace yourself to face the best and the worst that you are likely to experience in any area of life in the upcoming year.

Aries (March 21st to April 19th):
Your forever person. In 2018, you don’t have to worry about finding love anymore. As much as it’s hard for you to believe, you’re going to find your forever person. All your broken hearted nights and lonely days have paid off. Keep your head up and believe that this year, you’ll finally find your person.
Taurus (April 20th to May 21st):
Your true best friend. In 2018, you are going to find your true best friend. And this doesn’t mean you’ll find the person you will marry, but I can guarantee you’re going to find someone who you can lean on, on your darkest days and darkest nights. You will no longer be alone in this world. You’ll finally have a true friend who you can tell everything to and who don’t judge you for anything.
Gemini (May 22nd to June 21st):
Yourself. You’ve spent so much time feeling sorry for yourself, and trying to fix the void and holes in your heart with relationships and empty promises. But those days are gone. 2018, is the year you’ll have the guts to be alone. 2018 is the year you’ll be able to be happy by YOURSELF. You won’t need anyone else, I promise.
Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd):
A powerful fling. The kind of love you’ll find this year won’t be forever. But it will forever change you. This fling may be found in a dark bar, or on a beach, but regardless of where you find this person, they will teach you so many things about yourself and about who you want your future partner to be like.
Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd):
The one that got away. The love you’ll find in 2018 is from someone who you thought was gone forever. Maybe it’s an old friend or an acquaintance from grade school, but whoever it is going to make your life brighter and happier. Whatever you do, don’t let this person go.
Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd):
The love of your life. OK GUYS, get ready! 2017 SUCKED for you. (As it did for most of us, but especially for you beauties). 2018 is the year you meet the love of your life. Talk to strangers. Talk to the boy behind you at Starbucks. Flirt with the guy across the bar at you. Say hi to the girl with the pretty smile. Don’t miss your chance to hear wedding bells sooner than you think.
Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd):
Love for an ex. You’ve been single for a while because you can’t get over an ex (you know the on I’m speaking of). Lucky you, in 2018 this specific ex is coming back. Don’t try to tell them off. Listen. Forgive them. You just might rekindle the flames with this person.
Scorpio (October 23rd to November 22nd):
The love of life itself. Forget relationships, you’re going to fall in love with life instead! The year of 2018 is the year you regain your confidence in yourself and with the world. You’re going to feel so happy and content, and honestly, you won’t want to be tied down. You are going to want to experience your adventures on your own.
Sagittarius (November 23rd to December 21st):
Your soulmate in the form of a friend. In 2018, all you’re going to need is a person to listen to your worries and heartaches, and a person to be by your side no matter what. You’re going to not even think about getting married or getting into a partnership, because you’ll have your best friend by your side.
Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th):
The love of sex. Forget being tied down. Forget monogamy. You’re going to have FUN this year! You’re finally going to feel confident in your own skin and screw societal norms. So get out there and raise some hell!v
Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th):
First love reunion. You’ve been in relationships since your first love of course, but you’ve never truly gotten over it. Finally, you’ll get to see them again in 2018, when you least expect it. If the cards are in your favor, you’ll notice that the connection hasn’t faded. Don’t lose hope.
Pisces (February 19th to March 20th):
Your soulmate. Finally. This love won’t leave you. This love won’t be fleeting. It will stay and it won’t ever burn out. When you find it this year, don’t search for other things. Don’t explore other options. Stay true to your heart.

These 2 Ingredients Help You Look 10 Years Younger

Even though there are numerous products for rejuvenating the skin on the market, the natural remedies to clean the face, reduce redness, and eliminate dead skin cells are way more effective.

Commercial products are full of chemicals which can cause multiple side effects, while these natural treatments are completely safe and highly beneficial.
The following mixture of baking soda and coconut oil is a miraculous skin care product which will fight acne, cleanse the skin, reduce sagginess and wrinkles, and treat blackheads.
Baking soda is a highly effective cleansing and deodorizing agent, which supports the health of the skin, hair, and teeth, and alkalizes the entire body, thus preventing various diseases and conditions.
On the other hand, the powerful antibacterial, moisturizing and healing properties of coconut oil are amazing for the skin, leaving it hydrated, soft, and smooth.
Therefore, their combination will remove extra oil, dirt, and impurities, and deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin.
Here is how to prepare it:
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil
In a bowl, mix the ingredients in order to get a paste, and apply it to the face, massaging gently. Leave it to act for 5 minutes, and then wash it off with lukewarm water.
In the end, lightly massage the area with the fingers.
Don’t waste your time, and try this amazing natural skin scrub today! The effects will be astonishing!

8 Things They Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because You Are Highly Awakened

Do you know what it means to be “highly awakened”?

I don’t think a lot of people know what it means. So we will begin by understanding what it means to be ‘Awakened’. Awakening is an emotional experience. Some people describe it as the highest emotional level that anyone can reach or can be on. To be in a state of awakening, you have to understand yourself physically, mentally and spiritually and then you have to develop a harmony in all these realms. When you are awakened, you will become extremely conscious of all your actions. At the same time, you will be able to define yourself. Moreover, you will be able to accept yourself just the way you are.
Now, I am sure you must be thinking that it is super hard to reach this state of awakening. Well, yes it is, which is why not all of us reach this state.
Some of us don’t even know that a state like this exists. It is because of the people who don’t understand this idea that the people who are awakened find themselves in a tough spot. This happens because people around a highly awakened person are unable to comprehend the responses of that person. Thus, a sort of dilemma is born in the mind of the highly awakened. He/she doesn’t know whether they are right or wrong or weird or whatever.

So, to help you understand the “awakened” people, we bring you a list of things that awakened people do. Now, these things might be strange for the people around them but these are the natural instincts of someone who is highly awakened.

Here we go:

1)Questioning Everything around them:

A highly awakened person will not take anything for granted. If a theory is given to them, they will question it. They are tailor made for questioning things. This is because they want to know the back story of everything. Now a normal person will consider this to be a pesky and irritating quality and they might dismiss the questions of the highly awakened, but the thing is that the highly awakened will find the answers, no matter what!

2)Awareness of their Critical side:

A highly awakened person is aware of their critical side. In fact, they actually develop it even more by carefully observing things and continuously questioning them. Their critical side is what keeps them going. They need it to make sense of the world around them.

3)High level of Empathy:

A highly awakened person will always be on a high level of empathy as well. This is because they observe things around them and this observation makes them concerned about the people around them. This empathy is not only limited to the people but the highly awakened person is also empathetic towards animals and nature at large. They have a huge reservoir of empathy and you will be shocked to know that their reservoir will never empty out.

4)Searching for the rationale:

Their search for the rationale is eternal. The highly awakened will always search for the rationality behind things and won’t accept things on a superficial level. They want to know the details of everything around them, no matter what.

5)Highly intuitive:

Yes, the highly awakened are also highly intuitive. They are very aware of things that are happening around them and this is why they automatically become very intuitive. More so, they pride their intuition skills. They actually love the fact that they are intuitive.

6)Faith in the functioning of the universe:

The highly awakened ones trust the functioning of the universe. They never question it as such. In fact, they believe that the universe has its own way of granting justice and bringing out the truth. They might also believe in a theory ofKarma. The thing is that they have faith in the way the universe works and they feel that they are a part of this universe and have a role to play in the universe. They aren’t just here for doing nothing. They feel that they have to fulfill their role because this is their higher purpose.

7)Deep thoughts are their best friends:

They love to be in the company of deep thoughts. This is because deep thoughts comfort them and provide them solace. Also, they detest the shallowness of the world around them and they don’t want to be associated with this shallowness.

8)Sometimes, they want to be left alone:

They also love their alone time. Sometimes, they just want to be left alone to their thoughts. They don’t want to be interrupted. Also, being alone is the way they rejuvenate themselves and think things through. They want to spend more time in thinking and learning new things rather than merely socializing and involving themselves in the ways of the shallow world of outward display and deceptive appearances.
Now, the problem is that not everyone understands the behavior pattern of people who are awakened. We may assume that they are different or weird but the thing is that they have gone through a process that we cannot even imagine to go through. If you have someone around you who displays a behavior pattern as the one mentioned above, be kind and sympathetic to them. It is easy to judge people but it is super hard to love and take care of them.
So try to do the hard thing. Care for these people and respect their differences. If you cannot do so, just let them be. Don’t judge them or try to put them down. Well, as they say, if you cannot help, don’t but at least don’t harm.
Although, we really urge you to help and understand them!

source : themindsjournal.com

What Is The Secret Gift Of Your Zodiac Sign?

Every person has a secret gift hidden inside of them and you can find out what yours is with your Zodiac sign.

We have all been blessed with unique talents and abilities, but did you know your zodiac sign can revel your secret gift? We all are different in our own ways, and your Zodiac sign may help you explain the way you are. One thing your Zodiac sign can tell you is what your secret, special gift is that makes you unique. What does your Zodiac sign say your gift is?

Aquarius, 1/20 – 2/18: Expression

Aquarius, you have been blessed with the ability to express yourself in your own unique way. You know yourself, and know that you’re unique, and one of a kind, and as time has gone on, you have learned to embrace the way you express yourself. Your unique sense of expression allows for others to look up to you, and your free expressive spirit.

Pisces, 2/19 – 3/20: Dreamer

Pisces, you were blessed with the ability to always set high expectations for yourself, and carry out all of your hopes and dreams. You are a natural dreamer, you are able to envision something exactly the way you want it. You know what you’re going for in life, and always have the ability to dream about just how to get it. By being a dreamer, it allows you a certain insight that others may not have.

Aries, 3/21 – 4/19: Optimism

Aires, when it comes to finding the light in even the darkest situations, everyone looks to you. You have been blessed with the gift of optimism, and being able to see the good and positives in every situation. You find yourself spreading your optimism onto those who are facing difficult times.

Taurus, 4/20 – 5/20: Strength

Taurus, you were blessed with the ability to find strength in every situation. You have been gifted with the unique ability to power though difficult and challenging events, and find a way to conquer all situations you are put in. Your friends and family are constantly in awe of your strength.

Gemini, 5/21 – 6/20: Communication

Gemini, when it comes to communication, you have it down to a science. You were blessed with the ability to communicate to virtually anyone, and to have your voice heard. You are the communicator of your group of friends, and you flourish in social, communicative events.

Cancer, 6/21 – 7/22: Loyalty

Cancer, when it comes to being loyal, you know a thing or two about loyalty, and staying loyal to your commitments, friends, family, and others. You sometimes find yourself questioning the loyalty of others, but no one can say the same of you. Your loyalty is something you hold important to you, and you always find yourself giving your all to further your loyalty.

Leo, 7/23 – 8/22: Accomplished

Leo, you have been blessed with the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. You see the importance in celebrating your accomplishments, no matter how big, or small. You not only are able to accomplish any goals you set, but you are also able to see the value in following through with your commitments, and can always feel good about your accomplishments.

Virgo, 8/23 – 9/22: Flexibility

Virgo, you were blessed with the ability to be as flexible as any situation requires. You were blessed with the ability to be flexible in your options, you are always down to ride things out, and see how everything plays out. You are able to apply your unique flexibility to almost everything in life, which allows you to always seek your maximum happiness.

Libra, 9/23 – 10/22: Fair

Libra, you are always able to be fair and see the fairness in every situation. You were blessed with the ability to always administer everything in a fair manner, and always wait to hear all the facts before you judge. Your ability to always strive for fairness, causes others to trust you inherently, and causes others to look up to you as a natural leader.

Scorpio, 10/23 – 11/21: Passion

Scorpio, you have been blessed with passion for all things in your life. You are a very passionate person, and have the ability to have passion for all elements of your life. Your passion allows you to form deep connections with others, and allows you to feel strongly for the things you really believe in. Your passion guides you throughout your life, and in turn, allows you to be a vocal presence in your family and friends lives.

Sagittarius, 11/22 – 12/21: Valued

Sagittarius, you are valued, and have been blessed with the ability to value everything for their true richness. You see everything for more than their worth, you understand that true happiness in life isn’t something that is bought, but is something you create with those you love. You like to place value in the things that mean a lot to you, and in turn, create deep bonds with those you connect, and value most in life.

Capricorn, 12/22 – 1/19: Success

Capricorn, you are able to always succeed and achieve success in everything you do. You are naturally a very successful person, you gravitate to those who will only further your success. When others think of you, they look to you for tips for success, or assistance with successfully achieving their goals.
source: davidwolfe.com

Buddha’s Parable Of The Second Arrow: A Great Lesson To Learn

You’re walking along the sidewalk, minding your own business. A pointed arrow comes soaring through the air and pierces the meat of your thigh. What the heck?! Who shot that? Would your response to an unknown source shooting you be to pick up a bow and then shoot a second arrow into your other thigh?

Second Arrow In Theory

How about if a friend shot you with that first arrow? What if you egged that friend on, even shouted mean things at them? Would your response be to play archer yourself and shoot another arrow, right into your flesh? How about if you did shoot the first arrow? Right into your chest. Perhaps it was an accident, maybe you did it knowing full well it would hurt like hell. Would your solution then be to load up the bow, pull it back, and shoot yourself with a second arrow?
Why in the world would anyone want more pain, suffering, anger, fear, and misery? From the perspective of this story, it seems like the first arrow would be more than enough. However, Buddha taught this parable of the second arrow to illustrate the insanity we inflict on ourselves over and over again.

What The Second Arrow Looks Like In Practice

What exactly am I talking about here with blood, arrows, and crazy friends?
Well, let’s start with a story in my life. Recently I unknowingly left my laptop at home. This was the first arrow (I’ll explain more soon). I drove to work, got breakfast at a cafe, and still hadn’t realized the laptop was at home. I wandered out of the cafe towards my place of employment and I realized I didn’t have the laptop. I ran back to the restaurant and thought it had been stolen.
I didn’t panic at first, but then on my drive home to see if I had indeed left my work laptop there, I called a friend in tears. I said to her, “I’m constantly losing things. I’m an airhead. I’m careless. I can’t help but feel that I’m just a giant mess. I shouldn’t be trusted with anything and I’m so stupid and I’m going to get fired from work.” Second arrow. The first arrow was an unfortunate event that happened; I left my laptop at home and it sucked. The second arrow was the shame, guilt, and remorse that I then layered on myself in reaction to my mistake. I was already suffering because of the first one, why did it I need to shoot myself with another? It sounds crazy, right?
Unless you’re an enlightened being, you’re also familiar with this madness.


Tara Brach, my favorite dharma teacher, said in her podcast recently that we see suffering and then we have an aversion to it. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, aversion is “a tendency to extinguish a behavior” or “a feeling of repugnance toward something with a desire to avoid or turn from it.” I experience aversion when I’m trying to escape from a feeling or experience I deem as unpleasant. There are a variety of ways we all have aversion. Some examples are blaming others, getting angry, attempting to control a situation or person, excessive drinking, overworking, or by beating ourselves up.
For the purpose of this piece, I’m just focusing on turning the blame inward, beating ourselves up, because I’m quite familiar with this particular arrow. When we choose to shoot it, we’re trying to extinguish whatever just happened by layering on some sort of negative story about how the situation defines our character. In Buddhism, aversion is one of the three poisons. The three poisons are said to be the deep roots of human suffering. They’re the afflictions we have with the way our minds work, constantly thinking, planning, judging, and obsessing.
The Buddha taught us that we cannot always control the first arrow, but the second is our reaction to the first and the second is optional. Dharma Punx, a Buddhist group with many members in substance abuse recovery, wrote in a blog post that “This teaching is often summarized as ‘Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.’”

Select A Mandala and Read Its Hidden Message For YOU!

Decide which Mandala you like the best and find out what it means about you…

Choose any of these six Mandalas, whichever you find the most appealing, then read to find out what the hidden message is inside this Buddhist and Hindu symbol of the metaphysical cosmos. Mandalas have long held mysteries deep inside their intricate patterns and they symbolize the universe. Each one has a different hidden message. Pick the Mandala you like the most and be inspired by the message it brings.

1) Ambitious and Righteous

You are someone who always strives to do the right thing, while still getting what you need out of the situation. You tend to go all out when accomplishing a task, or doing something nice for a loved one. Occasionally, you feel under appreciated, and as if no one sees the hard work you put in. You are guided by a strong sense of what is right, and what is wrong, and you are always someone who is always willing to take a risk.

2) Honest and Interesting

You are someone who is always honest, no matter how much it may hurt. You understand the value of always telling the truth, and are known for your honest opinion regarding all things in life. Because of your blunt honesty, you are able to form real, and lasting relationships with those who look to you for advice. You are also genuinely interesting, you have the best life stories, and always are able to make yourself, and a room full of people laugh.

3) Thoughtful and Attentive

You are someone who is always thinking of others, and always paying attention to the needs of others. You are always willing to expand your mind, and learn a new skill. You are always on top of things, and the first to know something. People come to you for information and advice. Though you get along well with almost everyone, you have the unique ability to engage in proactive and thoughtful debate with those of different philosophies than you.

4) Clever and Unique

You are known for your one-of-a-kind and unique personality, you make an impact on everyone you meet. You are known for your cleverness, you are always able you sneak your way out of something or able to tell just the right tale to get out of some requirement. There is no one else like you, you are as unique as they come. You are creative, and are able to use your cleverness to create works of art that accurately depict your life.

5) Assertive and Courageous

You are assertive, and know exactly how to get the things you need in life, you are also courageous, and know just how to use your courage to further yourself. You are independent, and know what you want in life, if you don’t already have something, you go out there and get it. You know exactly how to assert yourself, and know that a little bit of courage, and some assertion will yield you everything you want in life.

6) Gentle and Responsive

You are just the right mixture of responsive enough to pick up on other peoples emotions, but gentle enough to respond in the right way. Because of your gentle and responsive abilities, you do well in social settings, and have a large group of friends who look up to you when things get rough. People always look to you for advice, because you always know exactly what to say. However, don’t mistake your gentleness for someone who you can mistreat, you will always stick up for yourself, and others.

source: davidwolfe.com

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